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Post about humans and moon / space..

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 02:39 PM


I just thought it would be nice to start a thread about space given the moon 40th, the above picture inspires the soul it also asks darn honest questions of us ?

1-How bad is it do you feel that humanaity it not making more of an effort to get out there.

2-The distances envolved out there are huge, even if you had a next generation space flight system that could go x times the speed of light, were do you go and why, what is your goal when you even start, do you first fully explore the milk way?

3-In all of that space out there, there simply must be other life and with out question some of those other life forms will not take kindly to us being around, sniffing around, asking questions, taking, making, being in the way, questioning their ways.. what kind of stance do we take going into space and know we are most likely bottom rung technically.

4-Earth and humans basicly love curruption, war, perversion, we do not care for the Earth to the level we should nor do we take responceablity unmass to the level require in globally important things, how can we as a spesies trust ourselfs to spend even one decade in space colonization with out changes in budget or focus, and even more interestingly how can we be sure that if we do colonize other planets that those other planets dont become lethally hostile to the parent planet, Earth.

Look at what American (rightfully/wrongfull? :-) did to England.

These are some of the things I think about when I see that picture, what do you think? What if any thing needs to change about Earth and its people before we can or should go into space proper.

How much land out there is right to take? Do we spread and take over the Milkway and call it a day untill its resources are finshed? How could you ever hope to operate an empire of 10,000,00 heavly modernised and productive planets with all the complexity that would intail.

These are just questions so go easy..
Should Earth outright impose military rule on its people in the future, 50/100/200 years? Should America and the western world lead the way in doing that?
Should Earth outright ban all religions?
Should Earth over throw the entire elite of today and start again with people power and form a jedi council :-)

but seriously if you were at the top level of militar/polical power today, what kind of design would you think would be a good design to guide humans on so our place in the universe is spread wide.

Decrease Earths (selected) populations untill Mars is ready then ship people them out?

The dominate force in Earths socical method of operation is consumerism I believe, does this mean that any socitys today that do not conform to consumerism totally should be ruled out in Earths near term future?

Do we need to be more of a one teir, one order Earth before we venture into space or can the current fractured language, (war'ing)culture(s), and class system benfit a spesies that through necessity will need to with haste expand to ensure its long term survival.

Is humanity today being driven by the people for the people ? And if not what does that actually really really mean.

Should we harness the materials of the milk way through highly advanced robotic and computerised AI systems and keep a skeleton human preseance though out futureoff world colonies, and hence simplify management??

All good people have a longing in their hearts when they look at the stars, who is there today fighting the fight so those hearts will see those stars up close one day?

What do you think about space, about us, about what we should dream today for our tomorrows?

Are we ready for space?

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 02:44 PM
By eating from the tree of knowledge first and not the tree of life first you are not designed to travel such far distances yet until you are all cleansed of your sins /flesh then you will be able to travel if you reach that level of existance.

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

You know thats very clever what you have writen, I am fairly well trained in meditation and so on and when I saw the deep feild video zoom and the progress through the systems I realized if infinity is the posiblity at hand, you have to first know your ture inner point, your start, other wise only suffering will ensue.

What I mean in Plain english is you cant make any mistakes out there.. like invading a sovereign star system.. and I have not mentioned that to start talking about war, this is about space and were we are as a people.

What I mean to say is there is an invisable force in the universe hence remote viewing astral projection etc, if humanity is not closer to the real but invisable "rules" of conduct of this plane then were only going to get in trouble out there and it could be expensive.


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