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Hundreds of thousands to lose unemployment benefits

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by DataWraith
All those unemployed want to go take a job at the military , there's always going to be wars. At least its looking that way with the US.


No, what the unemployed should do is all travel to the WhiteHouse and lobby them to actually stop the wars, stop wasting money on military endeavours that prove fruitless and pointless. maybe 2-3 million walking down the streets and surrounding the WH would make them realise that wars not the way to win over the hearts and minds of the people.

You know it is funny you should bring up the military as a way to find employment. There is only one Navy training base in the US, since so many kids have signed up the ones that swore in last week are projected to go to boot camp in July 2010. In my town alone the Navy has over 50 recruites waiting to go to boot camp NEXT year. The military only needs so many soldiers and since Obama's anti war he is not spending as much on our armed forces as Bush did. Any way point is even the armed forces have a surplus of applicants that at some point will be cut off...

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 03:45 AM
I live in Pittsburgh and will roll off UC soon. I used to work for a retail store and my entire shift of workers got axed back in January. You couldn't find a job here before this economic mess started now its impossible without a college degree. I don't have a college education unfortunately and its impossible to find any entry level jobs for unskilled workers. Even with one we had a PHd from india here homeless in Shadyside.

All you hear on tv here is how this incoming "casino " will create new jobs. I already looked in that and well you need to be licensed and bonded too even be a part time janitor... Its all a bunch of propaganda and lies. This country is headed for depression. Most of the people here work in same position until they die. No new jobs are being created. You a want a job someone has to die or be removed. The next big thing we are going to see is identity theft rates skyrocket or dare I say murders. Its desperate out there already and people trying to find work in these rust belt cities are doomed.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:45 PM

Originally posted by Zerbst
reply to post by Rockpuck

Thanks for your concern, Rockpuck, it's very appreciated.

That kind of thoughtfulness is exactly what America is lacking. We have become paranoid and selfish from a system that is at the root of our unhappiness. Clawing and scratching our way through life is unnatural and exactly why are problems multiply. Unfortunately, fiercely competing like this, though it's killing us all, is THE driving force in an unfair capitalist system. The unfairness is THE driving force in its longevity. All the talk about "land of opportunity" and "American dream" is the illusion that perpetuates continued hope.

Like most people, I was caught up in this fraud too. It took losing everything to make me see it and for that I'm glad I did. Since I lost everything I thought was important in my life, I have never felt so good. When I was rich I was miserable and stressed out. Now that I have nothing, I feel richer than ever before. I was an incurable insomniac, yet now I sleep like a baby! I was angry, rude, and short fused, but now calm, kind, and appreciative! I can honestly say that my rat race is over for good and worth every penny!

I hope whomever reads this takes time to think about what it reveals? I worked hard my whole life achieving many proud moments. Bought my first home at 20 years old. Created then became the #1 Collision Repair/Custom Auto Body & Paint facility in the metro Detroit area at 35. I was material rich and really thought I was happy, yet something always gnawed at me? Then in a flash it was all gone and I mean ALL of it. I had a run where every single thing that could go wrong, did so to an extreme unimaginable. So bad that I honestly, I swear on my life this is true, entertained that I must have died and was now living in my Hell. When I couldn't hang on anymore and the dust all cleared, I found myself in an everlasting depression. That depression hastily turned into my rebirth and ultimately my current state of happiness. No more insomnia or stress, and best of all, no more gnawing doubt!

I am poor, but free! Happiness that has no doubt, but only found at the opposite end of the spectrum? How could this be true when it opposes everything they taught me to hold dear? They said "the cream rises to the top"!? They said "only hard work and sacrifice" would make me content!? They told me "it's a dog eat dog world"!? They LIED. I've never been so sure in my life!


I saw this on HBO today and wanted to add it to my previous reply due to the the relevance.

George Carlin spoke a lot of truth about America, but I wonder if many people listened? I think most of them actually thought it was only comedy?

He is my favorite for sure and exactly what I consider a true American Patriot!


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posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by Romanian

Your on the money mate! Reducing the workload is the way to go. The problem is we need to reduce the workload and force companies to pay us what they pay now - ofcorse there are companies that cant afford this and will compain it is unfair that they are being forced in to bankruptcy... but the way i see it is it's the companies or the people - the companies have already been bailed out and have had it so sweet for so long its time for the people to lay down the laws. I saw take limited liability away from big corporations - if they sink it's their own fault, give more protection to small family businesses and individuals. These big corporations asking for bailouts are the same ones that asked their employees to build/train machines to make their jobs easier, then it became replace most of the employees with machines to save money, then it became replace all employees with machines and any monotonous jobs the machines struggle with the workers can do for a little bit of pay because the job doesnt require skill. The corporations have cut costs, cut costs, maximised efficiency, minimised pay, minimised workers, minimised skills required, minimised workers rights... Its all just coming back to bit them in the ass - our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers/mothers built this life for us and these guys have takin it and blown it... so let them rot

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