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Why is God good? He's crazy bro. Help me see the light.

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:33 PM
Lets say the God of the Bible is true and everything. He's omnipotent and knows all and is all powerfull. Then from the moment you're born, OR before, he already knows if you're going to hell or not. Thats sick.

Now I'm sure you christians have a perfectly good explanation like " he gives us free will, and a choice " -_-....... Thats absurd because he himself created you, and knows that he created something that will burn in the eternal hell of everlasting doom and suffering.

Thats the same thing if I was god, and created my own little planet, and decided to create some cows in it. I'm all knowing so I already know certain cows will be automaticly pwned because they won't be up to my standards as to how they'll live their life.

And lastly, if he's good why does he allow innocent and defenceless children to be raped and killed and whatnot? What about mass hunger, war. For some of you there things are just words, but you've never seen it or eperienced some of these things like I have. God exists only to those who have the luxoury to live in confort so it's just one more thing to them to believe that someone is responsible for that greatness. Go to a starving country in Africa like I have and ask them as they are being killed by AIDS, and hungry like you can't imagine, and ask them if they believe in god. It's really an insult to them if you think about it.

Now let me have it ATS.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:38 PM
Well I somewhat agree, however, people in Africa believe in God, most of them.

Anyway, as for god being crazy, well that's your own vision of it. I myself don't believe in monotheism so perhaps it's a bit easier for me to deal with threads like these.

I think the concept of God is different for everybody. The "christian" god has had many incarnations and alot of religious folk like to pick and choose what to follow in the scriptures, so their God is nice and loving.

Others who take it a bit more seriously will tell you that their God is a jealous one, but that he is also just. They will say that God doesn't want you to Sin, but that' it's not up to him, it's up to you.

In reality I could go on and on, but really there is nobody who can "make" you see the light. If that was the case then I'd be a God fearing man right now. Turns out you have to see the light for yourself friend.

Faith is not for everybody


posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 06:37 PM
No you can't see the light because of your own human mind cannot understand Gods mind. So what do you do?

rebel as always.

1. The ONLY reason you have ANY love in you is because God put it there.

you say you care SO much for the starving in africa and the people who get raped, yet God doesn't?

are you kidding me? he created them.

He put that little bit of justice and care in your heart.

if we are speaking in temrs of God being real, then how can something which is the source of your whole freaking breath and life NOT have the same love in him? Is the creation better then the source who made it? no.

Do you understand?

Further us humans act like we care but we forget very fast.

How many times have we including myself watched people dying on TV and 10 minutes later we are laughing and yelling and acting like the sympathy is gone?

I know someone who thinks exactly how you do, my freind right.

and we were watching the massive tornado killing on the news channel, and he strait up said to me.

" F that, lets watch sports center "

Where God, who made them, watches those people their whole life, loves them to death and always cares, not just for a couple moments.

He put the love in our hearts.

This is why pure evil exist. It's a lack of grace. graces are infused into the soul. All grace is is love.

Now as for why he lets it happen.


" why does he let them be killed "

Why not?

everyone must die. If they die of old age is that mruder? No. But because you don't understand why he allows them to be taken out he's bad.

And as for making man who are doomedto hell

No. This is the consequence of free will. Man chose hell, not God made them knwoing they were going to hell. He gave them every opurrtunity on earth and many in hell refuse to want God in their lives.

This is something you don't understand about the souls in hell. They want to be there, infact if God gave them the chance like on earth to repent they would say NO, I'm staying here because they are hardened in evil.

their state of soul is fixed on evil.
And so yea God knew it, but created man because he wanted everyone to obey and if he forced us like robots to worship then hell wouldn't exist and neither would real love.


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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 06:46 PM
And so the pros outweigh the cons.

Like I said the souls in Hell are pure evil and hardened in hatred and if gievn a choice they wouldn't want to go to heaven because they had the choice on earth.

and so don't feal sympathy for them, because the pros meaning the angels that were born far outwieght the lifeless evil people in hell.

I mean if say hitler who hated everything almost was alive today. What would you say?

He belongs in jail or in hell, all hell is is like a jail. So you see the state of his soul is so evil it's worthless.

And so people in hell are 100s times worse. their state of evil is.

I swear on my life, don't rebel. Keep an open mind since I detected a hint of sinceirty in the OP. Although it seems you are looking for a flame war.

but anyways I swear on my life at the end, God will show you why he does what he does.

and remember this.

The most just judge on earth, lets say you.

If You OP redneck from hell. hmmmmm. If you were so caring why are you from hell?

But lets say you were a judge on earth and a caring one.

How much more the one who you came from?

If a source is evil how can it create a being that's more caring and better then it?

and see this is what i mean about this degenrate age.

there is NO understanding today. It's literally gone. The understanding of this age really pinpoints exactly what time we are in.


posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 07:03 PM
And so accroding to you there is only a couple options.

1. Either God is crazy like you said and at the same time stupid enough to give you a good heart and many other people including me YET he himself is deprived of it.



2. God doesn't exist and you just lucked out on love and others haven't

Like I said if love is just in everybody or common sense then why all the evil people? Ruthless people, heartless people. Because love is learned and a grace.

and it would have to be 2 in your case because number 1 isn't even logical let alone sane that a creator could exist and create something like love without having it in his own heart.

and so it comes back to ethier you believe or don't believe.

And if you do believe you must put yourself below him out of humility and don't try and figure his mind out because our minds cannot do that.

ok I'm done in this thread. Iv'e said my peace. continue and God bless you OP.

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[edit on 19-7-2009 by JesusisTruth]

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