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UFO-Aircraft Encounters: The BOAC Stratocruiser Incident and The “B-29 Gulf of Mexico Incident”

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posted on Mar, 1 2010 @ 08:40 AM
Jkrog -found the discussion section on the B-29 Incidnet at Ufologie a very interesting read -particularly the part about NASA scientist Paul Hill's conclusion ( plus it gives me a valid excuse to bump this thread


It was Albert Chop, who was at the time the public relation officer about UFOs for the US Air Force in Washington DC who released the case to Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC Ret. and a leading UFO investigator.

The events are known because they occurred before the JANAP 146 regulation silenced military witnesses of UFOs. After JANAP 146 was imposed, military personal were ordered to report all UFOs internally only, forbidden to report their UFO sightings publicly unless they had a commonplace explanation, and were sued if they ignored the regulation.

If the US Air force had an honest desire that people and the scientific community would evaluate the UFO problem, they would have publicized such data. They did not, and claimed even as late as 1966 before the US Congress that no UFO has ever been detected on radar. Understandably, they did not want to be bothered over the UFO problem.

To the best of my knowledge, skeptic people offered no comment on this case ever. They either do not know about it, or chose to ignore it.

The only academic scientist who checked into the case is Paul R. Hill, a well respected NASA scientist who became interested in UFOs because he had his own UFO sighting in the 50s. He soon acted as the unofficial UFO specialist at NASA, and offered the same conclusion for this case than the conclusion offered by Al Chop, Major Keyhoe, and other ufologists:

Several changes of course were made, and two phases of acceleration were performed. Speeds of 5.000 to 9.000 miles per hour with maneuvers and motionless capability exclude any meteor whatsoever as it is too slow, and exclude any known human flying machine of 1952 and ever since, as it is much too fast. Planes cruising at 5000 miles per hour at an altitude of 18.000 feet would simply immediately disintegrate. Rockets of that time did not have the observed maneuverability.

The fact that the objects arrived head on, turned back, paced the plane, went away to joined with a much larger one which then fled away at an impossible speed is indicative of an intelligent driven operation

No known human plane or rocket emits a blue light.

Neither meteors nor planes nor rockets do not make rendez-vous.

No rocket or plane has the size seen by the crew for the largest object on the radarscope.



posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 12:30 PM
Classic UFO case cracked

But Scottish UFO investigator Martin Shough has unearthed primary evidence, including the crews’ statements and weather data, to solve the mystery. Through a process of elimination, Shough concludes there can be little doubt the crew and passengers saw an unusual mirage. And far from being rare, he discovered this sighting was just one of “an unrecognised class of very similar mirage observations from aircraft”

Any info on this?

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 05:17 PM
I'm always particularly intrigued by the reports which contain odd optical elements, such as "doubling" or mirage-like multiple objects (strung out before and aft, e.g.) which are somehow paired/associated, and appearance of object "morphing".

Some of these effects are what one might expect from a true gravitational-modifying craft, it would intrinsically and inevitably carry around its own gravitational lensing. (i.e. there could be only one or two independent true objects whose optical behavior could appear to be multiplied, with strong gravitational lensing you could have multiple optical paths to an object, in great contrast to all human experience which is with optics in Euclidean space.) No sci-fi movie shows this (because it wouldn't make any sense to the viewer and would have to be explained, with no benefit to the story), so naive people don't tend to confabulate this.

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posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 11:05 PM

Originally posted by The Cloak
multiple sightings, yet no good video or photo evidence.

However this bring the flying darts theory about the little microscopic tubes that fly around so fast no one can normally see the,. Maybe this was a really really big on

Also do the areas where these objects where first spotted have large amounts of ET/alien sightings reported within them.

THIS could be a GFL base camp

lot of good encounter cases dont have any photo/video and lot of photo/video are without good case to back them up.
And whats wiht the ET/Alien thing ? nothing in these cases suggest the phenomena is alien or extra terrestrial. Why rushing to judgement with the nuts n bolt UFO and Alien when there is not a single shred of evidence of ET.. and no , roswell and their fantasy stories are not proof, the only thing roswell prove is that humanity have a fertile imagination..

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