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alien,cat dream....

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 07:25 AM
I had a very vivid and somewhat strange dream last night that I thought I would share here...remember its a dream...nd some of it is a bit messed up....

I was at a beach there were people around and something started falling from the sky leaving a trail behind it, it landed in the sea,and came to the shore looking at it it looked like a shuttlecock you use in badminton (same size too) everyone around was saying did you see that,but its just a shuttlecock..but I wanted to investigate futher..I went into the water and grabbed it and tried to put it into a carrier bag,but it was jumping and trying to escape...feeling very strong in my hands I managed to get it into a carrier bag and tie a knot in the top to stop it escaping...then I was in a horse box my stallion was in this horsebox and the thing in the bag was in there a glowing light surrounded the bag,people were showing interest so I shut the doors looked it in with my horse and then the light became intense and the horsebox ramp flew open and doors etc....I was scared the other people would find it as felt had to protect..I went into the horsebox as was also worried about my horse (he were fine) but the shuttlecock thing had gone and there was a ginger and white cat,that kept trying to tell me something purring around me,jumpng up me...on a telepathic link I knew this cat was an alien and I told it I would keep it safe until they came to collect it...I felt it was my mission to protect this cat (that was really an alien) and would do all I could till they could come and rescue it.....I was then in a barn with the cat (alien) and could see a bright light in the sky I knew they were on their way to rescue the cat (alien) people kept coming,but they didn't know the cat was really the alien they kept coming and going...
I then woke up!
Pretty strange mixed up dream wouldn't you agree...would love to know the meaning behind this dream ?

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