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2012, Age of Cancer- Capricorn, here's why

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 05:06 AM
I always thought it would be more logical if ages would start by the age of January, so I've done a research:

AGE OF CAPRICORN-CANCER 10.000 b. C. - 8.000 b. C.

. Start of agriculture in a primitive way

. First production of pottery

. Glaciation and its end

. First stone structures and walls are built at Jericho

. Cave paintings to draw things of the past

. Domestication of Goat

. Sea levels rise in a great way and massive inland flooding

. Jericho established with 2.000 inhabitants living in mud-brick houses covering 6 acres and protected by the Wall of Jericho

. Sheep domestication

. Boats invented, dogs domestication

. Exchange of goods

. Temporary global chilling because of changes in the Gulf Stream

. Long-term melting of the Antrctic ice sheets

AGE OF AQUARIUS- LEO 8.000 b. C - 6.000 b. C.

. Agricultury and pottery widespread

. Ice Age ends

. Many settlements of populations and cultures

. Massive global eruptions, lowered tempeartures for centuries

. Potatoes and beans cultivations in South America

. Beginning of rice cultivation in Asia

. Domestication of the cat and the ox

. Development of granaries

. Beginning of Goddess worship

. People living in tribes

. Domestication of cow

. Development of knitting

. Beekeeping first recorded

AGE OF PISCES - VIRGO 6.000 b. C.- 4.000 b. C.

. Warmer Atlantic Period, more temperate climate

. Female figures represent water as a protection and regenerative power

. Beginning of desertification of North Africa, process pushes people to inhabit areas near the Nilo river

. The land bridge connecting England with the rest of Europe disappears beneath the waters

. Plough invented, creation of wine, artifacts of metal

. Dead were buried in a fetal position, surrounded by the burial offerings and artifacts, facing west

. Jewelry of all types and materials

. Objects began to be made not only with a function, but also with an aesthetic value

. Predynastic Egypt

. extensive maritime technology, fishing with hooks and nets and gardening. (c. 5000 BC)

. First writing systems, metallurgy appears, beer brewing development, wheel development

. Warmer climate

AGE OF ARIES- LIBRA 4.000 b. C. - 2.000 b. C.

. Beginning of Bronze Age and writing

. City States of Sumer and Egypt Kingdom growth

. Mesopotamia, proto-cuneiform writing, mathematics, astronomy, civil law, hydrology

. World oldest free-standing structure and first religious structures

. Cities civilization development

. Dynastic period in Egypt

. Discovery of silver

. Sahara becomes a actual desert

. World first known engineered roadway

. Earliest phase of Stonehenge monument

. Oldest field system in the world development

. Harps and Flutes, Lyres and double clarinet playing

. Earliest known numerals

. Period of imperialism, desire to conquer, grow to prominence

. Construction of Pyramids

. Pharaohs began to posture themselves as Gods-like

. Egypt, first popular revolution recorded in history

. Major religious festival in Sumeria celebrates victory of god of spring over goddess of chaos

. Earliest Trojan culture, glass beads in Egypt

. Use of papyrus

AGE OF TAURUS- SCORPIO 2.000 b. C. - Year 0

. Development of alphabet

. Chariot warfare and population movements lead to violent changes at the center of the millennium, and a new order emerges with Greek dominance

. Iron Age begins

. Egypt and Babylonia's military tactics were still based on foot soldiers transporting their equipment on donkeys. Combined with a weak economy and difficulty in maintaining order, this was a fragile situation that crumbled under the pressure of external forces they could not oppose

. The Bronze Age civilization at its final period of time, displayed all its characteristic social traits: low level of urbanization, small cities centered around temples

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 05:59 AM
Everyone knows it's the age of aquarius cmon MY AGE....

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 06:13 AM

. strict separation of classes between an illiterate mass of peasants and craftsmen, and a powerful military elite, knowledge of writing and education reserved to a tiny minority of scribes, and pronounced aristocratic life

. Athens founded, fall of Troy

. Caste System development

. Earliest known use of Chinese ideograms and recording of comet

. Emergency of early monotheism

. In China, the Spring and Autumn Period sees the rise of Confucianism

. Rise of literature, foundation of Rome, first Olympiad, Buddhism founded, development of geometry

. Earth as a sphere and estimation of its diameter, phonetic alphabet


. Enormous growth known as Classic Era, growing of metropolis, coastal cultures flourished

. Golden age begins

. Fall of Rome Empire, Early Middle Ages, Viking expansion, Christianity begins, rise of Islam

. Development of paper, algebra, steel, coffee, magnetic compass, chess, gunpowder

. High Middle Ages, Renaissance, Early Modern Age, age of Colonialism , industrialization, rise of states and nations, democracy

. Impact of science, widespread education, universal health care, return of Olympics, intellectual freedom

. Technological huge development, communication way more easy and fast

. Process of Globalization, international trade, multi-national corporations

. United States empire, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Kingdom of England, Holy Roman Empire

. First university founded, 1088, first crusade, black plague, emergence of fashion, discovery of New World America, discovery of tobacco, European use of potatoes, tea spreads to the world

. Discovery of gravitation, steam engine, first vaccination, evolution theories, end of apartheid, airplane flight, cars, television

. Press, photography, telephone, animation, computer, satellite, Internet, anesthesia, genetics, DNA, quantum mechanics, videogames

. Plastic, frozen food, bycicle, Moon landing, space shuttles, GPS navigation, rockets, submarine, tanks


. Discovery of double history and hidden history, media expansion, widespread economic failure, terrorism, Twin Towers attack, multiples birth reaching the number of 8, unknown or known to a few development of wars in Africa

. Hurricane Katrina, first black United States president, Global financial crisis, Michael Jackson " Peter Pan " dies of heart attack ( sadly ), Tsunami 2004


. Growth of retired people, drastic effects on economy, social security and health care pression, " pension bomb ", significant slowdown in world polulation growth, supercomputers, nano-technologies, moon landings

. Upcoming reduction in solar activity, United States decline and China- India re-flourish

. Total literacy in the world, Mars landings, Callisto landings, technological singularity, zero-population growth worldwide

. Robotics, flying cars and flying transport, holograms, Uranus landings
Green Wall of China completed, Mars colonization, space tourism

. Renewable enegry in all the world, space travel, Mega- City Pyramid completed, life expectancies between 100 years and 200 years

. Emergency of gardening rebirth and widespread use, families better development, political and governments reconstrunction, economy and commerce reconstruction

AGE OF LEO- AQUARIUS 4.000- 6.000

. Monkeys evolution spurt and growth, Milky Way Galaxy entire colonization, North America single great city


. Type 2 civilization on Kardashev Scale


. Type 3 civilization on Kardashev Scale, development of worm-hole to reach huge distances in universe

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