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Many Predict US Financial Collapse in September

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:07 PM
Everything is relative. September is correct. September of 2008. The bottom, chaos and devastation are where you perceive them to be. IF you've lost everything or been out of work a long time, you've hit bottom and experienced chaos in life. Makow is selling things too. Makow or Madoff, what's the difference? They're salesmen. Check out the websites linked to Makow's prognosticators.

First guy, Bob Chapman, = non-operational site. Numero dos, Harry Shultz as quoted in that links to Ameritrade, Scottrade, Etrade, Charles Schwab and more. Market watch is drinking his Kool-aid, right! Three, Benjamin Fulford and his sends you to a Japanese site where you can buy his DVD's, who needs his DVD advice, head for the hills, September is coming! And then four, Jim Willie sends you to a site that touts some kind of advice with your paid subscription. And number five, Jim Sinclair "a precious metals specialist and a commodities and foreign currency trader" and his seems the least commercial entity aside from the non-existent first site. He offers compendiums of his observations for modest amounts to cover the costs of his website. The website is likely a tool to sell his expertise in other forms.

Nothing particularly ominous with any of that and I think Makow would be the first to encourage you to think for yourself. Take everything with a grain of salt. But in this he's trying to convince you of something by pulling all of these diverse voices together linked by a similar time frame. You wouldn't go to the Makow site if he weren't walking the fringe with these stories and predictions. And when September comes and goes, whatcha gonna do? Post another thread for stars and flags slamming Makow? Let's hope not.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:26 PM
Could you please expand on what your bug out bag consists of? You may refer me over to the survivor thread, but I would like to know nonetheless. As far as my contribution to this thread I would relay to everyone that over the last few months the FDIC has hired a large independent auditor to assist it in mass seizure of failed banks. They have not set any dates but have prepared large teams in every major region to be called upon. This may be simple smart preparation by the FDIC or maybe not. Just thought I would share the information with you. I really don't have much more information than that as she is somewhat gagged on what she can say and none of us want to lose or jobs during this time.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by GreenBicMan
And what are you going to do if all your paper money is worthless once you take it from the bank if the econ. is going to totally crash?

Well, nothing. Thats why this stuff is all garbage brother. If the USA crashes, your dollars are worthless..

And out of I believe the 17 recessions this country has been in, we have gotten out of all 17, so I will play the odds. Its always hard at "the bottom" but thats when the best opportunities come into play.

That's the spirit, brother.

We'll get through this.

Originally posted by projectvxn
I'm not sure we have pulled ourselves out of all 17 recessions. I'm convinced we manipulated our way out, and that manipulation may prevent us from getting out of this one in the same way. That said, regardless of how big the crash is, we will eventually get out of it. Only this time it may take a few decades.

America isn't perfect. And while it is still difficult for people to believe that things can go horribly wrong in the US, just remember that we're on planet Earth, where few things ever go according to plan.

As for September 30th? My birthday is on the 24th. I'll be 25. It would really blow goats if the crash of the American Empire happened so close to that.

Well happy birthday in advance buddy!

If the SHTF around then, I won't be around to tell you probably.

But I think we will get through this, I just think you may be right about decades. I think the rest of the world sees their opportunity to make us their bitch, and they will. I think we will be a third world country for awhile yet.

But I still have hope, and I feel like we can weasel our way out of it somehow! Maybe.

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:45 PM
Duplicate Post

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:45 PM
And the hat trick

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:54 PM
The financial collapse, the economic melt down, the redistribution of wealth is all one thing…a powerful element for and of control. It is an army without a weapon, a soldier that can reach into every land and home and hearth.

If and when the financial collapse happens it will happen without warning. In the dead of the night decisions will be made and you will simply wake up shocked to a new reality upon the morrow.

Should public opinion against the New World Order the illegal Administration, the corrupt congress, the criminal Federal Reserve reach a pre-calculated point of critical mass…

They will bring the financial system down to preserve their power to ensure their rule and to pit the citizenry against one another…those desperate and hungry and starving and willing and wanting the government to feed them and give them succor…and those that stand in the way, equally desperate but not willing to submit to the government that has failed them and allowed such despicable and abominable acts to occur.

In the ensuing chaos so it shall pass as the young battle the old, the black battle the white, the poor battle the rich, the left battle the right, the religious battle the non-religious…with a well entrenched, gone underground, well supplied and powerful core government entity waiting patiently for the food, fuel, and medicines left available and in circulation at the time of the collapse to become exhausted and the people and the citizens to become exhausted and then they shall move in.

The financial system becomes the establishments ‘force multiplier’ in time of insurrection and rebellion.

They very much want us to rebel too; they crave and thirst for the day they can rule and control all with an iron hand.

If we fail to rebel they chip away at the stone one stroke at a time, on stroke after another until they have finally sculpted the grid they want us all locked into. If we rebel they bring it about with a quick and decisive Masterstroke they have long planned for. That’s why they set up this monetary system of fiat instrument of debt currency controlled by a small cartel of coconspirators.

Don’t you just love a good challenge? To think people thought the Rubix Cube was fun!

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Rams59lb

what's worrisome is that these are all experts in the field

so heed their advice

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by projectvxn

Yeah, it would bum me out too since my 50th birthday falls on sept. 24 as well. It would hardly surprise me though since I think as a nation were running out of fiscal options. everyone thinks I'm nuts but I see a converge of very bad things on the horizon and I'm doing what I can to prepare myself and those I care for. I'll work and hope for the best but I'm not sure we'll every see the United states in a "normal" condition again.
someone broke the piggy bank and I'm damn mad about it too!

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by Rams59lb

okay... BUT if another collapse doesn't happen before the end of the year, will you be a bit more skeptical towards the cited Alt News Sources???

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:20 PM
Ok, the U.S. economy with the dollar might crash around Sept 30. We all know how to prepare, that is have your guns, ammo, food and water along with your gold and silver stashed and ready to go. I would like to add have some spare cash around also if your ATM or credit cards don’t work anymore.

But if the banks go under with the FDIC going bankrupt then what? Well I for one am currently looking into putting my money into a Swiss bank account. Question that I really want to know is a Swiss bank account really the safest place to keep the value of your money if the dollar really drops?

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by eniac

The *credible* news sources and supposed financial experts were saying how everything was peachy and the economy would continue to grow just weeks before the crash...I dont know one way or another if this will happen but im sure as hell not going to believe the mainstream news sources and financial experts they drag on.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:26 PM
well shoot, my birthday is in september -.- HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU'RE BROKE!


Well whatever, the collapse has to happen sometime, I just hope this doesn't affect my edumacation.

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:29 PM
The last day of September ends the fiscal quarter. These numbers will not be good and possibly worse than we imagine.

I found it odd that the G20 also set up their meeting in September. This is something to worry about. These guys have a plan and the US dollar is on the line big time.

I'm still waiting for the "Bad Bank" to pop up. If BOA fails they all go down.

It only takes a few rumors for the short sellers to bet against the banks again.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:32 PM

Many predict US financial collapse in September!?!?

No, no, no! You are all wrong! It is a lot sooner than that. Do you not remember all the secret intel coming out about the end of life as we know it in October 2008? Project Camelot, in particular, had so many sources pointing to something very catastrophic in October. Not only was the economy going to collapse, but some, like Dr. Deagle, suggested a terrorist attack the likes of which would have been hitherto unimaginable.

I seem to recall George Green saying that the dollar would not even be in use at all come Spring of 2009. Similarly, our very own "Hidden Hand" said we could expect to see the Amero by very early winter of 2009 the latest. He was someone completely in the know!!!

I guess what they meant to say is that would all happen in less we switch timelines. In that case, it would be September of 2009. Of course, there is the possibility of a timeline change there as well. We will then just have to wait for the end each year and stop screwing up these timelines!!!

I am really sorry to come off as so cynical and sarcastic. I just wonder why people feel the need to continually spread such dread and fear. If these very people believe in time lines and the power of consciousness, as many of them seem to do, is it not even possible that perhaps when they spread this information that all they are doing is emboldening such circumstances?? It just seems that a lot of the people who do spread this information are the very same that do believe in the power of our thoughts. To put it in words that are more in tune with their reality, perhaps the "negative ETs" are the ones who are influencing you to spread all this fear-mongering with the hopes that you will create all this negativity yourselves by your consciousness. This will free them from the "law of attraction" and "karma" by not interfering directly but allowing you to bring about this "mayhem."

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:39 PM

Originally posted by joe_dirt976
well i assume they picked the 30th of september because thats the end of the 2009 fiscal year. So far for this fiscal year, they federal deficit is already past $1trillion and the national debt etc. etc.

And isn't September the month frequently - not always - used for some great plan by our government? There really nothing we can do about it. The ball was set rolling a long time ago. All we can do is sit back and buckle in.

Too many people borrowing on their home equity to take vacations, buy unnecessary crap for their home, buy new cars after only two or three years, send kids to college when they can't afford to instead of vo tech or letting the kids earn their own money for advanced education, and the list goes on and on, borrowing money from the bank to finance weddings! Lol! And now we cry the blues? Who really did this to us? I think the guy in the mirror is responsible.

I want to take a trip home but cannot afford the airfare to fly half way across the US to do it. I know that once at my destination I will not worry about lodging, transportation or food but I cannot afford the flight. So instead of racking up a credit card bill I just pay my current bills, save what I can and write home. It's what I can afford to do.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:49 PM
Does this mean I will not have to pay my University tuition? If so, that would be amazing. Bring the collapse on, baby!

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 01:50 PM
if its headline news, it will not happen. Its all about psychology and trickery. it will happen either before September (like now or very soon) or it will occur in early 2010. Everything offered by politicians, major media and bloggers is deceptive, misinformation and usually outright manipulative lies.

I'll say it again. If everyone and his brother is forecasting a September will not happen.

With regards to the doom and gloom forecasters, they know nothing more than you and I. And if they did, do you really think they would tell everyone on national TV? LOL....America is a place for the independently rich, and they do what they must to benefit themselves and their close friends. Slick Jim Willie is a perfect example. He has been calling for a massive crash/failure of the banks and the stock market for over a year. He's also called for gold and silver to be much higher. He operates on fear and intimidation, and tells his subscribers what they want to hear....doom and gloom. Slick Willie is so slick no one knows his real name. If he was such an honest and forthcoming economist, why does he use a fake name? That's a rhetorical question, but I doubt that most will stop not see the writing on the wall.

You will be the last to on it. And the stock market crash will be linked to some tragedy such as a virus epidemic or another attack vs. america (ha ha....we all know that it will be inside job or another mossad operation).

Bank holidays? on it. Take what dollars you have now and buy hard assets whether it be a good truck, food, water filtering devices, bicycles, or anything you can imagine using during a severe downturn. Bartering will be come a way to survival and comfort. Stock up on cartons of cigarettes and pint-size bottles of vodka.

The leaders that have control over our destiny do not care one iota about our welfare. None, zero zilch. They do not work for us, nor do we have any real recourse to express our dissatisfaction with their service. They are above the law, and the rules change daily. Congressman have no integrity or courage to walk the walk of JFK. They know all too well their destiny is in the hands of the largest and most evil criminal organization on this planet. They know this, and their pretence in helping us is such a facade its laughable.

Trust no one. Not even the most vocal bloggers predicting occurrences by date. There is no truth among these deceivers. you must rely upon your family, close friends and community. That's it

As i said before, if you truly want to do something, then you must stop feeding the monster that dictates our perception of life.

STOP saving your money in the bank
REMOVE all moneys and accounts from the major national banks and the primary dealers (
STOP shopping at the major monopolistic companies like WalMart, Home Depot, major food chains, major clothing stores, major retailers, etc.
STOP watching TV. Read a book or do research on the web.
STOP listening to politicians and their lies. They will NEVER help you.
STOP spending money frivolously
PAYOFF debt, or file bankruptcy.
VOTE out of office all incumbents. All of them.
DEMAND accountability and transparency.
DEMAND investigation.
DEMAND answers.

I hope I made my point. There is little time to dilly dally around.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by GreenBicMan
And what are you going to do if all your paper money is worthless once you take it from the bank if the econ. is going to totally crash?

Sorry it took so long to reply, had to get some sleep lol... Well, the truth be known, when the banks fail, and the bankers pull this holiday on us, businesses will still except hard cash since the debt & CC machines will no longer work. Cash, Gold & Silver will be the only means of trade while everybody else will be screaming bloody murder on the streets upset that the banks are closed I and my family will still have a means of trade while I guess you wont! Thanks Bro for looking out for the other guy.

Again I will say this! You have nothing to loss by taking your money out, if it will be no good when they start the holiday, then I guess it's better off in my hands for trade then locked in the banks where I can't even try... You lose nothing by protecting yourself but everything to loss by doing nothing now.

Best of luck Ya'll

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 02:13 PM
And I'll say it again.... Nothing is going to happen. It's back to a miserable job, pay out almost half your paycheck to taxes, and all we can do is think about a better United States without power people playing games with our lives. mm

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by Ex_MislTech

"Ex_MislTech" Thank you so much for passing along such currect and spot on information that should honestly help people decide whats best for them. I totally agree with your thorough summery of the past and what is going to come very soon. After months of informing people and clients of what is to come this fall, the best way I could find to put the words that make enough scence to others are "If you remove what little money you have now, what or how much have you really lost? But If you don't remove your money, savings, 401K and stock now how much will you lose when the Banker Holiday begins and you have no access to your money? Nothings to lose!

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