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Two great social revolutions happening in parallel in the western hemisphere

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 12:32 AM
The angel of lightness


Registered: 3/2/2007
Location: a Hermitage in the middle of the desert

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear readers,
Today let me release for you this that I can classify as one the most interesting and also positive threads I have ever published among my prophecies. I could see in visions that we are arriving to the time in which a great social jump is going to occur in all the western hemisphere, something that in many aspects it is expected by generations to happen in favor of the most suffered people of the Americas.

It is so close to us the epoch in which two important revolutions will be running each one from a different direction across all the continent from the Patagonia to Alaska. Let refer this as the moment in which finally a Third American revolution will emerge to give light to the confused people that is currently trying to survive in the middle of the worst economical recession since the great Depression.

The two revolutions that I am talking about would be:

- A revolution started in the USA soil coming from all the popular sectors are so tired of the false promises of the globalism, of the lies that were by years repeated during four consecutive administrations that the free forces of the market will carry a new economical progress to America. I could see masses of workers, young professionals, soldiers, scientists, teachers, students, ethnical minorities pushing for a great change in favor of more equalitarian society, in which democracy can be not only a lemma but a truly fact, in which the opportunities will be better distributed for all and in which this new justice will be based on the respect of the individual freedoms but under a new framework of social responsibility for all the citizens, in which there will no longer speculation in the markets, no longer enrichment of some few capitalists exploiting the needs of the ample majorities and in which all the advances of science, technology and good education will be available for all the people. This will be the revolution of the fraternity among the nations, a love revolution based on the defense of the peace, a social one that will protect the weak and the strong without any kind of discrimination.

Notice that I am not referring to a second American revolution since that one was the one occurred in the 1960’s in which huge social issues, like the cause of the civil rights could triumphed, or the opposition to the wars policy, and the social segregation were fixed, although with pain and also great sacrifice of thousands of democratic activists from the common soldiers that offered their lives in the Vietnam war to the great 4 leaders assassinated by the retrograde sectors opposed to the change precisely for their compromise with the social causes: John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcom X.

- The second continental revolution will be also a great motion of masses in Latin America, started and leathered by the dark side regimes of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, El Salvador, Equator. This will be the revolution of the social resentment, the revolution of the hate, the non forgiveness of the errors of the past, of the violence against the violence, of the disintegration of the societies through the confrontation among social sectors, the revolution against God. That will be the false revolution of the Neo-communism trying to return to the world, trying to resurrect the old totalitarian regimes once existed in other continents like Europe , central Asia and Russia. That revolution will be also advancing with impressing pace, deceiving millions of people that also desperate by the terrible consequences of the free trade new world order will be supporting the false hope of the return to the centralized economies under the strong control of a non democratic states.

I could see that these two revolutions will be growing each one aside of the other and finally there will be a moment of great tension among the two subcontinents, a time of confrontation and mutual hatred but when everything will point to an inevitable collision hopefully with the aid of God, the bad hour can be surpassed thanks to the opportune mediation of a league of democratic nations of the continent like Mexico, Costa Rica , Peru, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and the light of the truly freedom will radiate in all directions to allow the construction of a new social order based on tolerance, mutual understanding, peace, respect of the minorities, a redistribution of the wealth and the opportunities, beginning a new era of prosperity in which the western hemisphere will be again the promising new land that once Nostradamus referred in his quatrains, the one in which science and technology will be used to create prosperity and to aid the humanity instead to destroy it.

So my friends, it is true that we are living a very hard moment, also that we must expect great political and social tension coming soon but that is going to be for good, since at the end if all the people of good will remain faithful in the mercy and love of God, we can expect a better future.

When this will take form? Well actually we are living the moment in which this is starting to happen, we could see that the oppressors of the past are going to be defeated, that the ones that pushed the continent and the world to this terrible crisis will also be judged by this generation, that also a new social deal in America is slowly but firmly emerging by the hand of a new leadership in which Barack Obama will have a decisive role, he is going to be described more frequently in the near future as a New Franklin D. Roosevelt and his administration as the beginning of that New Deal. This new deal will prevent the repetitions of errors of the past, will definitively surpass the old capitalism and leave for ever the terrible menace of the totalitarian regimes of extreme right and extreme left, there will not be more danger of return of Communism or Fascism.

Thanks for your attention,
Your friend,

The Angel of lightness

posted on Aug, 27 2010 @ 11:20 AM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

Every new week in this so huge recession that is menacing to become the second great depression of our economy, it is quite more clear that all the conditions that can determine the appearition of social turmoils in the States are already present and evolved in a so impressive way.

Now, although since 1968 there is no case on big social disorder in the country it is also extremly relevant to underline that the same situation have happened in Europe but now we can see how those social explosions are occuring in Greece.

Until what point the American people will be able to resist the economical pressure of the present so adverse circumstances?

Are we living the preliminaries of a third American Revolution, for many Historians the second was in 1960's, that must evolve toward a better democracy or derivating dangerously to some kind of anarchic or totalitarian one like the one many Latin American countries are affronting?

Is it possible to avoid this so real danger when the nation is still strongly divided in two very opposite extremes, almost without any center that can concile the differences, with so different propositions of solution to the great national issues?

Could the congress elections of this Year pass without driving to the country to major confrontation not only among the politica class but among many social sectors?

Is the judgement of the two last Vicepresidents Dick Cheney and Al Gore, both affronting grave accusations of corrupt acts, part of the dirty war in between the two traditional Parties to continue blaming each one to other of all the calamities of the country?

Will the Republican party emerge renewed as a new alternative for the Americans that are so thirsty of new proposals of how to exit of this so huge crisis or to the contrary continue being the feudal estate of the Bush Clan, in other words continue kidnapped by a right that it is only able to propose war as the ideal solution of the national issues?

Will President Barack Obama convince the public that his administration is really doing the best that it is possible to overcome the recession, but that the so sad cinrcumstances in which he inherit the federal administration from the Bush rule are preventing to advance faster?

All these are the major questions that are pending to answer and it is quite dubious that the American people will have eternal patience to wait for their respective responses.

While this situation remains on hold in North America we can see how a social revolution, unfortunately driven to the most extreme left, the necommunism promoted by the populism of Hugo Chavez is advancing more and more in the Latin American subcontinent.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 1 2015 @ 03:29 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

Today in Baltimore, Maryland a historic legal precedent has turned on completely the page of the civil rights agenda in America. For first time members of the police are being charged of criminal behavior for abuse of use of the force against civilians.

This episode arrives after more than two years of so much agitation in the country around multiple cases in which members of the African American community have been brutally injured and even killed in incidents that became part of the American life and moved hundred of thousands of protesters to the streets of the major cities.

What began as an apparently isolated situation few years ago in the area of Missouri gradually was spread along many other regions including the most crowed metropolis of the East coast.

All these riots, all this agitation and mobilization in the public spaces are part of what years ago I predicted it was going to be a social revolution happening in America, a redefinition of the role of the individual with respect to the power of the State and the limits that the authority has to enforce order and respect to rule of law.

What it is interesting is that this sequence of African American civil rights manifestations have occurred in parallel with the protests in the streets also in support for the civil rights of other oppressed minorities, like for instance the people that have arrived to the country as refugees escaping from countries in war, from nations brutally beaten by the savage global economy, or harassed by totalitarian regimes , and that needed so much a migratory reform, the one that finally pushed the change of attitude of the authorities on that topic,

as well as, complete redefinition of the freedom that the individuals have to defend, preserve and protect the different forms of civil association that exist in a diverse society, the fight for the LGBT civil rights movement.

In other points of this hemisphere we have seen also important changes occurring, but especially in Latin America, the arrival of leftist wing governments in countries that were traditionally ruled by very conservative parties, like it is the case of Chile, Brazil , Peru , Uruguay or Paraguay. This is the so called Pink tide that has moved along all Latin America in the very recent times.

Two social revolutions are taking place in parallel in the Western Hemisphere, one to the north of the Rio Grande and other to the south of it.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on May, 1 2015 @ 03:49 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

You call it a "great social revolution", I call it the start of another civil war.

I honestly don't see this ending well for the rioters, protesters and anyone of the "woe is me" mentality.

Time will tell...

posted on May, 1 2015 @ 05:50 PM
a reply to: KawRider9

Well Dear KawRider,

I feel everyday new changes in the collective mentality happening here in America, and although there is an increasing claim for justice and for suppression of any kind of discrimination and I am aware that some of the social changes that the people is asking for are not easy to perform, I am under the impression that there is a great majority of Americans that want to see a more fair social structure prevailing at future.

I think in spite of all the opposition of certain sectors to the changes it is clear that they are now urgently demanded by a growing new majority that is tired of the false mirages of progress that were promoted in the past. There are so many youngsters that are so tired to have grown in the middle of the worst economic recession of the modernity, to know that their country is sunk in debt with external banks that I don't see how old models like the neoconservatism could have enough strength to oppose the social reforms that are coming.

I see all the days a lot of young professionals that are giving the great battle to try to find an opportunity in the jungle of the global economy that I don't see where are the thousands that will defend such economic schemes today. The society has matured a lot, today is no longer possible to manufacture a government that can handle this crisis by just manipulating the media and making all the people dream in a progress of fiction, like it happened in the era of Ronald Reagan. Today it is not possible to promote politics that only favor the minorities and perform collective hypnosis over the majority of the people for instance by producing for TV soup operas like Dynasty.

In the same way I think it is not probable that the American people support on these days so irresponsible actions like the one of to declare a so much expensive war that only can benefit the military industrial establishment based for instance on false accusations of possession of massive destruction weapons , like it happened 10 years ago, to risk the economy to suffer as a consequence of it other recession.

To have a civil war it is needed to have a more balanced division of the society, two almost comparable antagonistic forces, but now we see that more and more people is joining to the protests for a more egalitarian treatment of the civilians. It is clear that the spirit of these days is the one of reform and that solidarity is also a very important new concept that giving great momentum to the changes.

I think the risk of a civil war was higher in the 1960s, because at that time the extreme right wing had a lot of political power, and they showed it when they were able to eliminate great leaders of the civil rights movement like Martin Luther King or Malcom X, or to perform a silent double coup d'etait against the two Kennedy brothers in 1963 and 1968 respectively.

30 years a go a figure of the media could do what ever it wanted with the power fame can give, even abusing of others with complete impunity, knowing that it was going to be absolved, just because in those days image was all, but now the situation is entirely different, even myths of the past are falling dramatically, it is just enough to see what is happening with cases like the one of Bill Cosby, who was in-touchable in the golden years of the absolute power of the savage capitalism in America.

I feel not all on these changes will be decided through legal actions, like it is happening in the homicide occurred with Mr Freddie Gray in Baltimore, so of course it is likely we are going to continue seeing the people going to the streets and gaining space with great effort , making possible a new American Revolution.

Today by he way it was a historic day not only due to the decision in Baltimore, but also because first time in many decades, I believe since 1930s, that an openly Socialist politician launch a campaign to be President. One signal of the change I have talking about is that the media is giving full coverage to this news. This is something that was unthinkable in the 1980s.


The Angel of Lightness
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