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The JIDF Is On ATS!!!

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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by Djarums

Yep, the old man should have run when he was a young one. I do believe he's a distraction, but again he should've ran.

I hope the old man serves as an alarm clock for anyone perpetrating genocide in this world...... Contribute to the 'machine' in any way, and you'll be hunted in the future. I think this time it is going to be a more permanent cosmic justice.

reply to post by THX-1138

Okay, I'll say this. The christians are a death cult. They do NOT follow what Jesus said. I've seen to many christians cr*p on people who really know their bible. Yes, most of hollywood is Jewish run, and yes they'll put out pro holocaust movies when it is necessary; I don't like that because it definitely gets Zionism plastered completely on the Jews. Go look at the amount of christians claiming Zionism. Go look!! I'm guessing the movie your citing was someone who didn't care for christians. I want to stay on topic. If you can provide a list of Holocaust movies put out during, or shows about that during the original seige on Gaza, then please do.

reply to post by A Conscience

Excellent points. Now, that has been carried over into the Internet. With the advent of a tool like this to sway the hearts, and minds of the sheeple, so come the disinfo subverts.

reply to post by Dark Ghost

The issue is how the Zionist agenda uses the net to propagate public opinion, sway it, change it, create it, etc.

There are plenty of christians that help with this Zionist movement. No confusions; between the US, and Israel they basically have for a long time controlled the world through Zionism. Times are changing; hence no attack on Iran............YET. It's coming. My only goal with the OP was to show people something; which they could keep in mind. Keep in mind when there is a war with Iran; to know that there are massively funded groups on the net swaying, changing, creating, etc. the public opinion.

reply to post by American_Soviets

Flyersfan, come back to what he just published.....Oh, without threats of cyber terrorism, or your claimed 'connection' with admin.

Good job, A.S. That is some overwhelming evidence. During the siege the amount of Holocaust, or pro Israel bloggers was incredible. I know the Jerusalem Post resorted to publishing home addresses, and names of the site owners of, whatreallyhappened, and desertpeace. To scare them?

Oh, and to flyer's fan.........I gave you lots of cyber fire above.......ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. American Soviet 2/ flyer's fan...wilting ha ha ha ha ha

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 04:56 PM
I have been trying to get into, but apparently he's hacked again. The only other times he's been hacked is when the US, and/or Israel are stirring the pot up.

Now, The link below is to Desert peace. It has the Jerusalem Post article where it gives details about him, and WRH. It gives brief details followed with:

if you want details, drop me an e-mail).
This in an apparent MSM 'mature' news service. So, here we'll paint the 'target'; amazing.

Here's the link to desert peace. They've got the original Jerusalem Post article.

There main argument was that WRH author was no better since he chooses to live in Hawaii. He must be no better than the "Jews"(again changing the issue into race; rather than Zionism as it should be); because the US 'occupies' Hawaii. Funny because in that thought process the Jerusalem Post admits occupation of Palestine; "it's okay, because someone else is doing it elsewhere???" I'd have to correct them on that since the Hawaiian's aren't being butchered, starved, and degraded everyday.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 05:49 PM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

Originally posted by dangerouslogic
I find it interesting that people such as flyersfan have no problem labelling Muslim extremists as terrorists when they engage in terrorism (such as the murder of innocent civilians), yet cannot recognize that it is equally terrorism when the IDF, etc commit the same offences.

LOVELY! I'm the topic of a thread again!
The reason I don't label Israel as terrorists is ... drumroll ... because they ARE NOT terrorists. And as far as their heavy handed police tactics, they have that right. If those so called palestinian IDIOTS would stop harrassing Israel, then Israel wouldn't have an excuse to hit back. DUH!

Given this absolutely ridiculous claim, I would just love to hear your definition of terrorism (since it clearly differs from any one might find in, say, a dictionary). As far as I can tell, the only possible basis for your use of the term "terrorist" is that of racist or anti-muslim conviction. If this assessment is somehow incorrect, please enlighten me.

Please also explain what moral principle could possibly give Israel the right to employ any tactic it deems fit (even if many of those tactics explicitly violate the Geneva conventions and the principles established at the Nuremburg trials...), yet renders Palestine morally responsible for not only its own violent actions, but also for those of the first group. Again, the only principle I can see which seems to tie this convoluted logic together is one of racism towards Arabs or Anti-Muslim sentiment. Again, please enlighten us.

Your statement is wrong. They aren't being 'tortured'. If heavy handed police tactics are being used then it's the fault of the so-called palestinians. If they would behave in a civilized manner and stop harrassing Israel; stop trying to mass murder Israeli civilians; Israel wouldn't bother with them. The so called palestinians made their bed, now they can lay in it.

Exactly! Just like we should stop investigating and prosecuting rapists in cases where the woman wasn't completely covered (by a burka and robe perhaps?) because she was therefore "asking for it". Right? In fact, maybe we should charge the woman and then cane her or stone her to death for so devilishly tempting the poor man who raped her because the victim of such brutality clearly

made their bed, now they can lay in it.
, right?

Furthermore, your constant use (as in quotes above, and:

And those so called palestinians who died in the recent retaliation by Israel
) seems to further confirm my suspicions that you are in fact a racist/anti-muslim. What on earth gives you a right to simply deny the existence of an ethnicity of people? Does not a significant portion of this whole thread's debate concern the fact that it is racist/anti-Semitic to deny the existence of the Jewish people and their history (ie: the Holocaust)? Should I assume that it is acceptable for me to from now on refer to Israelis as the "so-called Israelites" or "so-called Jews"? Palestine, and thus the Palestinians, have existed far longer than the notion of Zionism which led to the formation of modern-day Israel. Denying Palestinian heritage is equally as abhorrent and blatantly racist as denying the Holocaust and any rational person should be just as offended and outraged.

Unfortunately, all your posts seem to have achieved is to prove that you are just as biased and bigotted on Israel's side as you think those you accused of being "Friends of Palestine" or "Hamas" are on Palestine's side. If you cannot accept all the facts, regardless of whether they support your side or not (ie: accept that Israelis engaged in terrorism are just as much inexcusable terrorists as Palestinians engaged in terrorism) then your arguments need to be summarily dismissed just as those who wish to deny the Holocaust.

Peace to all!

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by TornMind

And don't your comments sound like a typical Muslim Jihadist sympathizer?

You claim to be a Jew, but not a Zionist?

Would you say Americans don't have a historical right to consider Washington, DC their capital, or the Germans don't have the right to have Berlin as their capital?

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 06:56 PM

Originally posted by CharlesMartel
reply to post by TornMind

And don't your comments sound like a typical Muslim Jihadist sympathizer?

You claim to be a Jew, but not a Zionist?

Would you say Americans don't have a historical right to consider Washington, DC their capital, or the Germans don't have the right to have Berlin as their capital?

Washington D.C. is not America's Capitol, it is Rome's Capitol in America.

Are all people to be treated equal yes or no?

If the 'Jews' have a right to be 'more' paranoid, 'more' security conscious, 'more' agressive because what's happened to 'them' in the 'past'...maybe it's that exact type of 'we are different' thinking, that leads them to 'act' different, that causes some people to take 'exception' with the 'notion' that sometimes 'equal' equals 'more than'.

People shouldn't decry being treated 'differently' while insisting on the 'right' to act differently.

The 'rule of law' becomes the 'rule of chaos' when it is selectively applied.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by CharlesMartel
reply to post by TornMind

And don't your comments sound like a typical Muslim Jihadist sympathizer?

You claim to be a Jew, but not a Zionist?

Would you say Americans don't have a historical right to consider Washington, DC their capital, or the Germans don't have the right to have Berlin as their capital?

Unfortunately for you, there is a difference between simply wanting a place to call home/safe haven and all that Zionism currently entails. As I mentioned before, Zionism can be (and used to be) a peaceful movement, respecting the cultural heritage and human rights of all others just as Zionists wish for the Jews. That, however, is not currently the case.

And it is interesting that you bring up the example of Americans' "historical right" to claim DC as their capital since one could draw quite a few correlations between how the British/American Colonists (not to mention the French, Spanish, Portugese, etc) treated and, to some extent, still treat the Native Americans and how the Israelis are now treating the Palestinians. You should read some history before bandying about claims of "historical rights"...

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 08:12 PM
I'll have to come back to address all the comments; in a few. However, yes there is a good thread on ATS "30 Interesting Facts About America". The States as the corporation is no homeland for the average American....

However, the ideology of Natural Inalienable Rights was to some degree originally reestablished.

Oh, and homelands??? Yep, every US American should be proud of the "Trail of Tears", and other atrocities such as the creation of Banana Republics.....


posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 09:08 PM
reply to post by dangerouslogic

Hey, there you go. Break their weak argument down. I can see your for total peace, equality, sovereignty, and freedom.

reply to post by CharlesMartel

Typical Muslim Jihad Sympathizer???? Geez, where you been surfing, George Bush, and Mr. Iran's Myspace pages? Ha ha ha, hey maybe should the NWO, and Zionist agenda stop loosing then you'll get shiny boots that click when you walk. You'd be so powerful you could force other goyem to lick them for you. Here are some other Jews that you'd call "Sympathizer's"........READ>GamblingNGO for Illegal Israeli Settlements.

But the bingo operation, owned by an American Jewish doctor and millionaire, Irving Moskowitz, has taken on added significance in recent weeks as President Barack Obama has laid down a marker to Israel in demanding an end to settlement construction, which the White House regards as a major obstacle to peace. "Moskowitz is taking millions from the poorest town in California and sending it to the settlements," said Haim Dov Beliak, a rabbi serving Hawaiian Gardens and one of the Jewish religious leaders in California who have campaigned to block the flow of funds to the settlers.
........stupid Jew Hating, stupid Zionist Hating Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak.....

or this race trading Jew bashing Zionism....stupid!! ha ha ha.

Jews that are opposed to the policies of the State of Israel are not the root of the problem, the policies are. Netanyahu and his ilk had better learn that. The article that follows shows the ignorance displayed by Netanyahu……the ignorance of anyone that pulls out the ‘racecard’ to get their point across.

Go read those links, come back, and I'll feed you some more links of Jews who are against Zionism.....

reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Hey, nice to see you return. Yep, I agree capital of Rome.... I guess that I agree it's a fact.. To bad people choose to be cannon fodder for lies. I think from what your screen name, and avatar show, your probably a grounded, and well 'seasoned' person. I guess some of us will make it through Kosmic justice with pleasure, and joy; while the other's sleeping in ignorant bliss won't...their loss...

reply to post by dangerouslogic

Yep, these people don't realize, or care to realize history.......something about knowing history so the bad stuff doesn't keep repeating. The ideology of some of these sheeple is amazing. I don't think many of them realize that the US committed genocide against many Native Americans.....

So now they have the Internet to sweep that, and the current atrocities under the rug, but hopefully there is enought "lite" out there to stop the subversive attack on logic, and opinion.... on the net by Zionism.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 10:42 PM
I wish someone would pay me to write about what great people they are.
I wonder how much they pay? I'd be up for that job. Hm...

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by Sundancer

I hear the Greys are offering competitive rates. Apparently the top-5 Grey-trolls get a free ride outta here in 2012.

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 12:43 AM
reply to post by Sundancer

Ha ha ha, great job Opportunities in the falling economy.... Psyops bloggers, and repo men. Hey, at least because of this thread you gained another career op.

reply to post by dangerouslogic

Ha ha ha, between the JIDF, GIDF, CIDF, CIA; I'd have to wonder about anyone on here. I think I wanna work for the Grey's... I want off the rock in 2012!!!

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by TornMind

The Isrealis aren't even real Jews. Their ancestors converted to Judaism a thousand years ago or something and their ancestral homeland is about 900 miles north of Isreal. It's really quite silly, but most of them probably don't know this. Very few Jews today are related to any of the twelve tribes. I hear that the Danish royalty are one of them. Denmark was apparently settlement for a particular tribe. Mark of Dan, get it? I don't have a problem with Jews or any other ethnic group in general, but then they get together and start harassing other people, that's not cool. Somebody needs to put a leash on these guys. At time same time, it's important to remember that not every Isreali attack on Palestinians was a wedding as they like to say. Sure, it's their land and the Isrealis are making asses of themselves by oppressing this group and then playing victim for the rest of the world, but the Palestinians aren't exactly civil and mature in response to this. Probably more often than not, Isrealis are attacking people that otherwise would have attacked them. It's just a shame nobody in the world has the maturity to come to mutual understanding and peace. I hold faith that one day the children of the world will figure it out. Until then, we're just gonna have to put up with these people killing each other and making asses of themselves on the internet. Fear is the worst response you can possibly have though. Fear leaves you vulnerable. Don't be afraid. There's always a better way.

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by Syrus Magistus

Good Points, and what is fear? Usually it is lack of facts, or the truth. I'd hope that with the information disclosed throughout this thread regarding Dis information junkies, people will have a little more knowledege.

No doubt by looking at this link We can see the puppet strings of Zionism 'riling' up their masses; similar as in the US.

Israeli officials have halted the distribution of a booklet published by an American Orthodox Jewish Group and given to Israeli Defense Forces soldiers. The move follows reports of the booklet’s claims that the Pope identified with Hezbollah and that the Vatican took Hezbollah officials on a tour of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The booklet claims the Pope and some cardinals from the Vatican helped organize the tours to teach the Lebanon-based Islamic group how to wipe out Jews, Haaretz reports. Titled “On Either Side of the Border,” the booklet purports to be the testimony of a Hezbollah officer who spied for Israel. It was published by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America in cooperation with Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, Chief Rabbi of Safed.

We can see from this next link that the NWO/PTB/Zionists are increasing their combined assault on the hearts, and minds of the world; by actually paying dis information bloggers.....

Israel’s Foreign Ministry is reported to be establishing a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel. Internet-savvy Israeli youngsters, mainly recent graduates and demobilized soldiers with language skills, are being recruited to pose as ordinary surfers while they provide the government’s line on the Middle East conflict. “To all intents and purposes the internet is a theatre in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we must be active in that theatre, otherwise we will lose,” said Ilan Shturman, who is responsible for the project. The existence of an “internet warfare team” came to light when it was included in this year’s Foreign Ministry budget. About 150,000 US dollars have been set aside for the first stage of development, with increased funding expected next year. The team will fall under the authority of a large department already dealing with what Israelis term hasbara, officially translated as “public explanation” but more usually meaning propaganda. That includes not only government public relations work but more secretive dealings the ministry has with a battery of private organizations and initiatives that promote Israel’s image in print, on TV and online.

Again your correct regarding no fear; just like the bikini clad ladies of code pink here

July 21 - Following a dramatic, bikini-clad demonstration yesterday inside the beauty industry's annual major Cosmoprof conference in Las Vegas, the leading women's peace and justice group CODEPINK announces the launch of "Stolen Beauty," a boycott campaign against the Israeli cosmetics company, Ahava Dead Sea

There's a war coming. The day, and age of Internet Psyops lets us know that; they want us ready. If their Internet Psyops works as intended, then very soon when Israel, and the US perpetrate crimes against Iran, it'll be 'yesterday's news'.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 05:37 AM
The whole notion this topic is based on is just a bunch of parnoid people who cant stand or handle anyone who doesnt subscribe to there world view . I cant find any rational thought process that backs up the claims of JIDF . Unlike topics related to illegal drugs its not clear how disinfo agents would effect advertising revenue or how they would ensure the Israel - Palestine problem is never discussed again on ATS .

Cheers xpert11 .

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by dooper

I agree with everything you said.
I support Israel and her God given right to the land.
Her right to protect her borders and people.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by Syrus Magistus

Again "not real Jews".... Boring. You say that almost all modern Jews were converted 1000 years ago? Well , there are TONS of documented presence of Jews in Europe, Middle East,China,India and Africa long before 1000 AD. Few examples (that you would surely ignore to stick to comfortable lies):


.... he expressly deprecates the compulsory baptism of Jews, and many instances appear in which he insists on their right to liberty of action, so far as the law permitted, both in civil affairs and in the worship of the synagogue ...
It is about Pope St. Gregory I , who lived pam pam pam - from 540AD to 604 AD. Guess what - there were allready Jews in Europe then. Oh dear, how can it be??? I can drown you in all the examples of Jews in Europe pre-dating Khazars. Would not help though i assume.
Middle East:
As you are probably aware that even before birth of Islam there were 5 Jewish tribes in Saudi Arabia (where Jews and Judaism are not allowed now at all). It is much earlier then Khazars.

The writings of Ibn Zeyd al Hassan, a 9th century Arabian traveler, states that Jews were one of the sects massacred at Khanfu. It is apparently recorded that by the 8th century, Jews had already become large enough in number that the imperial regime appointed a government position to administer or monitor the population.
Doubt it would change anything.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by FraternitasSaturni

I stand amazed. I have never heard such erroneous crap in all my life.

Have you never, ever, cracked a history book?

Are you completely ignorant of the concept of research?

So Israel couldn't exist without the US? They couldn't do a single thing on their own?

As an American citizen, I'm embarrassed by this. Clearly, we have some of the most ignorant, unknowing, blathering, idiots in the world - who learn by rote - and repeat whatever crap someone told them.

Israel in 1948-49, turned back a significant armed force by themselves, consisting of a COALITION between Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the same guerrilla force they'd already been fighting.

No US presence, nor cutting edge weapons involved. Get it?

Read up. Go again to 1956 and get an education.

Read up on the events leading up to 1967. Read what the Arab forces were saying, and how it was that when they clearly got their asses kicked, the Israeli intelligence intercepted communications between Sadat and Jordan's Hussein, agreeing to claim US forces participated!

The Israeli military was always modifying and improving cast-offs from Czech, French, British, and American surplus.

This is really embarrassing that folks can willfully and intentionally be so selectively ignorant.

So believe me, if Israel didn't have any support by the US, they'd figure it out.

Repeating propaganda frequently and often, does not change the facts.

A really good thing to know.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 02:25 PM
I find these postings that there is an organisation working against ATS very difficult.

How do we know that the person posing the posting isn't actually from the opposite organisation? How can you actualy tell that this is informed posting from an individual?

Admittedly the postongs do spiral out of control - usually with ith sides accusing each other of atrocities from then year dot. (God killed everyoine in a flood but hey I got over it).

I am also don't like the generic "isreal" or "Palestinians" label (or Zionism) - it seems to lose the fact that real people live under this label and most are decent honest people trying to do the right thing in a horrible world.

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 02:35 AM

Again "not real Jews".... Boring. You say that almost all modern Jews were converted 1000 years ago? Well , there are TONS of documented presence of Jews in Europe, Middle East,China,India and Africa long before 1000 AD. Few examples (that you would surely ignore to stick to comfortable lies):

There's no such thing as "not real Jews". Anybody who converts is a Jew. However, that does not make them descendants of the twelve nomadic tribes that stole their original homeland from the natives by oppressing and killing them. The Anglo Americans did the same thing to the native Americans and, like the Israelites, fabricated some ideological jargon to justify their selfishness. Every culture pulls this crap given the chance.

Don't get me wrong. I've got nothing against Jews, I really don't. One of my closest friends is Jewish. Hell, my last lover was Jewish. I don't even give much of a damn about Israel. I felt like commenting because it's pretty slimy of these people to be obstructing free speech, especially on a conspiracy theory community. Remember, the Jews are behind a good third of every conspiracy theory, along with the Illuminati and the Masons. If you take them out of the equation, what will these poor mad tinfoil-hatters have have left?

Oh, I would love to read documentation on the presence of Jews in Asia and Africa, etc. I am fascinated by human history. However, this an issue of politics, not race. The Israelis, no matter who they are descended from, invaded a land that was the home of another group of people and went about acting like they owned the place, treating the locals poorly and not making a very good name for themselves. Again though, it's an issue of politics. It's nobody's "fault" because everybody is responsible for their own actions and if either side had behaved maturely, there wouldn't be the kind of conflict we see now in that region. People don't understand how to coexist peacefully.

Lastly, I want to make clear that I don't feel comfortable with lies and I avoid them like the plague. Let's try not to project our prejudices onto one another, m'kay?

[edit on 25-7-2009 by Syrus Magistus]

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 03:29 AM

Originally posted by Syrus Magistus

The Isrealis aren't even real Jews. Their ancestors converted to Judaism a thousand years ago or something and their ancestral homeland is about 900 miles north of Isreal. It's really quite silly, but most of them probably don't know this.

This is the type of kiddie historical nonsense one finds on those idiotic websites that swamp the Interneet and Youtube.

Thousands of documents from Jewish, Christian, Muslim sources disagree totally.

Check out books written by professional historians some time. Lots of pages with no picture but by people who do actual research, list citations, refer to solid evidence.


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