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I believe that I've just had an awakening.

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:29 PM

Originally posted by badmediaIn the end all is simply a matter of perspective for the experience itself. The furthest I was able to "elevate" my perspective/consciousness was to the point where there were only 2 beings in existence, me and the father. I could not go beyond that point because to take on that perspective would ruin the limited perspective we require for this experience and perspective. I could not do that and return to this limited perspective, "I" would cease to exist. Such will happen one day for all, but the journey back is the reason to limit in the first place.

This is part of what some people call the oneness experience. Regardless, it is still a delusion of the mind and ego.

You are correct that you could go no further, because no ego ever gets it. Once you give up the notion of the self as a mind and a body, the truth is revealed.

There is still further to go. Surrender to the fear of the "I" not existing; it is an illusion.

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Riposte

If you want to start a thread on it, you can send me a U2U and I will reply in a thread in more detail. Other than that, It was not that I was unable to go beyond the point at all, I choose not too in order to maintain the experience and so forth. When I'm ready to go beyond that point, then I will do so, and then "I" won't be here anymore to post about it.

Are you trying to say you went beyond that point, retained memory of it and then came back? Because I would say that is impossible for the very reason you mention, "I" is lost in the process. How can "I" experience things or come to understanding without "I"?

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 09:08 PM

Originally posted by badmediaIf you want to start a thread on it, you can send me a U2U and I will reply in a thread in more detail. Other than that, It was not that I was unable to go beyond the point at all, I choose not too in order to maintain the experience and so forth. When I'm ready to go beyond that point, then I will do so, and then "I" won't be here anymore to post about it.

That is perfectly fine. Many choose to remain in duality and there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Are you trying to say you went beyond that point, retained memory of it and then came back? Because I would say that is impossible for the very reason you mention, "I" is lost in the process. How can "I" experience things or come to understanding without "I"?

Haha, you are right that it is impossible. An "I" never goes beyond that point, nor does an "I" come back. The "I" disappears forever like a puff of smoke; a drop of water falling into the ocean.

The "I" is just an attempt by the mind to assert itself as the doer, which in turn creates an attachment to the body and brings suffering into place.

Once the "I" is given up, all that remains is this eternal conscious awareness that permeates all things. Bodies are just vehicles for this consciousness that wither away and die.

Yet pure awareness will always remain.

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 09:22 PM

Originally posted by ExPostFacto
reply to post by open_eyeballs

I'm sorry you took offense to something I was sharing with you. The magic is that once you cross that wall, you no longer become defensive about anything. You live in peace. Everyone is here to teach you and share experiences with each other. I do know Lagnar. I can see his/her intentions in what is written to you...that is all I need to know of Lagnar. I bet he/she may feel the same.

Sorry man, I dont think you are getting it. I wasnt offended at all by anything he said. I was replying to your commentary about myself. Im not trying to be rude or sarcastic or anything of the likes, but you have not given any sort of indication of what your definitition of "awakened" is.

You have made very vague statements about living in peace and saying you will no longer have any need to be defensive once you "cross a wall"......Basically a 10 year old could come up with that. No offense. Im trying to get you to tell me what it is you mean by your statement. Im trying to get you to expand on what it is you believe a little. You have given no indication so far. You have not given any sort of backup as to why you believe what you believe. I dont even know what it is you believe...?? So again, if you would like to be more specific, by all means give an example as to what qualifies someone as"awakened" and "over the fence" in your opinion..k?

No hard feelings dude, just lookin for friendsly conversation...

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posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by Riposte

Sorry, but to me that just sounds like denial of the self while in the self. Like an ostrich sticking his head in the sand and pretending everything else has disappeared.

Maybe I'm wrong, can't really comment on what is beyond that point. It is human nature to deny in others what we ourselves lack. But to lose the "I" is the death of the soul, which means how can you be here and speak of going past it?

So I dunno, maybe we are not actually talking about the same 2 points. When I go into the father, there will be no return - unless I once again take on a limited perspective/soul - meaning I will once again lack that which is beyond that point.

I don't see how you can have gone beyond that point and still be here to post.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by open_eyeballs

You can read how I became awakened and the steps of awakening as I understand them. This thread was written from religious stand point; however, maybe you will be able to relate to what I experienced.

In all of our quests of understanding, it may differ, from each others experience. The end goal though seems the same.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 04:30 PM
I think a big thing that changes your life is when you truly grasp that we know nothing, even less than ancient peoples about our real truths. Shamanistic cultures tied more closely to the earth thousands of years ago had a much better understanding of universal truths.

There's a reason the Mayans called this age both "the triumph of materialism" and "he great forgetting"

As we inch our way to the next age, we are beginning to go back to our shamanistic heritage, and we're all starting to really remember what is real, and what is false.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 07:21 AM
First and foremost congrats to you and your new level of understanding.
I hope it leads to many more "Awakenings" and a better life in gereral !~

Seems this is the new thread to share similar experiances. So, here's mine, its no grand "I completely understand my Existance" as I am still struggling to try and leave behind a life of being a sheeple.

My new mindset happened for a number of reasons, though 2 I can identify more clearly then the others. I never learnt social skills as a kid and find it very hard to fit in nearly 90% of social situations, the few that I do fit into are when I am with are nice, unjudging people, usually nerds as they must consider me one of them.

The other factor was ATS making me think outside the box of the usual I want money, sex and lots of material things.

Never learning social skills is what I feel seperated me from the sheeples, After all with out a social life I did not feel compelled that I must have a "Good Career" and "Cool Clothes" and no longer being at highschool I was not subjected to the "Getting laid is all that matters" and my desire for sex was no longer my top priority.

The less these things started mattering to me the more I thought what do I truly want from life? How do I want to live it?

I do not want to do this thing they call a "Week" where I slave for 5 days and get drunk out of my skull for 3 nights and then repeat this for 40 years.

I want no part in furthering this rotten apple of a society where morals slip lower every year, where we the sheeple, are told that our perfect life is to get a good job, start a family and then raise our children to do the same.

I will not further the consurmerism and materialism that causes people to spend their lives chasing such meaningless goals. And what kills me the most, is that these people want these lives, more then anything else.

They look at me like I'm crazy when I suggest perhaps this event or article may not be what really happened, that there may be more to it.

I showed a kid in my IT class a picture of space with scales of the sun and planets from a thread on ATS, When I first saw it, it blew my mind to think there is so much out there, that we are but a minut speck, even less. And I asked him, does this make you think aliens might exist? He laughed and brushed it off. I've never seen an alien but it seemed to me that its very possible that aliens would exist if not certain.

I don't know where I was going with this reply, I guess I just wanted to vent somewhere, I am still confused as what to do now, its like I can feel I know what to do, its in the back of my head and I can't quite see through the mist. All I know is that I want to find the true meaning to my existance, whether its 1 I have to decide for myself or 1 I must discover.

But I will keep looking and striving for greater understanding of my planet and all it contains, my mind and all its capabilties.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 08:31 PM
I just want to give an update on my "awakening". I believe that since that I have been awakened I am starting to see things as they really are. I would first like to thank those who have already posted in the thread offering me encouragement to look into this stuff more. I want to get off a few things off my mind about what I think about being awake now, as, opposed to how I felt before, what it feels like, and what it really means so you have a picture as to where I am right now.

I used to only see part of the conspiracy. I used to call them conspiracy theories. I know that there are very integral forces in our society which are in a constant struggle against each other. Classes against classes. The elites against the average joe. Big business working together with big government to eliminate the middle men and small business people.

I used to only be only aware of a small part of it. I used to only see tiny pieces of this grand conspiracy- this grand lie that is called life. I used to only be partially aware of this conspiracy, or, partially aware of this strange thing that is called life, and the forces underlying the forces that drive it, and control it. I believe that I have been able to say things that I haven't been able to before, that I can see what things really are- not as some really important issue, but as trivial things, meant to distract us from this woven web of confusion- that is simply put there to make as part of this whole web of life to keep us occupied- or entertained.

I think that it is quite obvious that there are people out there who want to control the masses. I've been quite aware of that for quite some time. I however do believe that I have reached a higher sense of awareness than I was at before, and, now I have more fully awakened, because now as opposed to just analyzing people's motives, or actions in history- and- in life... I can sense why it is they're doing what they're doing. I don't need to be told that I'm being lied to. I know that a lot of people in our federal government are quite corrupt, and, not too many of them, seem to do much good.

I believe that my higher sense of alertness, of my enlightenment, now comes from how I am starting to see society. I believe I have more of a complete understanding about how the elite manipulate people, I have more of an understanding about how the nation is swept up into rapid states of panic over small news stories, that don't really mean much... they're coaxed into wanting a solution (problem reaction solution). I am more alert as to how people believe what they're told. I see institutionalized brainwashing as a problem. This needs to stop. One of the problems lies within the fact that the masses are conditioned so much during school that they stop being creative, and, they essentially end up just being obedient slaves to their masters- but I see this not as a flaw of capitalism, but, rather just as something that needs to be changed. I think that in order to better the state of the world that will have to change, and, more creativity will have to be allowed in schools for the one human civilization to flourish.

I view civilization as one human civilization, with, different parts. Each different civilizations have their own means and ways of doing things. There seems to be constant forces in each and all different groups or sub-sectors of civilizations. There also seems to be similar mechanisms that which the population is controlled in each of them, and, there seems to be similar causal and effect relationships between actions and reactions by various groups of society.

I think I'm getting closer and closer to the truth. I think that society needs a lot of change. We need to change how things are. I don't think we necessarily need to get rid of everything. One of the things I'm starting to see is how stupid all of us can be, or, how silly we can be, at times when we least want to be stupid, or, when we think we're making a good choice. The human race needs to be smarter. We need to move past trivial issues.

I feel a lot more closer to the truth now than I was before. I don't know how to explain it. I say the more people who know the truth the better.

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by SourGrapes

No kidding. The NWO is more of a general term, used by the people of TPTB...hypothetically, of course.

yes, but people like Alex Jones wish to make you think there is some grand conspiracy with secret rich peope behind the scenes who wish to rule the "chaos" with their version of "order".

people always tend to forget, those same ewealthy elite rely on the same economic principles as the anyone does for their wealth. except most of the uber wealthy didnt do it from their everyday 9-5 style job. They attained much of their wealth by corrupt means.

So, when people use the phrase NWO, in most cases the person has no idea what it is they are talking about. Especially here on ATS. they do not have clear understanding of who or what the phrase represents. Their is no grand worldly group of people with a flag running the world behind the scenes hoping to kill everybody except 500 million people...maybe except the UN...

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by open_eyeballs

I think it's crazy to believe there isn't an oligarch running things. What makes you think they don't have all the power? They don't have to play by the rules. Haven't you heard of a little thing called central banks that finances their operations?

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

An oligarchy for the entire world? What evidence is there of such an oligarchy?

This is where a good understanding of world history normally helps one to comprehend the current power strongholds of certain individuals within their parent countries.

Of course some current versions of world history may vary, and many of the connections between different powers are definitely left out... hence the conspiracy theories. But as I have already mentioned most of the current "NWO" theories stem from the old British Empire and the imperialists that did actually aspire to "rule" the world in the sense some believe the "NWO" will do.

But if you look in the pages of the history books and can realize the enourmous wealth distribution that has taken place for the last 300+ years, it is evident there is not just one "oligarchy" that runs the showfor all of us. It is not only the powerful elite that calls all the shots anymore.

For example: take a look at Microsoft. No where to be found before the 80's. Today they hold billions and billions of government money and contracts. Think they dont have say in worldly affairs? Are they part of the NWO? Of course not. Do they have lobbyists in D.C.? You betcha...But they are just one example of hundreds of massive corporations that at times, can have more influence than the politicians themselves.

Then there are the different representatives of the people of each country. Besides their own agendas (be it fulfilling their own corrupt means of financial gains or true good intentions to help their people) they have their own influence on the complex grand sceme of world and regional affairs.

My point here is the grand scheme of things is so complex their is no room for one all powerful group to rule the world. Besides being impossible I highly doubt anyomne would actually wish to do so anymore.

And to note, once again, it doesnt mean there are'nt conspiracies in the works all the time within that political framework I very roughly outlined above. And dont get me wrong; history shows us many attempts by different groups conspiring to actually rule the world. Beginning from Ancient Egypt, to Greece, to the great Roman Empire and more recently the British Empire culminating with the rise of the german Nazi party. All very real attempts at the "NWO" in the sense people vision it today.

There are also other influences such as different religious powers, different international groups such as the afformentioned Bilderbergers, Tri lateral commission, WTO, UN, Committe on foreign affairs amongst many others. Are they all conspiring to rule the world? No. think they use each others influence for selfish reasons and further their own agendas? Absolutely. Thats why it is imperative that us, the average joe, to inform ourselves on the real issues.

I disagree with the whole premise of being "awake." You are either informed. Not informed, or are in some state of denial about the way the system works.

Their is the spiritual sense though that others have outlined. In this sense I absolutely agree with the term "awakened." Those of us that can look outside religious dogma and fear inspired faith usually have a more realistic sense of reality. And one could say they are "awake." People have to come to the realization the only one that will ever make a difference in life is themselves. No God, no alien and no politician will ever have an impact until you can take control of your own life. When one realizes this, I think it is appropriate to describe them as "awake."

posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by open_eyeballs

I would disagree. I think that in the whole grand scheme of things that not one group controls the world. However there is one group that controls it now. Let me explain.

They have been working together for essentially the last century. Your argument works for much of history. This is how I see it though. The new world order- was created- out of an ideal- that nations needed to come together to prevent war. They created the bilderberg group for global planning. They created the council on foreign relations so they could meet and discuss policy. These groups- these elite groups realized that they cannot continue on history as they used to, so, all European nations decided it was time that they met together, and, all Russian alliances decided it was time they met together. Essentially it is because of liberalism, and, a few other elite ideologies, and socialism, which allowed them to gain power and control over populaces and businesses. There are several prominent business people within these organizations. They may not control everything but they do control a whole lot of stuff.

I will agree with you towards your point about alertness. One who is alert knows that things aren't as they seem, and, one who is awake, is aware of all of the bad stuff about the world, and how to change society, and about how to fix it and change it. Regardless of who is in control- we need to see for ourselves how we can fix the problems... and take it on ourselves to make the change. Not with the government- but- with ourselves.

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 09:31 PM
reply to post by Frankidealist35

there is no one group named here who is to fault or to blame for the mess that we the human race are in as we all contributed to it quite willingly.
biblical speaking -Christ threw over the money lenders tables in the Tabernacle for what reason . it was not because they were doing business in the church -they are the church and they are still leading you fools through their system called the banking system ,which is nothing more than a glorified ponzi scheme.INTEREST ON INTEREST ON INTEREST-COMPOUNDING. still trying to get out of your debt of servitude to them.
the good book used to say follow not the false profits as they are only in it for money ops its erased .by whom the keepers of the faith [GIDEON SOCIETY].
the churches all the worlds wealthiest organizations and they pay no tax,what a joke -considering that they also wrote within the good book give unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar [TAXES] ,new testament -funny Caesar was dead and buried before Christ was born and Jesus was not his real name as Jesus means give us the power .talk about your governments puppet masters.

TRUST whom ?the government -no way as they brought over war criminals to serve them in their quest to dominate all nations as one.
the church and their book of lies -no way -heretics
corporations -no way -you tube the disappearing male and grab hold of your selves guys as were being annihilated by them and you don`t realize it and where are our leaders other than supporting them and putting us farther in debt to the churches .
the military -no way -they shot us in the streets like dogs even in the states for saying NO TO THEM.
the confessional does not exist ,as anything you say will be used against you.
terrorists -WORK FOR THEM- remember it only took us 25 years to find Carlos the fox who was hiding in the great catholic church ,even though they knew he killed how many innocent people ,i wonder which church is hiding bin else do you bring the good book to life turn one faith against another -in the name of god go forth and kill after we were all told not to kill. think on it this way 1 nuclear war and the hells fire and brimstone is unleashed and they will all proclaim it to be gods judgment upon all the sinners or so they say.ever see angels and demons -i`m the angel and the church is my demon manifested here and now.god help us all if some fanatical priest in this world ever gets control of those weapons of mass destruction ,the funny thing is the USA unlocked and unleashed these insane weapons then they had the audacity to proliferate this madness worldwide for any nation that they deemed good -god help us now.god was by the way the god of LOVE not DEATH AND DESTRUCTION, so where did we go wrong.
trust your neighbor -no way he or she is brainwashed in to believing that it is their civic duty to turn on you as you dared to be different than the braindead ones .
the judicial system and courts -no way -think on it they will throw you in jail for speaking out against them and their mindless parade of charletons ,what ever happened to freedom of speech does not exist as you must do as you are told and be as they say-mindless or go to jail.think on it this way all these insane rules and laws so that they can continue to fleece us like sheep ,the wost thing is i was brought up with only 10 commandments which i deeply agree with the rest of mans laws are a farce
and this is only the beginning of our madness and insanity and we all paid for it to happen as we were all told follow us for we are the way and truth .
welcome to the withes buring as it has never stopped unless you kowtow and follow like sheep .

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