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Is the gold/silver standard viable?

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 11:10 AM
Hi folks,for the past 4 years or so i have been reading into how the monetary system works in most of the western world.I have read many books on the subject.What i find is 80% of the books i have read seem to be in agreement that a return to the silver and gold standard would somehow lessen the grip of the bankers on us.But also in reading i have found that many economic analysts(on the fringe i admit) while they agree that many of the central banks are nothing but cartels do not think a return to such a monetary system would be beneficial to the world.While i have read alot of books on the subject my grasp of the large, all encompassing world of the financial system is still pretty bad when it comes down to it.I would like to hear those for and against the gold/silver standard when it comes to monetary policy from those who understand the intricacies and murky world of the financial system more than i and alot of people do.


posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 11:19 AM
I might not understand the intricate details on the monetary system, and I am no expert...but I do know this:

Of course they dont think going back to the gold standard is a good thing. It takes away from the paper that they force you to believe is worth something. Thats the issue with paper notes. We believe its worth something because thats what they tell us to believe.

Why do you think the price of gold fluctuates? If it held steady, we could barter with gold and silver, instead of a paper note. When was it...the 60's? They got rid of the gold standard in the US? I think...

A sliver of gold could be worth more than paper. If we want it to. But that would take away from their control.

Imagine the chaos that would insue if we, the people, gave up money and used gold or silver. I am all for the gold standard. It means we would have a value on our currency, and when we don't have gold, we don't have value.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 11:53 AM
I admire your question.

Of course, as long as the monetary policy is out of our hands, no amount of 'standards' manipulation will deter the supranational cartel from playing it's market manipulation games, and now that they have essentially overthrown most of the major governments of the world, we will be instructed that we can not exist without the benefit of their largess.

Changing to an asset-based standard would be great. But we may come to discover that MOST of the gold was already shipped out of the US and sent to the International Settlement Bank... in other words - we, as a nation, practically no longer have gold enough to support our make-believe debt.

You see, regardless of what we do, we are subject to the banking cartel's fiat declaration that we owe them money for the fake 'notes' they printed. They have made the virtual - real. If we ever get a president who will rise up and challenge that - assuming he is not assassinated by our own people, he might inspire others to do the same, and then the paradigm of control based on debt would collapse.

The bankers will paint that as a catastrophic event - the end of mankind. Because the materialist consumer mentalist is deeply programmed into the world at this point. And if all of a sudden they discover that we no longer accept their fiat judgments on how 'money' is supposed to 'work' they can't threaten us with anything other than what they have at their immediate disposal.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by Solomons

It doesn't matter if we use paper, gold, silver or even gems to be frank. We as a civilization where using gold,silver, gems and spices for currency long ago and we did so because it was scarce and could be used to make regal crowns and jewelry etc, that the commoner's didn't have. Those "in charge" had it therefore it had to be of some kind of worth now didn't it. We placed a value on it way back then and have carried it till now. The true monetary value in life is having a roof over your head food on the table and a warm place to sleep at night. Regardless of what "money and precious metals" are worth these needs for life will always come ahead of any coin Think of it this way.
Let's say that tomorrow the entire world market's crashed beyond belief. Thus leaving all government's rushing to secure what they could that would be of worth in the long run. What would some of those thing's be?
Well food for sure is a major one; "now" traded and bought with money,
gasoline, heating oils and natural gas would be up at the top of the list also, much like food it is traded for money, food and all sorts of things that any said country needs.
When you get down to it the money factor is for those who don't have what someone else wants or needs at the time. That is all. Gold like money has a value placed on it by those who are in control of it.This in an effort to make sure they get what they need and want.
If the whole system was to go belly up people wouldn't be the least bit worried about how much a gold or silver coin was worth. They would be worried about what they had to do to get the next meal or keep the home warm for the family.
If all money lost value tomorrow we would be back to trading in a real sense. As in; you have 300 gallons of oil and need 5 tons of corn....instead of the now defunct money you would "trade me" the oil for the corn.
It worked just fine till we allowed the creation of over controlling governments for "protection" from invading forces who wanted what said nation had.They in turn created money for "us" to use.
Those same governments grew and needed even more gold and paper money to stay in control. So guess what they just created more! It is all a cycle and sooner or later all cycles come to an end.
There will always be a limit to what a person can get for any one item. Sooner rather than later people will figure that one out. When they do no amount of gold or paper money in the world will matter, they will deal amongst themselves and throw it aside along with the over bearing rulers. They know that so they must make sure that they are the one's to control what is worth something and what is not for the time being.

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