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After researching, and wondering.

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 05:13 AM
Chose the title because I feel it fits.

A person in prison for a long period of time will rather be in prison then in the outside world.

I believe, after certain prospects, that it is better for people to stay away from conspiracies (except for those already indulged in it) and stay away from atheism.

If you are religious it is better for you to stay in your religious beliefs then for you to look at atheism, or at the least agnosticism.

If you are a 9/11 truther it is better for you to stay that way, then to seek the media explanation.

No offense to 'either' side really.

I notice that people are happier, and more joyfull in their own sides, then to consider or even *at best* accept that they are wrong or incorrect in their own opinons.

One may be wrong or right, but those who wish to 'flip flop' or see both sides are wisdom seekers and should seek it as such, and progress, as the next true race.

If you believe in one thing, it is ///// near impossible for me to convert you, or change you, and I wish you completely and utterly, support your backed arguement.

The one thing it took me a hard walk on glass is my conversion to atheism, and i'm sure it'd be twice as hard to have/force someone else to take that walk.

So I ask if you believe it, that you believe it fully.

And for those to wish to convert others, give up, it's worthless, if people believe in a flat earth, it's hard to change their own views.

For those that seek truth will find it, for those who believe they found it and stopped, have not found it at all.

This is I admit a bit scattered, and will edit when the sun is risen, and all is well, but it's here now as a rough draft to keep, and posted as my thoughts scattered as they may be. I will edit, and if ats time be, I will add a new post, to put justice into the thread.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 05:38 AM
I don't understand your false-choice scenarios. Why do people so often seem to view the only other choice(s) as the one(s) they fight against or disagree with?

One idea is that it has to do with picking only from a list of things with names. Another is a lack of passion for ambiguity. Not many will carve their own path for they may walk it alone, or fear so.

Seek truth, not comfort.

The strange thing is some find comfort within fear. I guess it's like getting pleasure through pain. Strange as well is finding comfort in the clouds, in the sweet and soft.

Oh ye reincarnated Atlanteans with your penchant for extremism.

(yeah, I like throwing those Casey things in there for fun)

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 07:28 AM
Not me. If everyone on this website thought the way I did and agreed with me, I'd find some where else to go. I look for good intelligent debate and discussion on topics.

I really don't care what "side" of something someone is on. The thing which annoys me the most is when people use low levels of thinking to come to those conclusions.

Being around like minded people only is a good way of living in a box, and ensuring that your ideas will never be pressed.

I spent like 7 years on a forum and I argued with 90% of them about the Iraq war and things about the constitution. Been called every name you can think of, had people wish me dead. Now 90% of them agree with me, and I don't visit the site anymore at all.

But what you say is probably true of many people. They just want to be among like minded people who will support their beliefs and bias without much question. Good way of living in a fantasy world IMO.

I could care less about the approval of my "peers", and it kind of creeps me out.

posted on Jul, 18 2009 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by Republican08

A person in prison for a long period of time will rather be in prison then in the outside world.

This I know from experience is true for me. After spending a few years of my life in State custody, I felt for a while like I wanted to go back to that structure. After I got over that, I started thinking about trying to get a job in a similar sort of facility.

I've enjoyed your inquisitive threads about beliefs and such, which have seemed to bring out various different sorts of people to explain their reasoning and general philosophy. Very good insight into people in general.

I'll be bummed if I don't see more of those, but I understand the futility of trying to inspire people to change their perspective...

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