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The Recession – A Simple Commoners View of the UK

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:06 PM
Man, I’m still up... shame I only do 3 shows a week. So I’m suffering from insomnia at the moment.

Before I comment any further I’d just like to say thank you for the advice but I was hoping to portray the typical post graduate’s view of the situation within the UK at this moment in time.

Originally posted by Sendran
I but the flat, university (didn't do media), debt etc, all sound very familiar. I bet there are other similarities too.

Unlucky for you, but it’s true, and yes there are probably similarities but it’s harder when you’ve known one guy since when you were two years old.
As for Tesco nightshift, I worked at Sainsbury’s on a night shift and they laid me off... always turned up, did 3 nights a week and they simply laid me off cause I couldn't put myself full time and it was after Christmas. DJ-ing decks, my brother has but I don’t use them as it's not essential for what I’m doing.

The movie solution whereby someone spots you and you are whisked off into a new exciting life where you are a newfound sensation and everything works out great, like all the great movies in the eighties (your age fits), that doesn't happen very often. At all, and probability says that it won't happen to you, or me for that matter.

Yes... it’s not going to happen, I aint going for Radio One, it’s more Radio Two at the best... probably a commercial radio is more realistic for me but even that’s a long way off, shame like but that’s the way the world works and I know it... what can you do? Not a lot...

Another thing, the drugs will have had an effect mate, weed especially will give you these feelings. Doesn't happen to everyone, so when people say "I smoke weed and I'm not like that," they may well not be, but it can affect people in the way you are portraying. If you have binned it, good man, if not bin it, and no, one every now and the is not ok! Drink too, same thing. I bet you find after you have a drink you get anxious and start the old brain drills, stressing over that girl.

Drugs are horrible, I know I could get some weed by tomorrow night, but I won’t. It’s not worth it. I’ve been clean for a year now and hope to stay clean as it is just a false life. I do drink still but not often, only once every two weeks, and even that is not many... as for the brain drills... now and again but I know it’s over... so don’t worry about that.

Originally posted by Sendran
You're right about the whole employment thing, youth over experience is the perogative of HR, younger staff are more pliable, have less opinions and less responsibilities. It's a bugger but it's the way it is.

Yep... it’s the norm for these days...

Look I don’t want to go on about myself as you say, goal, plan, determination... My goal is to get out of my parents house... I need to. My plan is to get a job and keep it for a year to consolidate my situation and have no debt then get a place... just there’s nothing to even do that... and that’s not just me, it’s all post graduate’s these days.... these are tough times... and it’s more or less virtually impossible to win unless you’ve had the set up in life. It seems that way anyways.

There is no Hollywood solution... I know that... but what can you do? Keep working and keep walking in the rain... I guess that’s all there is.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by Adono86

You sound quite depressed. You mentioned a spate in your local hospital, depression related? You need to sort that first, nothing will work until that is managed. Life is much easier to tackle, depression clouds your view, gives a different spin to situations. All the solutions in the world can be available, depression will find a flaw with every one. I don't know what is the best solution for you, medical or alternative, but you should try them all until you find one that works.

Your plan needs more than get a job, the time you have off, do things with it, gym, read, education, tailor yourself how you want to be so that whatever life throughs at you you feel ready for it. It sounds a bit much, some people can do this naturally, I hate them, but the rest of us have to work at it and be patient. Staying at your parents house is perfect for starting again, low costs and all amenities, you should use this to your advantage and use the money saved (having your own place costs about £750 per month, about £9k per year) to grow yourself, clothes, equipment, education, socialising, generaly building a life. Move out when you can afford it and still afford some kind of life, don't do it the other way round, it's twice as hard!

Set a more long term goal, then set smaller goals to achieve the main one. Moving out of your parents is a step, but a step toward what?

I didn't mean anything anywhere near Radio 1 let alone Radio 2, the DJ's on these stations are some of the best in the country. You might be the next John Peel, I don't know you, but I think the BBC might be a little ambitious for now! I don't mean to sound like I'm dashing dreams, I'm just bring realistic, unless you're the best early on, these jobs are for later in well established careers. You're already on the right road, you need to climb the next step towards Radio 2, say a paid commercial post.

I'm starting to feel a bit patronising now, so I think I'll leave it here. Set your goals, work hard, put the time in and you'll get where you want to be. There are things that you can't control but fight through them, and you'll be ok.

I don't know why I say good luck, I don't believe in it all, but good luck anyway.

Good luck mate.

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:34 PM
Look man I dont mean to be a bitch but you got a 3rd in a mickey mouse course from a second rate uni, it doesn't mean anything. You messed that up.

Now you know that so I'm not gonna drill your arse, but had you gotten a first from that same uni, had you done extra curricular stuff based around your djing more extensively whilst at uni and had some kinda portfolio to show for you would be in a much stronger position.

Its true that to work in media you dont need a degree for a lot of the jobs, but you need to work your arse off from the bottom up and you do need to go and out with a passion and promote yourself and find those oppurtunites (there arent many).

It does sound like youve got quite a lot of experience, your just gonna have to break out of your comfort zone more man, if you want it you really have to go for it 100%. You've got a show now, do you have a personal website, do you do podcasts ? Do you have a myspace etc

You know im in a situation not too far away from your own and it sucks, and its scary, but you know what bitching about isnt gonna do any good. Times are bad you may well have to work two full time jobs one being unpaid or very low pay with long distance travelling (a car will help you immensely), but if you dont try, you dont win right.

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 10:08 PM
I think what you're feeling is justified. Yes, there are very few opportunities and yes the government is mass importing an immigrant workforce, and yes we are in a recession. And yes, the rich have robbed the country blind.

As to those who say you need to work harder, that you messed up, stop whining, etc. Tell them all to STFU. They don't matter. They have tiny minds and even tinier hearts.

But I say to you, it is your life, don't waste it feeling negative. Every moment you feel bad you are wasting a moment of your life. Does it matter what other people think of you? As it says in the Desiderata, Strive to be happy. Oh, here's the link to it. It always cheers me up.

Something will turn up

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 03:25 AM

Originally posted by rizla

As to those who say you need to work harder, that you messed up, stop whining, etc. Tell them all to STFU. They don't matter. They have tiny minds and even tinier hearts.

That's a bit unfair I think!
It does sound that the OP is pretty depressed.
I was depressed for over 10 years without realising it, my wife finally got me to see a Dr and I was put on meds which lifted the cloud which allowed me to focus and realise my potential.

I know it's not easy but saying it's worse this time round is stupid, everyone suffers in each recession in different ways - I lost everything in 1996 and had to move in with my parents. This is where I learnt to cook to pay my way which is what I do now in my own restaurant.

In my work I have met many graduates that feel they don't have to work hard or think that the job I gave them was beneath them. This attitude is common and probably stems from unrealistic promises made by university lecturers. Unfortunately there are too many people going to uni these days coming out with meaningless degrees in the real world.

Bring back the polytechnics and get rid of the attitude that they are inferior to uni's.

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 04:46 AM

having a degree in Media

So. You wasted years getting a a useless degree. You wasted money you didn't have. And now you're complaining about it.

This whole culutre of "getting an education" is a massive monkey on young people's backs. University should be for doctors, scientists - true academics. Instead our young people are being made to believe that getting a degree is the end all and be all of success - that a degree means they will be able to skip the hard work and land right in a cushy job. And because the majority of people at Univesrsity shouldn't be there, they have to offer "media" degrees.

Your stint at University, where you accrued debt, binged on drugs and alcohol and learned how to be "successful" was the biggest waste of time and resources ever. Now get over it, and get on with your life - stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop feeling entitled, stop blaming the recession.

You mentioned an interest in the gaming industry. My partner works in the gaming industry and has worked for some big players in the industry. He doesn't have a degree. He started in the testing department , the lowest rung of the ladder - coincidently the same place the university graduates start ( Degrees in game design are uselss ). If you want to get into the gaming industry that is where you start. On low pay, doing grunt work. After two years my partner is in charge of a major project, an upcoming game you'd probably know making a nice pay packet indeed. The company he works for has a hard time getting and keeping good testers. Mainly because the poor work ethic of many people, especially the "graduates" who come in thinking they will be in testing for a couple of months before getting their dream job making 50K because they have a degree.

U2U me if you want some tips about getting in the industry, but don't bother if you don't want to work hard for low pay untill you get your stripes.

posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 11:40 AM
ok having gone to Uni coz that is what your meant to do after A-levels right? I started a Film Studies degree - part way in to my 2nd yea I thought screw this its going no where, I was deeply depressed by this point (and only found out coz it was slapped in my face!) By which point I was in debt myself much the same as you owing banks, friends and family money and also having 2 years of a student loan to contend with. I do not think you should regret you Uni days, yes ok you missed out on some of the socialising but its sounds like you tried to make the best of the situation and good for you

Its a struggle and I have never been so passionate about something that I did it for free and wished I could get a job doing it so I never had that kind of drive myself. You however did, though one event after another some of your own doing some of others bought you to the path you are now on you need to rise about it as best you can.

Im in a job I dont like but dont need to be qualified for in a company that I do like and an industry I hope I can struggle my way up through even if I never make it to the top (which I dont really want tbh). I know I have dark days and that depression is always threatening to pull me under but what do you do then?

Ignore those being unnecessarily harsh by the looks of it you do it to yourself more then enough. Take the pointers as they are meant and keep trying to move forward - always be on the look out for that job that will get your foot in the door, unpaid at the bottom of the pile thats the way it goes. Perhaps its worth putting it on the back burner and getting some #ty job even part time just to get a little cash rolling in while your still hunting.

Any way I would have liked to say more but works just finished and I need to go home and have a nice cup of tea! I also apologise for the slightly incoherent ramble that became my post!

I hope things work out for you and that you find the job your looking for, unfortunately though sometimes it comes down to just working to pay the bills

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