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TinWiki: Chitahuli

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 02:26 PM
The Chitahuli in African oral history are a race of reptilian humanoids who evolved on earth in prehistory.

The Chitahuli

They represented themselves as gods, ordering the inhabitants of early Africa to mine minerals for them.

It is told in these oral histories, which are believed to date back to before recorded history, that the Chitahuli found mankind to be androgynous (hermaphroditic.) They created two caves with glowing lights in them, one red and one green, and depending which cave the human entered, it would emerge either male or female.

The Chitahuli are also said to be responsible for mankind speaking multiple languages, whereas mankind used a telepathic form of communication before that. By trading their telepathic abilities for verbal communication, mankind also lost the ability to telepathically communicate with and influence animals. According to these oral histories, the Chitahuli are still present on Earth today, and they are at least partially responsible for the secret societies in control today, including the inbred royal bloodlines who act as their middleman, controlling civilization on their behalf.


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