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TinWiki: Cerberus

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 11:56 AM
Cerberus, or Kereros as it is known is the hound of Hell. It had three heads and a snake for a tail. Cerberus is best known as the Devils hound, the hound has 2 siblings; They are the Chimera and the Hydra. In history there is only 5 accounts of people passing this foul beast.

Passing The Hound

The five passings of the hound are all rather famous and have been done is rather intelligent ways, the first person was Hercurles from Greek mythology; although he did not pass the hound, he in fact captured it. He is the son of Zeus and there fore a Demi-God. He was giving the challenge of capturing this beast, which he did via wrestling the beast into submission.

The first person was Orpheus, Orpheus passed cerberus by using Music to his advantage, he played the beast to sleep with his beautiful music. The second person in the passing of Cerberus was Hermes was drugged the hound with water from the river Lethe. The 3rd person was the Sybil of Cumae who lulled Cerberus to sleep with drugged honey cakes. The 4th person was Psyche, drugged honey cakes were used once again. Lastly the passing of cerberus has been documented in the book, Dante's Divine Comedy, in which Inferno Dante and Virgil pass the beast.

Fictional Reference Material

Cerebrus is a reference in the two fiction book series, Deathlands and Outlanders as an Underground Military Redoubt in the mountains of Montana. Briefly referenced as just a group of travelers seeing the picture of a hand-drawn picture of Cerberus, the Hound of Hell in Deathlands, Cerberus takes on a meaning more during the second book series of Outlanders where the fictional character Kane and his group take on their former alien masters by overthrowing the barons reigns of power.

The fictional book series both mention Continuity of Government facilities in reference to the Cerberus facility being the main unit to maintain the network of mat-trans or matter-transfer chambers similar to the Star Trek transporter, which in the book series can move an individual across one side of the world to the other, and even inter-planetary travel as well as time-travel.


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