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TWA 800 Non USN missle theory

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:07 PM
I always felt that TWA 800 could have been shot down by a foreign submarine SAM.
About such time, primarily Russian subs had been taunting the US by creeping near its coast. The USN was just launching a SSBN, maybe the Russians wanted to check it out.

Perhaps the USN was responding to a possible intrusion, thus explaining the naval presence (a couple of submarines, P-3 Orion, and destroyers).

The encounter gets a little heated. . . foreign sub annoyed at P-3 fires a beyond range F off missle shot at the P-3, but hits TWA 800 accidentally.

A mast mounted heat seeking missle could have easily hit the center of mass of 800's heat signature, failed to detonate (they are contact fused), and zipped right through the airliner like a needle. The rocket motor igniting 800's center fuel tank.

To avoid major escalation of ill will between superpowers, cooler heads settle reparations secretly.

A similiar scenerio with a Iranian Kilo doing the same thing is plausible, but it would of have far to travel with an inexperienced crew. But hey the Germans did it in WWII. The motive would be revenge for the Iranian Airbus shootdown by the USS Vincennes.

If there are any major holes, I'd like hearing them. For example I'm not sure if the designated military exclusion zone had been set months in advance or was a last minute (in response) thing.

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