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People who Don't put the Subject in the Subject line like Spammers using catch phrases

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posted on May, 8 2004 @ 01:59 AM
Yeah - I'm talking about folks at every forum I visit including here who either don't put the subject in out of ignorance or they think it's a cute way to get people to look at their post even if it's a subject the readers not interested in.

Sort of like spammers who use false subject lines to get their spam to you.

Such as

Examples I just saw today

Ever heard of this

Just wondering

Something I thought you'd might like (instead of the something)

Explain this one to me (one what)

Funny or Amusing (okay at least we know it might make us laugh-still borderline)

What was it

I have an Idea (instead of Idea about subject)

Can anyone help me out (maybe if you put in a subject I'd look if I thought I could)

I'm looking for something to do with..

Do these sound familiar to the spammers who say things like.

Become filthy rich using

Okay - you get the picture. Now if we could get everyone to ignore those post maybe they'd stop using those coy little Spammer tecniques and quit wasting our time. After all the subject line is there to inform us of a Subject we're interested in or have knowledge in that may move the thread along not.

Just think if we all started using those coy little spammer techniques, wouldn't it really enhance this place?

BTW- I didn't know where best to put this so feel free to erase or move it if you like mods. Sorry for the confusion.

[Edited on 8-5-2004 by outsider]


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