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UFO Filmed Live by TV Station in Acre State, Brazil February 09, 2009

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:57 PM
Greetings all,

I found this video from a TV Station in South America doing a report at the time of a UFO sighting near the TV Station.

Its a beautiful video all in non english.

The UFO Craft showed alot color compared to some that have been reported over the years .

Blessings and Peace

Free To Public Download On

Milton Dino Frank Junior, on February 13, 2009.

The incident occurred on February 09, 2009. Here is Milton's report.

This footage is really interesting because it has referrals in the sky. The tape was made by TV GAZETA from Brazil.

The film shows one object that changes color in white, red, and blue. You can see clearly the moon and one star in the sky together with this object in the footage.

It was a massive sight, because all neighborhoods saw the object. There were more than 25 witnesses. The object stayed in the sky for more than two hours. It moved from east to South and afterwards from South to west.

Duration: More than two hours
Number of witness: More than 25 people
Place: Rio Branco City in Acre State, Brazil

So, please, see the footage and make your conclusion.

Here in Brazil we have several possibilities for this sight, it could be a kit with leds, or a balloon with leds, or a UFO.

The most important thing is the witness report. The old man on the tape said that the object stayed in the sky for two hours, then he called the TV station. Their reporters came out, and took the footage of the object as the sighting occurred.

He also said that the object made several moves really strange in the sky. During the sight the object moved a lot.

That's it.

Milton Dino Frank Junior

Presidente do Centro de Ufologia Brasileiro
Category: Education

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