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A Violent Dream - Help with Interpretation

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:15 AM
I just woke up and I feel the urge to share this really intense and strange dream.
The memories are going away fast, I'm not the best dreamer.

It all started in some sort of playground. It seemed like many students/friends were gathering at this playground for some sort of playful event. The event seemed like a game or a play. While everyone was sitting down and simply talking to each other like friends generally do, this "organizer or teacher" started announcing what was going to happen and how we would make it happen. I cannot remember exactly what were the rules of the game or what was the purpose of the play. The feeling I had was that it was for pure entertainment. So this play needed a special character. I wouldn't say a main character, but a different character. One that went against everyone else. Out of around 200 people I was chosen to be this different character which was basically a serial killer.

The organizer gave me some hardcore soldier-like equipments: Helmet, bullet-proof vest and a wild rifle. At first I had trouble to learn how to use those equipments, they were heavy and I am a little guy. The other 199 people were excited to start the game, they didn't appear to be afraid of me. That made sense though, cause all of them were my friends. So finally, we were ready to start. I had my "base", my location, and I should start by trying to kill some people. Whoever I wished to kill. While I was playing around aiming the rifle at different targets the targets were doing their own stuff: maybe running around to make it harder for me or simply forgetting that I existed and engaging in social interaction with other targets.

And so I began to shoot. But I missed the first tries. At that point everybody started running wildly from me and I felt pressured to do it right. So I reloaded the rifle just to realize that some sort of policeman was raging and coming after me. That policeman didn't seem to realize that it was just a game or a play. He was furious and deeply afraid. I shouted warning him that he shouldn't screw with the game, that it was just a game indeed at that he should let us play. He didn't want to hear me. He was getting close and had his own gun. Once again I shouted that I didn't want to make him stop, that he should stop by himself. He took is at a joke and when he was about to start shooting me I shot him. He was tough though, a couple of bullets right on his neck didn't kill him. He was still running after me. I could feel his rage so strongly that I became enraged. So I kept shooting him until he couldn't walk. After that I went to him and started stabbing his organs out.

At that point, all the other players were shocked. They came up to the policeman and I asking what was happening and how was I able to be so cruel. It seemed like they also forgot that we were in a play and that I was just playing my part. I told them all that I didn't care, that I did what I had to do. They couldn't believe it. So I wanted to show them how careless I was about the situation, I told them to watch. I lighted up a match and started burning the policeman clothing (with him wearing them). Everybody then started begging me to stop. And so I did. I put the fire out before it could disfigure the policeman. Everybody was deeply in shock and the weirdly the policeman started talking like an old lady. It seemed to me like the policeman regressed somehow.

After that people were afraid of me. Nobody seemed comfortable being around me.
So I dropped my equipments and walked away, realizing my destine to be solitary.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:25 AM
Wow. Awesome dream.

Seems like you're different.

Seems like in your mind, you know what you think is the truth, or what you have to do, but other people might think that is cruel, because they don't understand.

The cop is pretty obviously some authority that is going to be angry at you for believing what you do, or doing what you have to do.

The other people being upset with you when you did what you had to , to protect yourslef, is pretty understandable. Its what a lot of people do.

You had to defy the authority, because you are different than the rest of them, and when you didn't let the authority have power over you, they got upset and shunned you. That's what people do.

awesome dream.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:31 AM
Well normally when you dream of killing someone it would mean that you might have alot of tension, anger or stress built up inside you.

Like you want to take out all your "rage" on something.
But the way you are deeply sorry for killing him, and it wasn't on purpose would mean that maybe your tension is being forced upon you by someone else, because you felt that you had to shoot the copper.

Have you done something in the past that you really didn't want to do, but felt forced to, even though it went against your thoughts/beliefs? This could be your minds way of releasing that thought, wanting to move on.

Or maybe you just don't like the fuzz?


posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by Geladinhu

I don't want to read any of the responses until I give you my interpretation, then I'll read what other people have to say about your dream.

First, you knew you were with family and friends, excited to be together and participating in some fun and games. You were selected to play the "opposition" and agreed. [Conspiracy theories coming to life]

You willingly went along with the program for the fun of it and curiosity combined with the support of your "friends" convinced you that you made the right choice. You didn't want to be the party pooper! [Again, just like ATS

Acting the part of the killer, you ignored your conscience (intuition) and began utilizing weapons to get the party started. [going with the flow, listening to outside influences to make personal decisions]

The cop [authority figure] tried to stop the role-play but you were committed so you couldn't quit before it started.

By your barbarous actions against the cop, you showed your power through rage and went berzerk. [fear of the upcoming anarchy we all talk about so often on ATS]

The crowd turned against you [ATS again]

My conclusion. You must find a positive outlet for your fears and worries. Put yourself on an ATS diet, choose threads that appeal to or interest you. Leave all the others alone. And finally, sometimes we have to go along to get along. But when we go against our instincts/intuition we become monsters able to commit atrocities. Even if they are non-physical, delivered by words alone.

I dream all the time too and sometimes they are bizarre to say the least. Like yours.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:06 PM
Hmmm playing, playground... you are a child in this dream. The teacher and the policeman are authorities/parents.
Think about who plays which role, who is who and where your rage comes from.
Maybe somebody talked you into something you didn't want to do and the other authority figure tried to stop you but didn't do enough, hence the rage against them.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:18 PM
There was nothing I didn't want to do.
I'm not that kind of person that does things without wanting to.
I'm usually down to everything, very easy going, even though sometimes I don't feel like doing something I usually realize that its the best to do it anyways.

I believe I have no repressed feelings or emotions.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 11:41 PM
Hi Geladinhu, thank you for sharing your dream with us. It was an interesting read.

Your dream report is very detailed, was this dream very "Real" and vivid?
I ask this because I have some similar dreams to what you have described, and the ones especially with violence, blood and guns are extremely "Real." The feeling in these dreams is always different than other dreams I have usually.

I can imagine your situation in the context of the dream. Sounds like you were playing your role extremely well. You understand it is a Play, its not real. Its all an illusion in the grand scheme of things, even things that seem bad and evil.

My conclusion is that this dream is from an "external source" or maybe even your "higher self" which has experienced such a situation. You mentioned you are easy going and have nothing supressed, and by the way you handled your role, you did it like a Pro.. It doesn't sound like this is stuff which you have built up or accumulated through your everyday life experience.. us easy going people usually dont have such deranged dreams without a reason

As always, look for metaphors and keep an open mind

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 12:26 AM
reply to post by light_circle

I thank you for you reply.
Until now it was the one that I most identified with.

As I said, I'm not a good dreamer. What I meant by that is that my dreams are never as real as this here, although I act in them as if they were real. I kind of know they are dreams but if I try to act as if they were dreams (meaning that I could do whatever I want) I wake up no matter what. So even though I know its a dream I try to forget about it being one or else I stop dreaming. It's pretty weird. Its like my vision is not as good when I'm dreaming but I understand everything conceptually. And the feelings are really real. Just the vision that is really weird, I can't see things properly and by that I know that I am dreaming.
Its interesting because in my dreams I'm usually guided by my feelings since that's basically all I have.

So yo think it was basically a hint from my higher self? What would be the hint exactly? I feel like its showing exactly what my life is about.

Or maybe what it should be?

[edit on 16-7-2009 by Geladinhu]

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 01:24 AM
Hey Gelainhu,

I have the same thing with my vision in dreams. I feel like I am really #ed up on some hard drugs, a very dissociated feeling. I always think im just high I never bother to question if its a dream, lol. I seem to have a very low awareness while I dream, like I am a child in some sense, not quite fully developed. I never really have been able to catch myself dreaming, even if I am flying around or floating out of my body, it all just seems so real I don't bother to question it.

Anyway, I have been writing my dreams down recently and noticing trends in dreams. Especially re-reading the dreams later in the day, I see things which I missed earlier. I am at least able to be aware of my dream trends, the common themes and places (many of them are "reoccuring" dreams), and especially the names of people. I encounter people in my dreams (many old friends) and I look them in the eye, there is something very "Real" when I do this, like the same feeling of connection when looking into the eyes of a physical being.

Anyway, back to your dream..
I deffinately do not think it is showing you what your life should be. I think it is showing you something about the uniqueness of yourself as an actor in this Play of Life. You were the one chosen with a specific role to do "not so nice" things and you had the fundemental understanding that it was all just a Play.. It seems that you know this deep down inside of you because you were able to do those things you did and know that it is just a game. Even if everyone else in the dream forgot, you still had the fundemental understanding of what was going on. Its all a game.. we play because we enjoy it. Sometimes we take the game too seriously and forget that it is a game. Death is an Illusion. We tend to forget that and see it as "bad" because we dont understand what happens after death. Dreams offer a gateway into general concepts of "reality." Are we in some sense, children playing a game?

So, I hope this helps you some. If you are interested in this stuff, I really recommend logging your dreams and observing trends. Ill be happy to help you out anymore too if you want. Also, sorry if I am coming off as arrogant in my response, in some sense I don't feel right "interpreting" other peoples dreams. I feel a really good connection with you though, thanks again for sharing. Time to go l@@k at Stars now =).

Sweet dreams ?

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 03:57 AM
It seems to me subconsciously you think of yourself as a push over, well literally you comply with what your role is, maybe you are bored of your role in life..? That would explain why you dreamed of a complacency.
Or it could mean you want more control over your life
Thats my take

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