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So how long do people think we should wait on God?

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 02:16 AM
I have been thinking about something lately....

I fear man and man's acceptance of God needing to intervene. I fear this because I believe God is waiting on us to figure things out and everything happens in a natural cycle. I dont believe God intervenes one day with a judgment day. But I do believe in God...just not the image most people place God in. The majority of people that believe God will come save the day and do away with bad people believe that God was the one that needed a special land, special people and blood sacrifices for our wrongs (top 3 reasons I dont take the Bible seriously anymore as Gods word). The special land and people lead to braking the commandment of DO NOT KILL. (just to note, I am a ex-christian....once I studied it deeper and made a personal relation with God, I see that God wouldnt leave a instruction book because we are to figure it out ourselves, giving us the answers would defeat the purpose of 'seeking'.

So since everyone is awaiting now more then ever on the return of long will it long will it take....if nothing comes, if there is no supernatural intervention.....before some of the more literal Bible backers might have a second thought about this prediction?

Say a thousand years go by and no God comes, no Christ.....what do people think will happen to religion? Does anyone see time showing that written scriptures might of been wrong? Will people start to see that it is our purpose to improve the sphere given to us and see that God isnt what many have thought Thee to be (a God with primal characteristics...who doesnt seem to perfect and holy and divine to me with what the OT says).

I see a change coming alright....over many many years....a dissolving of religion and a rising in spirituality and people starting to seek God through the Holy Spirit within us...instead of a book. What if the world is going to hit rock bottom because it needs to to rise to new ideas and ways? What if this rock bottom doesnt end with God coming? What if the world hits rock bottom but then starts to unite and make new ways that are better? What if we get through the hard times ahead without God coming.....will people have second thoughts when they see that we went through the bad times that were needed and we rose above them all by ourselves?

What will it long will it take....for people to see we are here for a purpose, and the capability is in our hands. When will people start seeing that their wrongs are THEIR wrongs...and not something Satan lead them to do?

I am ready to make the world a better place because that is what I believe God is waiting for us to do. I believe by doing this...we are doing Gods will...the divine will that we hold within us. Whats going to happen when the wars do happen (it is inevitable, I dont need a prophecies to see this) but after the wars over a special land ect....we are all still here without some divine intervention?

I am more afraid of those who shout-ANTICHRIST....then I am God coming to judge me. The fanatics scare me and I actually fear for my children and their future with these people shouting END OF THE WORLD. But when it comes to my spirit, my soul...Im content, Im at peace. Even though it is not this life I am to fight for....the people in this life scare me. I wish I was in a time where I was here like 4000AD because I think those people on this sphere will be less fanatic and more willing to make things happen instead of waiting on something else to make things happen. I defiantly dont think God will stop this world based on cause and effect...I think we will continue on this sphere or even another sphere due to our own knowledge and space exploration for many many many many more years. IF there is to be an will be natural process from the law of cause and effect.

So a few hundred years...a few long will it take for people to question these things man has told us?

Ya know, when someone claims that God told some men to go kill other men because they are on land that I now say is is not hard to prophecies the mess that the future will hold (I almost forgot, the real reason was God had no hope for those who were already in that land and was fast to anger against them). Many have been killed over this book and what it says....I would love to see unity over separation and I believe the True Supreme One wants this too....which is why I dont by Israel being special or any land or people for that matter.

Im not here to debate who is right or wrong...I am only long will people wait on a judgment day and God to come fix things?

Mods....feel free to place this thread somewhere else if you see fit.

Peace to all

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 02:33 AM
god as per the believers is "timeless"

so forever if need be i suppose.

its really up to you

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:08 AM
No point waiting for the Almighty, he won't intereferre in teh events that unfold on this rock to an individual unless you really are worth it. All your life is an experience that you must learn from and deal with. Praying won't help no matter what anyone says .
You make your mind up if you want help or not , then you must help yourself, Divine intervention is never going to come.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:18 AM
Religion is the only way communism will prevail.

If you can have one dictator, and a ton of followers and interpretors, what greater form of communism is there?

What it controls:


Just about every aspect of life, is controlled by religion.

As we wait for an invisible man, or resurected dude on a white horse to come and save us all, is a pity at best.

There is noone coming. Noone coming soon.

Noone will wake up, almost never wake up.

Because as it is passed down between generations, people will always insist it's THEIR lifetime, they will come.

When their children are born, the parents will be afraid that tribulation will come in THEIR kids lifetime.

When it doesn't THEIR kids will believe it's THEIR kids lifetimes the tribulations will come in.

And So on and so on, and so on.

And the fear will keep it going.

When looking at reason, you through away religion, or you embrace it and throw away reason.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:24 AM

Originally posted by LeoVirgo

So since everyone is awaiting now more then ever on the return of long will it long will it take....if nothing comes, if there is no supernatural intervention.....before some of the more literal Bible backers might have a second thought about this prediction?

Ya know, when someone claims that God told some men to go kill other men because they are on land that I now say is is not hard to prophecies the mess that the future will hold

Great post, LV, and i just wanted to touch on these couple of things you said...

To the first... what *I* fear the sentence should have said is... "How long will it be before the fanatics do everything they can to ENSURE the prediction comes true"?

There's already groups of christians out there who are working directly for that goal, because they feel that is what they are meant to do. Exacerbate situations to "allow" christ's return.

As to the second...

"Ya know, when someone claims that God told some men to go kill other men because they are on land that I now say is is not hard to prophecies the mess that the future will hold"

That's been happening for years. I'll give you 2 words : Manifest Destiny. And you can see the mess this country is in right now because of the karmic consequences, if you will, of that action, and others that are just as heinous as that one.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:30 AM
For the sake of this discussion, let's say - if God exists - that It has no concept of time.
Why would one thousand years going by make any difference? It doesn't know one thousand years have gone by, or at least It certainly didn't notice.

Secondly, if God DOES exist, he would surely be so magical (for lack of better word) that it could be near impossible for him to appear on Earth in a way that we could notice him.

Perhaps he's been here all along?

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:17 AM
God will not come down to Earth (if he exists in the form he is thought to exist by the majority of the population). It is, nonetheless, an ingenious tool for control. You can either keep your sheep in the state of controlled fear or... introduce someone at some time that will pose as a prophet predicting the great coming and move your agenda forward. You have to admit that religion is by far the greatest of tools for controlling
I don't like it but nevertheless - perfect!

*If he exist* he's probably Us - we are it, or to put it in other words: we are the only ones that are, which would imply that we are the creators of this universe. If that be true (which is my current intrepretation backed up by some personal expiernces) then the whole religion scam starts to look even more ironic... He can't come down here, since he doesn't exist and he is here already

But yes... some group will probably try to make the judgement day come true. The problem is that by fearing such a scenario we are still in the clutches of religion induced fear. They fear god, we fear them and death. The mashine keeps pumping fear into the population. The zealots fear the anti-whatever and the atheaists, the atheists fear the too religious ones - it's a win-win situation from the perspective of the "system".

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:13 PM
Thanks for the thoughts and replys ya all.

This topic is really crawling under my skin...I am ready to move on from fear, but I also believe we have a purpose as a unit, as a species....and this is where what one may wish for as a individual has little merit.

I have went from a person who feared God to a person who fears man. I see my children growing up in this world that awaits a war and blood shed of people who I see as 'those who do not know what they do'.

Lets look at this from another view....if God was to return in a supernatural way, who would really deny their maker? I believe that we all know when we are in divine presence and I believe that when this does happen (for example after we die) that to deny divinity, the holder and keeper of all life, is only to deny yourself. Who would do that?

I feel there are people being born now that know they are here to make things happen....instead of waiting on a intervention by God.

What really got under my skin was a thread that was talking about a bright light near the moon. I am open minded and I have seen things that make no sense in the sky....but it seemed pretty obvious that the light was a planet, Jupiter. The light was in the exact location of Jupiter. Someone came on ranting that it was the sign....of the anti christ.....

Im where did Jupiter we just throw our logical thinking out the window here??

I just hope and pray...when SHTF.....that I am with people who are not freaking over supernatural expectations....I want to be with grounded people who check off all logical thoughts first before we start jumping the gun.

Even though God could deepest feeling on the matter is that there is no reason for God to do such a thing. What good would it do us for God to fix things that we are to figure out? Why would we be told to better ourselves and our ways....if God's ways weren't above our own standards? It makes no sense for God to come and me. I think the people awaiting this are holding are species back in a way. This pertains to all Abrahamic faiths that are ready for war to come over Israel.

My God is not a God of war. The spirit I have come to know would never want anyone to kill for any reason.

I appreciate others joining me with this....its kinda a lonely thought to dwell in and somewhat comforting to know there is grounded people out there that arent throwing logic to the way side.

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