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Jesus Christ is the only way

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:09 AM

Originally posted by nomorecruelty
reply to post by suomichris

The Bible makes it clear that it's a sin - that is why I don't, and won't, accept it as "normal".

My kids go to the same schools as gay couples' kids so it is my business. Homosexuality is of satan - it's one more tool that he uses to steer people away from God.

I don't hate gay people - but I'm certainly not going to advocate for them or their 'rights'. Not when I know it to be wrong.

So by your logic having any sort of genetic abnormality is a sin?? Do you think its a choice to be gay or is it down to the genes that "God" gave them?

Im sorry but what way are gay couples kids corrupting your kids? How are the gay couples affecting your life?

Your opinions make me want to be physically sick!! It must be the "evil" coming out of me

You say that the bible says christians will be percecuted. What about the millions of people that were percecuted in the name of the bible?? Oh I forgot god only loves christians so those people's lives did not matter!

You have every right to your opinions and belief's, as well as gay couples, muslims...etc etc. What you do not have is the right or the authority to infringe on other peoples opinions or belief's because you think "know" yours is correct.

Anything in the bible on common sense and logic?? If believing in the bible turns people into self-righteous morons, then you can stick it where the sun dont shine!

"Self-righteousness (also called sententiousness) is a feeling of smug moral superiority derived from a sense that one's beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person."

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:14 AM

Originally posted by stevcolx
Lol blinded by Bulls**t. Jesus never existed. So there isn't a messiah!!

Perhaps you are not quite so accurate there, Jesus was a very popular name at the time, likewise there were many men at the time that were being called messiah.

If you threw a rock into a crowd back then you would probably hit a jesus, or a messiah.

What we do now know is that there is a tomb that contains a Jesus son of Joseph, a mary, a mary magdaline, a judah son of jesus, a joseph (probably the brother od jesus) , it would appear that the james brother of jesus ossuary was in all likelihood stolen from the jesus tomb so we have one hell of a big coincidence or the jesus family tomb.

So jesus' (plural) were very real, one that fits the gospel account? Well as described above.

Problem ?

He was clearly not a god, must have been one of the other Jesus' or messiahs then.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:16 AM

Originally posted by Evangelical
One of the greatest mysteries is that the Bible accurately predicts the coming of Christ and that in all the history of the world Jesus is the only one to have claimed He is the Messiah. The only logical conclusion is Jesus is the Christ. The NWO is probably real and is the instrument of Satan and we ate indeed nearing the end times.

im with you 100%!!!!! i love Jesus Christ, i live for him. life is tought, but life is just a tough pop quiz!! its only a PASS or FAIL quiz, the only way to pass is to ask Jesus for help and try your hardest. Or you can just not take the quiz and ... well you know, you can waste this quiz time given to you, but after quiz time is up... HEAVEN or HELL, simple as that.

im extremely excited for the NWO... hurry up already!!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:56 AM

Originally posted by nomorecruelty
reply to post by rogerstigers

How many predictions or prophecies do you need in order to see that they have all been, thus far, 100% accurate?

Sit back and enjoy the fireworks, my friend - and keep a copy of the Bible with you while you watch. It'll be better than having the script to a top ten movie while you're watching it.

Thats exactly what they want you to do, sit back and do nothing. Your church is leading you astray.

If you were an actual Christian, you would be trying to do as much as you could for your fellow man, jesus would rather have people that never knew then people that knew and did nothing with him in heaven.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 03:59 AM
Majority of the people on this thread are very against the Bible. I'm going to have to pray that everyone gives it a second chance. Also if I might add, read it spiritually rather than trying to find contradictions. You should also pray before reading so God can help you understand it better and learn His true message. That's where He truly speaks. It really is no ordinary book. I know the majority of you won't read it (again) but at least you know. Good reading. I'll be praying. God Bless all!!!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:00 AM


Jesus Christ is the only ONE in history, who qualifys to be a sacrifice.
he willingly shed his blood FOR the sins of the whole world
he is your free ticket" admit ONE " accept it (never forced on anyone)if you want to see the show. makes sense to me.
the bible tells you in plain english what is goin down, if you show up to a movie in the middle .it's nice to have read the book so you know what's
goin on. if you don,t believe in Christ YOU are fooling yourself.
sorry there really is no arguement and no other way.
the only theory i have on the whole thing is this.
it must be his way of sorting us out.
just sayin( everything that should be said)
almost forgot accepting Christ isn't that tough.
rejecting him is. i have my ticket.
cause i'm not missin this one.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:06 AM
reply to post by randyvs

People never give Jesus credit for that. Of course you already know in the Old Testament, people had to shed the blood of animals in order for God to forgive them their sins. The lifeblood of the animal for theirs. Now, Jesus' blood was so powerful, it cleansed all humanity from their sins from Jesus' death, to the end of time. I think it would be an insult to Jesus not to take His hand after He willingly died for all the terrible things we've done in our life. He gives us salvation when some ask for it, then many turn it down because they need more proof. Very sad. Amen to your post!!!!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:27 AM
Their are two books that you must read, THE BOOK YOUR CHURCH DOESN'T WANT YOU TO READ. by Tim C. Leedom and THE CHRIST CONSPIRACY the greatest story ever sold. by Acharya S. Also their is a web site you should checkout. Dont use the bible as your main souce of reading. Do your own investigating.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by wylersix

well i guess that book isn't for me .
cause i don't have a church.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:40 AM
Those people that are supposed to represent religion and the ones that are responsible for much corruption in this world and those that follow blindly are just as bad

WAKE UP!!!!!! ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY -GREED and POWER nothing more nothing less.

Religion died with me on September 11th 2001 the day I began to see.

God made man in his own image ?

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:41 AM
Jesus giving his life is no big sacrifice!!

God in the form of a human, (Jesus) gave his life and was cruzified.

Now.. when you KNOW that if you sacrifice your life; you'll immediatly get a NEW life (an eternal life), and omnipotent power, THAT'S not realy a big sacrifice is it?

I'd do it if i knew what he knew.

Dont believe the bible, jesus NEVER existed.

If the SON OF YAHWEH realy was here, and did all of what is claimed he did, you'd definitly expect there to be SOME contemporary writing about it. Consider that not a single historian, philosopher, scribe or follower who lived before or during the alleged time of Jesus ever mentions him!

There occurs no contemporary Roman record that shows Pontius Pilate executing a man named Jesus.

Besides other gods are much cooler... id choose Thor over wussy boy on the cross.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:43 AM
reply to post by franspeakfree

Religion died with me on September 11th 2001 the day I began to see.
so now you only see the works of men.i would call that less sight.
and you can keep any advice.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:46 AM
reply to post by wylersix

Sorry but nothing will sway me from God. Trust me. I've ran and hid from Him before. Life didn't turn out to good. God Bless and I'll be praying. Peace!!!!!

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:49 AM
reply to post by franspeakfree

Some denominations may do that. But I tithe because 10% of my money is God's. Not mine. I go for Jesus. That is more of a relationship than greed my friend. God Bless and I pray you find God's love again someday.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 04:58 AM
reply to post by wylersix

Do your own investigating.
i have investigated my own heart enough to know.
i can not reject what he went through FOUR me. so give it up. i'm a blind
fool for eternity.and forever in favor should understand something about me. i would praise him from the deepest part of hell. if that were his will.
great thread star and flag


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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:16 AM
/run Rant.exe

The Riddle of Epicurus

"If God is willing to prevent evil, but is not able to Then He is not omnipotent. If He is able, but not willing Then He is malevolent. If He is both able and willing Then whence cometh evil? If He is neither able nor willing Then why call Him God?"

I once read in a book, not sure which one, that God created all his angels because he was lonely. All was great for a while but God soon became bored with his new creations because, being created with no Free Will, the angels would do exactly as God commanded. So God created a special angel, one that would be in total opposition to his every command. An angel that would add a little "spice" to Gods otherwise monotonous existence. That angel's name was Lucifer. Lucifer, The Light-Bearer, was the most beautiful of Gods creations, but beneath the beauty lay an insurmountable evil. God cast Lucifer out of Heaven after Lucifer rebelled (which Lucifer was created to do) and exiled him to Hell. (Lucifer rebelled after learning that God was not as "holy" as he perpetrated)

God now had that opposition he so desperately desired. Someone who would question, instead of following with blind faith. But that wasn't good enough for God so he created Man. In their inception Man was created with Free Will allowing them to deviate from Gods Will, much like Lucifer. God then introduced the Tree of Knowledge into the picture. He warned Adam and Eve about the tree and the repercussions of eating from it but he could not command them not to eat from it or it would impeach on their Free Will. So lo and behold Adam and Eve, persuaded by Lucifer that doing so would give them knowledge of the evil that is God, threw caution to the wind and ate from the tree (which they were created to do). God became enraged and cast them out of Paradise to experience the hardships of mortality. God then proposed a challenge to Lucifer to see who could gain the support of Man. The loser would be stripped of all their power and promptly destroyed. The winner would then become the unrivaled power in the Heavens and rule over all that is/was/will be.

The game was on...

Summary: God created the ultimate evil to combat his loneliness and subsequently threw Man into the middle of his adolescent wargames.

This story seems just as valid as any other story concerning God.
If I was the supreme being in the universe I would imagine having a legion of Yes-Men would get boring and I would want someone who would shake things up occasionally.

Side Note: Someone once told me I was the spawn of the devil because I didn't agree with their religious beliefs and I have to admit I and many of you would be good candidates for devilspawn since we refuse to follow blindly and instead question.

Side Note II: I always love how when good things happen in the world religious types attribute it to "A miracle of God" and "God shining his holy light on us", but when something bad happens its "God doesn't intervene in mortal affairs" and "It was meant to be". Way to be there for us when we need you

/terminate Rant.exe

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:19 AM

Originally posted by Evangelical
One of the greatest mysteries is that the Bible accurately predicts the coming of Christ and that in all the history of the world Jesus is the only one to have claimed He is the Messiah. The only logical conclusion is Jesus is the Christ. The NWO is probably real and is the instrument of Satan and we ate indeed nearing the end times.

Um wasn't the bible written AFTER the death of jesus?
That means it can't be used to accurately predict the coming of christ

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:34 AM

Originally posted by Arbitrageur

Originally posted by Akezzon
This thread is scary.
I think I go and watch my favorite documentary Religoulus.

You mean Religulous ?

In spite of the slight typo I was able to find it and since it seems relevant to this thread, posted the link.

Thanks for the tip, it's a lighter look than thegodmovie, but similar themes in both.

[edit on 14-7-2009 by Arbitrageur]

Ahh...yeah. That is the one.
Blah...mega typo. Thanks for the correction.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:35 AM
reply to post by serenesupreme

Curious as to where you read this story.

If I may add, "You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created til wickedness was found in you. Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned." Ezekiel 28:15-16

Those verses state that Satan himself created evil. Unless I interpret that wrong, I'd say your story is false. I suggest you read Ezekiel Chaper 28 and decide for yourself. Good reading and God Bless.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:47 AM
lmao wow. A bunch of religious bible babble. I love reading this stuff, its good entertainment, but thats all it is... entertainment.

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