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I Have Captured An Alien!

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 02:17 PM
And all you could say is, “Where’s the proof?” That’s precisely why I am going to go about the unveiling in the particular manner that I do. You see, if I prematurely bring the specimen to the world, it will be buried as a blatant hoax. I will be labeled as insane and forgotten about. The truth would be buried way too deep in a desert, at heaven knows where.

So before we go public with this whole thing I want solid, irrefutable, evidence that only we know exists. So that when they tell us the whole thing was a fake, we could produce our hidden evidence and revive the truth. Consider it an insurance policy of sorts, because contrary to popular belief, these aliens are quite the tricksters indeed.

There had been reports of home invasions and burglaries throughout the town for a few weeks at this point. Some people had been hurt and at least two women were raped. One elderly gentleman was beaten within an inch of his life for nothing more than a few hundred dollars and yet another was strangled. The thing that really got me though, was that no one could identify this invader or give a description of him.

I saw him one night when I had gone out to the convenience store for something or the other. He was about a block from my house and walking down the side of the road looking quite human. I slowed up as I realized there was a pedestrian walking and I should take extra care as I gave him a wide berth. It was than that I saw him change.

It was like a camera flash going off. One second I was cautiously eyeing a pedestrian on the side of the road as I maintained pressure on my brake pedal and the next second he was a gray! I have done the research and this fellow turned into a gray right before my eyes. The next instant, in my rearview mirror, I only saw a pedestrian. I know what I saw.

I realized that this may be my only chance. I surmised that he would be at my house in the next ten minutes at the most. I parked my car and went through the front door, leaving it wide open. I retrieved an aluminum fish bat from the back porch, where all my rods and tackle had taken residence. I stood carefully to the side of the entrance way and waited for the alien to take the bait.

Before I knew it I was standing over a knocked on conscious alien. He was just like you would expect. Gray skin, large head and black eyes! Then suddenly he changed. He was quite human with brown hair and a denim jacket. I flipped him over and found a revolver and cell phone in his jacket. Were these actually an alien weapon and a communicator? I was sure of it.

I carried him into the basement and handcuffed him to a metal chair. I used four sets, one for each limb! This was a gray and I wasn’t sure what they were actually capable of so better safe then sorry. Suddenly he changed again! He looked at me with black emotionless eyes and his large head tilted to the side quizzically. Then suddenly he was quite human again. He murmured something under his breath as he slowly regained consciousness.

When he was finally alert enough to speak I began questioning him. I asked him what his purpose was here. “Look man, I’m sorry. I wasn’t gonna do anything here. I was just walking by and saw the front door open and I figured I would check things out. Really I wasn’t gonna do anything.” he said sadly. I presented him with the supposed revolver and cell phone. “That isn’t mine!” he said quickly. “The cell phone is but that gun isn’t mine.” He went on. I had to experiment at this point to see what the limitations were on his transfiguration trick.

I raised the revolver and pointed it directly at him. “Look, ok, it’s mine. I was just gonna get some food or something that was all. Please don’t point that at me.” He pleaded. He was quite convincing it would seem. I almost believed he was human at this point but then I seen him change again. It seemed as though he was looking right through me with those large black eyes and I began to hear things in my head. “We are experimenting. That is all. You are in no danger.” I heard as though he had spoken directly to me. Then he was human again. “I was gonna rob you, ok? I swear I won’t do anymore houses around here. Please put the gun down.” He cried. I left him in the basement while I gathered my thoughts in the kitchen.

Ok, so here was the infamous home invader who was stalking the neighborhood. He was able to keep his identity a secret by morphing into a gray and then back again. That much I was sure of. So how could I prove this to everyone? I would have to begin a battery of tests and document each one with precise detail. I needed proof positive of the existence of this alien.

Test one: Spontaneous regeneration.

In my research I had discovered that a large portion of aliens were able to re-grow lost extremities. It was this angle I pursued in my first test. I went to the shed and retrieved a small pair of bolt cutters. The kind you would use to break a small master lock off of a school locker.

As I appeared with the test instrument the specimen became visibly upset. Quite convincing this alien was! Anyway I walked around the back of him and positioned the cutters on the first knuckle of his left pinky. The blades were positioned right below the very convincing replica of a human finger nail.

Text from audio recording: “Oh, God please no. I’ll just leave. No, no, no! Call the cops. Please stop. I’ll tell you everything.” Among a lot of other garbled things that make no sense.

Text of what it actually said: “You’re efforts to unveil my true identity are useless. We have been here for some time. Do not proceed.”

At this point I closed the bolt cutters quickly and watched his finger tip fall to the floor. He became very upset by this. I watched closely as the rest of his fingers splayed out as if trying to reach something. He strained against the cuffs and finally began to sob. I witnessed no spontaneous regeneration of the small piece of limb I removed. I did take the severed piece and placed it in a little jar of alcohol to preserve it for further study. I placed it on a shelf so he could see it and know that I had proof.

I sat in the kitchen after this and made a tasty sandwich. I ate slowly as I listened to the wild ranting emanating from the basement. He wailed and sobbed and confessed that he had raped some woman and confessed to killing several people. He was very convincing but then again they had a long time to figure the human race out.

I am very tired at this point and I can think of no better people to further test this specimen. Document everything so that this thread is here when they begin to claim it is all a hoax of some sort. Leave no stone unturned. The shed is available and you will find many test instruments in it. A battery powered drill, complete with high speed metal cutting bits. Which we may need, we don’t know what he’s constructed of. A few pry bars, screwdrivers, hammers, etc.

It’s not the carrying on in the guise of a human that has me so beat. It is what he’s saying in my head. “My people will come for me. You are in danger. Let me loose.” I keep hearing. He’s good. Very good. I’ll leave the rest up to you. His gun and communicator will be on the table. Tomorrow I may use my visene bottle filled with bleach. See if I could make those large black eyes appear again.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 01:06 AM

Mistaken post. Mod please remove.

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:19 PM
Not bad at all. I like this story. Makes me think alot about aliens and what not. You have done a good job in writing this

Edited because I was dumb and forgot this was in Collaborative writing and not conspiracies lol

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by Mr. Toodles

Thank you Mr. Toodles. I wished you would have come in and helped me with finding the truth to this dilemma I'm having. Someone must know how to properly test this alien.

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by jackflap

Two years have passed since the incident. After I bleaced his eyes, he got very angry and broke away from the hand cuffs. He knocked me down and ran out the front door in full Grey form. There was a bright light and he was gone.

I often find myself sitting on my couch late at night wondering what had happened. Until about a week ago when I received a weird email from an anonymous person. The email said "Watch where you go, watch what you do online. Do not make yourself stand out publicly. They are watching you."

I started noticing the typical, movie type "men in black". It was unexpected and downright strange because this sort of thing only happens in movies and fictional stories. It was shortly after I began noticing these things that I also started hearing things in my head much like it happened when I was interrogating the grey. Whoever or whatever it was would say things like "location grid 30458 en route to junction a6cl-10". None of it made any sense to me, but what I gather is they were tracking someone.

Then it happened. I was watching tv in my living room and almost as if a poltergeist had entered my house, all the electronics went crazy and then shut off. Then there was a bright light and a little Grey man was standing in front of me. He spoke aloud instead of telepathically.

Grey "How you were able to see through our guise is still unknown to us.
we are not here to punish you. Rather we want to know how you were
able to do it".

Me "I don't care what you want. You have no right being here. Just
because you can come and go without detection does not mean
mean you have the right to hurt people".

Grey "You do not have a choice in this matter. You will come with us for
further study"

I woke up in my bed very dazed. Not sure what had happened but according to my watch, roughly 3 days had passed. I woke up to someone knocking on my door. Then banging. I walked to the door and announced "who is it". No response. Then the door came crashing down. It was the CIA. I did not resist. I got on my knees and asked "what is this all about". The man without a helmet on said "No questions, come with us. You are not under arrest, we are here for your protection". So I got into the lead car without saying a single word.

I was in a small room with padded walls, the typical one way mirror. A table, a chair and a pitcher of water. An interrogation room. I almost expected to get the bajeesus beat out of me.

A small man entered the room and immediately asked "Are you ok"? My reply was "Depends on why the # I am here".

CIA "3 nights ago, a neighbor of yours witnessed your house lose power and then a reported "blinding light". When the neighbor knocked on your door a few minutes later, there was no response. There was a missing persons report. I cannot go into further detail than this, but we have had you under surveillance for a while".

Me "I do not understand, why was I under surveillance to begin with"?

CIA "I cannot discuss that with you. Classified information. Although I am sure you can take a pretty close wild guess if you think real hard. You are not a prisoner here, although we must insist that you stay on this compound until further notice. Here is a map of the place and a level 1 security clearance card. That will get you food, drinks and any other necessities you may need. The red dot on the map shows your temporary quarters. You will be notified when we need to talk again."

I was once again, watching tv. This time in my new quarters at some compound I was not allowed to know the location of. I heard a loud explosion and then gun shots. lots of people yelling. I opened my door and looked out. There was a huge hole in the building and I could see the sky. But it didn't look like a normal sky. It had a tint of red to it unlike anything I had seen in my home town. Another explosion somewhere off to my right. I ducked for cover and just then got the strangest feeling in my gut. And then I was no longer at the compound.

I have no idea what all this means to this day. No real questions were ever asked of me. I suppose that if these humans were really aliens the entire time, then they probably just read my thoughts and had no real need for me to explain. As to what happened at the compound...I have no explanation. I cannot help but have a distinct feeling that wherever I had gone, was not on earth. But I am home now and hope this will be the end of it all. Although I highly doubt it will be.

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posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by Mr. Toodles

Mr. Toodles, I suspect that this alien's influence is much greater than I could have imagined. I think it is able to warp time in such a way as to have us both baffled. I came in today to find him slumped down in the metal chair sleeping! Cuffs still in tact and by the way, still no regeneration of the small piece of limb I removed! He has certainly done a number on you from right here in the basement. Very strange. I believe a proper testing is in order here.

Time influence test:

This alien has shown the ability to influence time in the above captioned manner. It is this angle I will pursue in my second test. I went to the shed and retrieved my test instrument. A pneumatic nail gun. I ran the hose into the basement and while I was preparing the little rascal stirred. "Please, please just let me go or call the cops. Why are you doing this to me? I will not stay around here, I will leave." He pleaded hoarsely. I may need to get him some water to sustain it's life. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I started the compressor in the shed and went into the basement with the fully loaded nail gun. The specimen started screaming! This had him very upset. I sat a small clock on the shelf next to the small portion of limb I extracted, so I could watch if there were any time fluctuations.

I pressed the nail gun against his right knee so as to disengage the safety and watched him.

Text from audio tape: "Just kill me then! If I get out of these cuffs I will kill you! Please don't. Call the cops. Help!" Among alot of other stuff that is not discernible.

What it actually said: "I will continue placing thoughts in your friend's mind. Do not continue testing. Others will come for me."

I pulled the actuator. The nail gun responded normally and deposited the galvanized fastener into the creature's knee cap. It was driven deeply and left only a small circular hole in his jeans that began to darken as blood was absorbed into the surrounding material. Oh how he let on! You would almost believe he was human but let's not let this alien trick us.

I observed the clock and it was right on cue. No time fluctuations. Strange. I quickly deposited another nail into his left knee cap. Same response. No time fluctuation. I gathered up my testing equiptment and placed it back neatly into the shed. All the while listening to this creature scream about how it wasn't his fault and that those people he hurt had it coming and how I had it coming too! Interesting. There has to be another way to drag actual evidence from it. I'll leave it up to you to think about how to further test this creature. As before, you will find his gun and communicator on the table. The shed will be open. Good luck.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 02:12 PM
reply to post by jackflap

As I awoke, I turned to look at my clock. To my surprise, my GREATEST surprise...I was back at day one. What happened? I decided to go over to my friend Jackflaps house. No answer. I rang the doorbell a few more times, still no answer. I heard what sounded like screaming coming from somewhere in the house, It was very faint. I tried to open the opened. It was left unlocked. I walked through the house and the scream got louder as I got closer to the back door. I think it is coming from the shed.

As I open the shed and walk in, I see a bloody and half conscious man sitting strapped to a chair. I ran to him immediately and tried to find a way to uncuff him, right then I was suddenly back in my house and it was christmas time. And then I warped back. What was going on I thought? Then I heard a voice in my head saying "You and your friend will never get the secrets". Right then, his image flashed and he looked like a grey alien. I now know what was going on this whole time.

The clock on the table next to him said it was 12:42 pm. My watch said it was 1:26 pm. And the watch on the man said it was 4:51 pm. I decided that since he was able to warp me between time periods that I would check it out. Turns out the clock on the table had the correct time.

My First test

I went back to my house, grabbed all the power tools and a power strip that I had. I sat down next to the grey/man in Jackflaps basement and started plugging in all the tools. I turned them all on at once. I wrapped his body in copper wire and turned on a big electromagnet I made as a science experiment once. Immediately he began jerking and his form of a man dropped and stayed down. He was grey, fully grey. He started to speak aloud and then looked at me as if trying to tell me something telepathically but I heard nothing.

Seems my test with electromagnetic fields and electric current were right on the nose. He could not signal for help now and he was at our mercy.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 02:28 PM
I came back to the house after running errands for an old lady that needed some assistance in town. Upon returning, I noticed I smelled something cooking! I wondered if someone had baked a cake or something while observing the specimen in the basement.

As I trotted down the stairs the smell became more pronounced! Was this some alien trickery or something? Ah yes, I see. Mr. Toodles, you've outdone yourself! I could see you've figured out how to maintain the gray's appearance. This is quite an advancement indeed.

I must go run some more errands at this point. I will be back to check on the status of this creature though. We have the actual proof now Toodles! We need to probe his understanding of the universe. I believe I know how to do that. We just need access to his brain. I have some drill bits and an eighteen volt battery operated drill. This, coupled with some copper stakes, and connected with a frayed extension cord should give us some output that will register on my printer. I could hardly wait. I shall return.

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 09:04 PM
Upon returning, I could see only darkness. The lights in the house wouldn't work! I checked the circuit breakers and noticed that the main had tripped. Something very powerful was needed to trip the main. Could this alien be using some type of interference that tripped the breakers? Of this I am sure.

Mr. Toodles it would seem that the alien has thoroughly cooked your anti-cloaking device. All the power tools and cords you had prepared so perfectly were all smoldering. Try as I might, I could not duplicate the effect.

This is alright. Now you see the genius behind our little log. We have already documented that you were able to sustain the alien's real image. As he is now in human form I must conduct more tests to further our evidence.

Force field anomaly test:

It is quite apparent to me that this creature is able to influence electrical systems. We have documented proof of this. Since this is the case, it is not unheard of for these aliens to be able to generate their own force fields. It is this angle I will pursue in my next battery of tests. I went to the shed and selected my test instrument. A two pound engineering hammer. The kind you would use to pound a wooden stake in the ground.

When I arrived with my testing equipment the specimen only sobbed. "Why, why, why. Just kill me. I only want to die." It pleaded. I positioned the hammer above his right foot which was adorned with the very convincing replica of an earthly Nike tennis shoe. I waited a moment, anticipating, the incarnation of a magnetic field of some sort, but it didn't appear.

Text from audio recording: "Oh, no, no, no more! Just kill me then please. I swear I will kill you." Then alot of screaming or something. Alien language?

Text of what it actually said: "Your efforts are fruitless. My landing craft will obliterate you if you do not let me go."

I swung the hammer back fully and was quite prepared to be stopped by a force field on my downswing. The hammer imapacted squarely on the center of its right foot. The specimen only cried out as if it were human. Quite convincingly I might add. I witnessed no force field, but the weight and speed of the hammer tore the replica of its tennis shoe, exposing yet more human looking tissue and skin. Accompanied by a small pool of blood gathering around the quivering right appendage that I tested. Oh, how the specimen was able to replicate human responses to testing!

I once again must retire. I'll leave the specimen with you as always. The gun and communicator are still on the table and the shed is open should you need to find some proper testing equipment. We are making progress!

Edited to add: Specimen is silent. Probably more alien trickery!

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posted on Jul, 21 2009 @ 05:57 PM
That just didn't fit with the story line. As hard as I tried, I couldn't get it to work for me.

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posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 01:00 AM
I walked back into the shed and saw a bloody mess. I didn't know what to think. So I sat next to the alien man. I looked him in the face and simply asked him "Why are you here"? As calm as I could. He stared at me with bloodshot eyes that seemed to plea for mercy. "I am tired of this and do not wish to harm you any further, so please just answer the question". He continued to stare at me. I plugged all the tools back in and rewrapped him in a new layer of copper wiring and flipped the switch. His form of a man dropped instantly.

He was staring at me with huge black eyes, almost as if looking into my soul. I calmly said to him again "Please, tell me why you are here". His slither of a mouth opened as if he was preparing to talk, but then he said nothing. I heard a voice in my head "we are not here to harm you. some of our experiments might be harmful but it is only for evaluation purposes. We are deteriorating and need compatible genetic material to continue our existence". I looked at him and said nothing.

After about an hour of silence I turned and asked him "Are you thirsty? Hungry". He simply replied with "I require water, but I cannot digest your food". So I went and got him a glass of water. Something I always wondered was how a Grey might drink or eat. It was interesting to see. He turned back and looked at me again and said "Thank you. Please, let me go. I am not here to harm you".

"I am not your captor. It is not my decision if you are let go or not. I will have to leave that up to Jackflap". I grabbed my bag and left the shed.

posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 02:12 PM
Mr. Toodles, it would seem I'm in a bit of a quandary. You see, I arrived home today and was about to begin some more tests on the specimen. I went to check on his status and to my amazement he had somehow freed himself. It was then that I received a blow to the back of my head and I was effectively knocked unconscious.

When I awoke I found my entire body was being held to a metallic type table by an unknown force in some sort of craft. My arms and hands were the only thing I could move and I am able to see why now. In front of me was a lap top. Visible on the screen was our entire log of evidence about our alien. From within my head I distinctly heard that I would still be documenting test results. The test results I will be forced to document will be of their tests on me!

I am making this entry as I have not been approached by anyone or anything yet. I am hoping that this entry will grace your eyes before it is too late. There are many test instruments in this room that I've never seen before. They all look painful. Especially the long and jagged form of what I can only describe as a probe. There are other things here as well. Needle looking devices? Clamps and knives I believe. I can't be sure. The whole room that I'm in seems to be white. No windows. I hear nothing except my own typing now.

Make haste, Toodles, I believe they are upset that we have the proof we need. I cannot tell you where I am because I have absolutely no idea. I don't know what I'll be tested for but I'm sure it will not be pleasant. I hear something now. I have to go before they find out about this entry. I will try to communicate more from the craft I'm in when the coast is clear.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:54 PM
Toodles, a bit of luck has befallen me. I was able to overpower the beings just as they were about to begin testing me for impact redundancy. It was a little test whereby they would beat me about the head and neck with a sinister looking alien mallet. I disarmed them and was able to break free from the metallic table.

The beings, four of them, are now secured in the testing area of the craft. I am currently in the control room and have no idea of what I am doing. I seem to be flying through space at tremendous speeds. Have you ever driven a craft of this sort? I could use a good talking to because I am quite perplexed.

The controls seem to integrated into the form of the craft itself. As I touch a portion of it, buttons appear. I brush my hand on another part and a star chart appears. It is very confusing. I can only assume I'm on auto pilot as the beings are all incapacitated and can not be trusted to take me back to earth.

I believe I will have to begin interrogating them soon to get some information on how to return to our planet. I see no other options. I am not even sure if you will be receiving my messages from where I'm at. Anything you could offer would be a huge help.

If I do not receive viable instruction from you, I will begin interrogations. Who knows, maybe I could beat them into steering this thing to Fox news headquarters. Where I'll descend from the craft and be a hero. That would be some news story. Hope to hear from you soon.

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by jackflap

Seeing as how you are flying through space, I can only imagine they must have some sort of telepathic communications array. So I am doing my best to communicate telepathically to you. I do not have much experience flying alien air craft. My first line of advice would be to touch the panel with the star chart. If the panel is touch sensitive then I would assume the chart is as well. Locate where the Sol system is on the map. More than likely the map will display a departure and arrival coordinate. You will look for departure, which will be earth. Touch the star and see if the ship does anything.

My guess is that IF the star chart is wired into the navigation system, then some kind of auto response from the ship will show you engine control. Flying through space at tremendous speeds. If traveling between stars, then we can assume they are using some sort of gravity or spatial distortion drive. To adjust speeds, you need to find that engine control and see if there is anything that indicates spatial geometry. You need to learn spacial geometry pretty quick if you wanna get home some time in the next 10,000 years.

As for the aliens in the ship. You can safely assume that if their ship has telepathic communications, then the aliens themselves do too. Once you get on course to earth, I suggest you go back to where they had you strapped down and look for any kind of computer console that shows brain scans. Most likely they will have tools for inhibiting certain brain function. You need to neutralize the telepathy centers of their brains.

Feel free to contact me again if something does not work out right.

Toodles out!

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 12:16 PM
Toodles, you were correct in directing me back to the star chart! I touched the Sol system and what I believed was the earth. I am currently in orbit around our planet. Well done! As far as getting through the atmosphere and landing, I am still not quite sure.

I came across a small compartment in the lower end of the room I am in. I happened upon it by feeling all along the walls of the craft. As I passed this particular spot a small door opened and revealed a compartment inside. I placed some change in the compartment that I had in my pocket. I then touched the panel again and it closed. The change was jettisoned from the craft and was pulled into the earth.

This lead me to a great idea. I will place one of the beings in the compartment and watch him burn in the atmosphere. The rest of the beings will see that I am serious about getting back to earth and will have to comply. Watch the skies Toodles. Let me know if you see a shooting star.

Edit to add: I believe they know what I'm about to do. They are making strange noises!

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posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by jackflap

It was weird Jackflap. I assumed you were in orbit around the texas area so I watched for that shooting star and I did see it! But, the weird part was that it broke up instead of all burning as one. I watched it break into 5 pieces as it burned.

I had another great idea. If by some chance, the greys do not comply with your requests even after that stunt. Look around the ship and see if they have any metallic objects that could possibly withstand the re-entry into earths atmosphere. I would assume that a ship capable of interstellar travel would have escape pods or some kind of replication technology. And considering they have studied humans for quite some time, I can assume they have a linguistic database of human communication languages as well.

I would touch one of those consoles again and see if there is some sort of database manager that allows you to browse through and find anything in english. If you could establish contact with the ship itself, you might just be able to get you an escape pod and an environmental suit.

And if they cooperate, land that thing in my yard and I will take digital pics and forward them to my private email server just in case the aliens try anything tricky, so we can expose them once and for all!

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 12:43 PM
These little gray aliens aren't so weak! I carried one to the compartment and stuffed him inside but not without a struggle! The rest of them carried on as I jettisoned him from the craft. Indeed, I watched him burn in the atmosphere!

I turned around to address the remaining aliens and was shocked to see that they had the drop on me! They were pointing a very sinister looking weapon of some sort at me. I raised my hands and let them know that I was trying to get back to the earth and that was all. They wanted to hear nothing.

I was taken back to the testing room where I am about to undergo a battery of tests.

Human Impact Redundancy Test One:

Human responds normally to beating about the face and neck with test instrument. Blood present, contusions, bumps and cuts. Right material viewing apparatus damaged beyond usable.

Human Internal Function Test:

High speed probing finds internal function to be operating at normal capacity. Increasing size and speed of probe.

Toodles, I'm finished! Call Nasa and tell them to shoot this thing down! It is far better for me that way! Testing is about to continue again...

posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by jackflap

The last words of Jackflap echoed through my head. The coordinates that were on the star Chart. I called the US DoD and gave the coordinates as well as detailed information about the craft. They thanked me and said they were going to send a helicopter to pick me up and debrief me. So I wait patiently in my house. I was thinking about the initial encounter with that first grey.

The helicopter came into view and as it was about to land on the street, the man hanging out the side suddenly looked odd. His image had distorted for a split second, and I realized he was not human. He too, was a grey. I assume that everyone in that helicopter probably was too. So I took off running for my car. I got in, started it and sped off as fast as I could. The helicopter began pursuing me.

I heard a voice in my head saying "You cannot escape, we are everywhere". I just hit the gas harder. There is no one that can be trusted now. Luckily for me I spent years as an IT professional. I studied everything about computers including the most advanced programming that exists. As soon as I lost the helicopter, I decided to find a library where I could access the net.

I spent 10 hours at the library the next day. I wrote a new decryption program. Went to the DoD's website and managed to get IP information for their private servers. So I put my new decryption software to the test. As I was working on it, I heard what sounded like a freight train outside the library. They had found me. I stayed right where I was.

Just as the swat team was entering the library, I managed to accomplish my mission. Hack the DoD private servers and launch a nuke into outer space directly at that alien ship. Before they could arrest me, I asked them all to look at the sky. Everyone looked up right when the ship exploded. A massive nuclear explosion just above the earths atmosphere, it was amazing. No mushroom cloud, it looked more like a nebula. The flames extended like a bubble until finally disappating into nothing.

Jackflap my friend. I hope you made it somehow or another. In any case, I sit in a Military Prison not awaiting trial. Rather I am awaiting sentencing.

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