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Shocking video: Abuse of Iraqi prisoners by British cops

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 07:34 PM
I really do think the title is misleading the Vids shown were, of military personel not British Police officers. To post such a title is misleading and un-warranted to say the least.

Hopefully those in the military who chose to carry out this torture, will be brought to justice. But as I read off yesterday. Those soildiers, testifying, are supposingly excempt from prosecution or will have immunity from prosecution.

So no justice at all.

But again putting all those soldiers in the same catergory is ridiculous. You could say the exact same for those who are going around shooting, torturing an blowing up our troops everyday.

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by poedxsoldiervet

Well, if Irak or another country fall in anarchy I'll be the first to cry for sure but from happiness but let me
too please,

Of course there was no government as the army destroy it, so they just stay there to look fine at Iraqi's eyes and to the world as they lied to you me and everyone to get their damn profit to end their life in big house and 20 cars while they just want you to be quiet while you live in a small flat and work hard all your life to buy food or die, what did they gave to the U.S. citizens and Iraqis from all the money they have won with oil and dick's companies?
And you say it's normal, they are just doing things very fine? you so pathetic little sheep.

The army made nothing except coming in a country where they had nothing to do, put a big huge damn mess, kill the leaders of the country, promise to the Iraqis that their live will be better while it's clearly worst and then saying we go back to the country while bombs are still exploding in kids face, that is sure a change but certainly not the one they needed.

The soldiers that get their head ripped off were mostly hostage and bush didn't want to pay for them so they loose their head, they don't follow the Geneva convention but the US army does so they stick with it or piss on it but you can't do this two things at same times, or you piss on yourself...

More people die in America because of foreign soldiers bombing their house? insurgent putting bomb in market to bring fear?
No because of the misery your country put some people in, yeah they are just fine.

You can't know how dead their was since 2003 but far far far far far far more than the time saddam were alive and probably more than you probably think, by the way, can you give me the iraqi's government dead numbers, can't find it...

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