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Sotomayor confirmation discussion

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 11:47 AM
Why is nobody discussing this on the forums? There was a pretty lengthy post about Roberts and Alito's confirmations here on ATS.

CSPAN Live Feed

The one thing that has stood out to me so far today was Session's questioning of SotoMayor's quotes from speeches over the years. She was really spinning to explain those comments and I think he showed her to be deceitful about who she is.

Next, the exchange between Patrick Leahy and Sotomayor is maddening. First he brings up her famous quote and completely changes it. Leaving out the "white men" portion and changing "better conclusion" to "a wise decision". Second, Sotomayor's response is given as if she said what Leahy quotes her as saying, which is incorrect. She claims that "other people" think she said something else, but I'm looking at the quote right here in front of me.

One more thing I'd point out is the complete different MSM we see during these confirmations, as compared to Roberts and Alito. Both were savaged in the media for weeks, where as SotoMayor gets nothing but defense and cover from them now.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 07:54 PM
I'm surprised to not see anything posted here as well.

First of all I can't believe that she made a racist statement and was even considered for this position. I remember Obama coming on TV and saying that it was probably a bad choice of words, only to find out later that this bad choice of words was used at least 5 to 7 times in different speeches. Obviously not a matter of bad wording since the statement had been pre-conceived and used multiple times.

This is a woman who truly believes that just because was born "latina" that she can make a better judgment than a white man. As a half white half latino man, I now understand why I sometimes make great decisions and sometimes do not. lol

The only enjoyable part of this confirmaion hearing was during republican questioning, which seemed to be the most valid and least set up. I particularly enjoyed Sessions and Hatch. Sotomayor was stumbling over her words quite a bit while attempting to explain herself to Hatch.

The Democratic lovefest with Sotomayor was sickening.

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