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TinWiki: Beast of Bodmin Moor

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 03:08 PM
The Beast of Bodmin Moor is one of Cornwall's many mysteries. The beast itself is suggested to be a big cat that was believed to have been part of someone’s private collection but had escaped. Due to certain laws, the captivity of such a big cat in the UK is illegal, so any escaped animal would not have been reported.

The stories of the beast go back many years and there have been many sightings of various cat-like creatures. Some believe the beast to be an ancient breed that has survived unto this day. This idea puts the beast along the lines of the Loch Ness monster and, it seems, that the beast has an almost 'as famous' reputation.

There have been several photographs and video footage of big black cats, but as of yet, no real evidence to suggest anything exists there at all. Unless, of course, you take into consideration the amount of mutilated livestock and other animals to be found around the Moor from time to time.


Farm Animals

Many farmers have found livestock mauled and mutilated. Paw prints in china-clay pits have shown that an entire family of Puma may exist in the area. One animal was spotted by 20 county council workers whilst they were on board a coach. Video footage was taken of a three and a half foot animal and sixty other big cat sightings have taken place since 1983.

The R.A.F.

The British Royal air force have even been involved in hunting down the creature(s) using the army's high-tech devices, such as, night vision to end the indecision on the subject, but their attempts were thwarted by bad weather

Official Bodies

Government reports and studies on the beast are either half hearted or not taken seriously enough in regards to the evidence and history. One farming family has lost 14 sheep to mystery killings and another farmer sold all their livestock. The sightings continue. Of the studies carried out by government bodies, they concluded that some deaths were down to foot rot, starvation and natural causes and that some of the mutilating may have been caused by badgers, foxes and even large dogs.

Eyewitness testimony appears to have more strength than any evidence or reports may ever have, so does the beast of Bodmin exist? Is it an animal thought to have been extinct?

The Skull

A boy found the skull of a cat-like creature and this made headline national news. He found it just after a government investigation concluded that there was no direct evidence to suggest any cats of any kind were to be found on the moor. The natural history museum obtained the skull and ran extensive tests upon it to verify what breed the skull was from and how it may have gotten onto the moor.

According to the history museum's findings, the skull is nothing more than the remains of an animal-skin rug. The skull apparently came from abroad and was of a Puma.


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