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Do you KNOW the difference between 'UFO disclosure' and 'E.T. disclosure'?

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 01:05 PM
The term "UFO Disclosure" is not necessarily suggesting anything alien, it simply means it is unidentified.

I feel all this talk about UFO disclosure is misleading. it is likely that "Gradual UFO Disclosure" means Govts. are becoming more transparent in releasing files and/or admitting they are interested in tracking UFO's. This is good public policy when it comes to security.

E.T. Disclosure is likely a global security issue due to the associated technologies and the impact on the economy. I feel its not that we can't "handle the truth", its that no one has figured out a way to make the economic transition slowly. Once a govt. admits ET is real, the pandora's box opens all the way, not a just a little bit.

No more oil.

No more expensive maintenance on vehicles, i.e., parts, smog, labor.

No state tax on gasoline, as it will be rendered inert for mass transit.

Virtually Free travel anywhere.

Huge gaps in revenue losses must be filled some way. Its hard to think of an industry that wouldn't be affected. However, humans have always found ways to survive and even thrive during these transitions.

You want E.T. Disclosure? Perhaps a good start is investigating, and or abolishing the Black Projects Committee under the Joint chiefs of Staff, or the corporate end of the Military Industrial Complex.

That Is All.

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