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Selection Of 3 of My Poems

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:31 PM

It comes one day when your eyes just seem to clear,
you see everything that was and is for the first time in your life.
For years it seemed you hid behind the shadows,
masking what you cant understand,
wishing it wasn't real.
Your heart tried so hard to hide it from you,
unwilling for your mind to experience the truths in front of you,
When you finally open your eyes and SEE,
the jigsaw pieces fall into place,
and it hurts.
How could you be so blind,
why couldn't you see past the thrills and the fog,
why did you leave yourself so open,
why didn't you see it coming.


Show me
Show me the meaning of being lonely
and i will show you a reason to live.

Show me the sword that tears through your heart
and i will show you courage.

Show me all the hate that you could feel
and i will show you unconditional love.

Show me that you have no heart
no emotion
no soul
and i will show you the way to believe.

Show me who you think you are
and i will show you what i see.


Refusing to Give in
watching the water cascade down the side of the bathtub,
i cant help feeling so alone,
i look in the mirror and watch the imaginary cracks form on what once was my life,
i cant help feeling such despair.

Why cant the broken pieces of my heart ever mend to what it once was?
why cant i understand these ramblings and imagery that forms in my once sane head?
why cant you just see me for who i really am?

Watching the water cascading down the side of the bathtub,
i watch as the person i once knew smile back at me,
the pieces of my shattered mirror, laying around on the floor, in the bath, reflecting the irony of it all.

watching the water cascade down the side of the bathtub,
i pick up the shattered pieces of my sanity, and i smile back.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 02:27 PM
All very nice.

On "Clarity" : Oh, why doesn't it happen when we want it to ?

On "Truth" : It may not be real. It could be a true lie.

On "Pain" : No pain, no gain . . but just the same . . it came.
( It always does.)

Thanks for posting. Give us some more.


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