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Follow-up to Bioterrorism Lawsuit Case

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 08:02 AM

I know many have reported this on outstanding threads, but I wanted to make sure it stayed in "rotation' as we enter the autumn months in the N Hemisphere, and as the S Hemishpere is dealing with a deady flu battle.

There is no guidance in this article- merely a reiteration of the possibility of the fall flu vaccines acting as a second part to the two-part play of
1) release man-made virus; and
2) offer a vaccine "against" it- or mandate one- that only serves to further sicken and kill the global population--sick or well.

Disturbingly, many are implicated if this is, indeed true( I'm not giving my opinion at present):

Members of this criminal syndicate allegedly include: U.S. President Barack Obama, UN System Coordinator for Influenza David Nabarro, Director-General of WHO Margaret Chan, U.S. Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius, U.S. Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, bankers David de Rotschild, David Rockefeller and George Soros, Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann and Austrian Health Minister Alois Stoger among others.

Of all of the above, the Rockefeller presence bothers me most-- it was that family- as well as the Bush family and others, who, in the 1930s, raised money for the Nazi Party, and who paid to bring Nazi scientists to the US, rather than to Nurmburg- and in so doing, used IG Farben's prison labour research to found the very companies poisoning us now- Novartis, GSK, Sanofi, Monsanto, Merck, and many others. Our GMO crops and insecticides come from Zyklon B research. None of these groups is afraid to load vaccines with life-threatening adjuvants; and in our area near Chicago, there are more chemtrails than I've seen in six years. If they don't get us to take the needle, or put it in the water, we'll be vaccinated from above, I fear.

Comments welcome- talk me down from this anger.




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