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A Mars / Moon / NWO theory you can't miss.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 01:11 AM

I will now present a possible theory about these subjects as a whole to you as I see things. I do not claim to have any proof and there well may be holes in this opinion, I merely have contemplated this for some time trying to connect the dots and I want to share this view for discussion.

I will present questions to allow you to think along in parts so that it makes sense as you read, I implore you to keep an open mind and decide for your selves the validity of the claim. At the end I will offer you the theory in short.


There is a strange and common theme among those who claim to have had encounters with aliens, the majority of abductions and eye witness accounts tend to be overwhelmingly comprised of one main type of creature, Thin and frail with large slanted eyes, long arms and fingers with a grayish hue.

If we are to believe that at the very least those that are telling the truth have had common experience with these types of creatures then we must assume that it is not a singular event and multiple people across multiple countries, religions and ethnic backgrounds have encountered these "Grays".

If in fact the universe is teaming with life, which most of us believe then why is it only common to be visited by one specific type of ET being? Why do we not have eye witnesses who see and are up ducted by huge winged daemons and seal people with giant whiskers? Why are the aliens we seem to be most accustomed too resemble humanoid life and are not reptilian in appearance or even cat or bird like?

I would submit this is because we are being visited by one type of alien and I also think I could offer one possible explanation.


It would seem there is a common theme among three bodies in our solar system we are most familiar with, those being the Earth, Moon and Mars. The objects we tend to identify with these bodies are are largely pyramid, tower and right angle shapes and structures that all seem to be conveniently related to each other in some tantalizing yet unknown way.

Why do we see the same basic concepts on heavenly bodies within our own solar system? Why do we recognize structures among rocks and ruins of distant worlds that are becoming less distant as technology trots along?


Human technology is advancing at an amazing rate during our current century, there is no doubt more advancement has been made in the last 80 years of human evolution than the previous 500. Although we possess vast amounts of knowledge there are seemingly things that are not only out of our reach but are still in the realm of Stephen Hawking and only realized through theory and imagination.

Consider the fact that cloning and DNA manipulation are on the forefront of science as we are making huge leaps and bounds every day, however faster than light travel, producing enough energy to manufacture a wormhole or harnessing the power of a black hole are still science fiction.


Why is our government and the governments of the rest of the world just now starting to heard everyone towards a NWO and one world government? Why would that be in the best interest of those involved? Some may say economic stability, unified morality or to consolidate assets. I would say something else.

Our climate bill and the climate bill that is being pressed to the rest of the world is one of broad, sweeping change, one that is needed but not able to be predicted my man with any certainty. My weatherman can't tell me if it is going to rain or not in Chicago tomorrow without being wrong half the time.

Why are all these event taking place now? Why are they all compounded at a time when it makes the least sense to do them? Why was a black American president with muslim name chosen to be the president now? I would submit because it signifies ultimate and total change.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 01:11 AM
What if a civilization close to that of earth but more advanced in technology by about 200 years did in fact at one time inhabit Mars? What if catastrophic changes were inevitable on that planet that for any number of reasons they were powerless to stop, or even that all the natural resources were depleted. Consider that there is even a chance they were territory based such as we are here on earth and there was a war to end all wars and the remaining "winning" Faction were able to salvage just enough to escape the planet?

Knowing there planet could not be saved and not having sufficient technology to explore other areas of our galaxy they skowered the other planets within the solar system for someplace they may be able to survive and carry on there race. Perhaps they came upon earth millions of years ago, maybe the budding planet was promising but due to tidal forces the earth was failed to doom eventualy by heavy fluctuated temperature. Using what capability they had, they managed to capture a small moon from another nearby planet and set to work on constructing a satellite which could cure the temperature and stability for the best hope they had at survival...... The Earth.

Also consider that there physiology was probably much different than what was needed to survive things here on the blue plant eons ago. The martians not yet being able to master time and space were much more capable at genetic engineering and took full advantage of this to create a perfect hybrid of DNA that could endure the conditions needed to secure life on this planet.

Perhaps, these ancestors of life on earth still persist, knowing that there creation was too young and ill prepared to handle the truth of the situation and fearful of complete collapse of society leading to the very same destruction that enveloped there planet so many ages ago. It is possible they do maintain, living from the fruits of the earth and other moons within the solar system and are very active and interested in what transpires here because in a matter of fact to them..... It is there planet.

For thousands of years, people told stories about the heavens, yet none took hold and life continued as it always had until now. Now the truth is at stake because the evolution of that seed has matured and minds and machines abound and perhaps the time has now come to reveal the truth of it all. The truth that we are in fact, the aliens.

In preparation for such an event that the leading governments would undoubtedly know about would first be world unification, with this knowledge and truth we could no longer be divided into sub groups of existence, we would no longer be Americans and simply be part of the human race. The NWO would no longer be sinister although the lies and depict would still be present at the end it may have been for the greater good and probably not the decision our govermant nor others. Climate would also be a fundamental point that would be start to become a focus of everyday life as we would be guided as to how to harness energy and fuel as to not interfere with the natural process of the planet.

In a last word, there may be an impending and terrible event that is unforeseen by the earth and it may be necessary for intervention that can not be dumbed down or hidden and as such the world would need as much leading into the realization as possible. Please consider the times we live in and the things that are happening right now as we speak. Please consider the possibility as sometimes truth is stranger than any fiction.

Also understand this is only one theory of many but I believe it offers explanation for many things that are now taking place. I appreciate any comments and would be happy to elaborate more on any questions or comments. Thank you.


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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 02:25 AM
This is very interesting, I have also been looking for a way to tie together current events so they made sense. I would be interested to know if this was the case if only the US or many other goverments would have knowledge of this.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 12:11 AM
I wouldn't say all goverments but the vast majority of the powerful world goverments within the G20 and such would have such knowledge with the US leading the way in when and how such discloser would come about.

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