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Free yourself by denying culture!

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 07:24 PM
Ever wandered how to deny assimilation?

Ever thought of yourself as a sheep? A complicit political pawn pushed and shoved by TPTB and their insidious & nefarious agendas?

Well start thinking differently and free yourself from the shackles of Humanity and start to question the culture that is indoctrinated upon us from birth. The following video is beautiful as he speaks with elegance and simplicity of how to deny culture.

The reason why i created this thread is because of the last few words Terence McKenna says at the end of the video which can't be heard so well because of the audience, but it got me thinking of how simple the solution really is; he says:

"By putting the art pedal to the metal we will maximise our Humanness by becoming much more incomprehensible to machines".

Atleast that's what i think he says. Basically get creative people. Start drawing, observing the beauty around you. Sculpture your body with fitness as it's a temple to be worshipped and is the greatest gift you will ever own. Start carving things out of wood. Start gardening, perhaps a small tomato plant on your window sill; just simple things to appreciate the very fabric of essence that is omnipotent around you.

Creativity is something the machinations and agendas of the elite can never take away from you, as they try to escalate their control.

Culture is not your friend, it's an impediment to understanding what's going on. That's why to my mind the word cult and the word culture have a direct relationship to each other. Culture is a cult and if you feel revulsion at the thought of somebody offering to the great carrot, just notice that your own culture is an extremely repressive cult that leads to all kinds of humiliation and degradation, and automatic and unquestioned and unthinking behaviour. I mean the American family is what keeps American psychotherapy alive and well. This is a cauldron for the production of neurosis. Part of what psychedelics do, is they decondition you from cultural values. This is what makes it such a political hot potato, since all culture is a kind of congame, the most dangerous candy you can hand out is candy that makes people start questioning the rules of the game.


Edit: In simpler terms, think this: "You may smile at me for being different, but i laugh at you for being 'normal'." Step out of the cultural box and stop following the perceived popular ideology, especially the crap they spew on TV. Watch television with rose-tinted glasses and it's amazing how much more substance you can see beneath the opaque layers of brainwashing.

Whatever you see on the news, flip it with a 180° viewpoint and you'll be closer to the truth. So when Barry says the bailouts are working for example, there are always hidden messages.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:32 PM
If i deny culture can i still use the internet...

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 07:18 AM
reply to post by purplemer

Depends on your internet surfing & 'digital culture'

You can always change your IP address

1. Get an IP
2. In Firefox click [Tools] & [Options]
3. Choose [Network] tab and then [Settings]
4. Enter your new IP in the [Manual proxy configuration] section

Enjoy your new online surfing culture.


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