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Mind Control - Garbage In Garbage Out

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:47 PM
The human mind, is easily to manipulate.

Most people don't want to consider they are not the masters of their own thoughts.

As the centuries wear on manipulation of the masses thoughts and emotions may very well be the way of conquering a people vs guns, tanks and the messiness of war.

Think covert vs overt warfare.

After reading Brice Taylor's, "Thanks For The Memories" I had the same feelings that I had reading another book, "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke. As crazy as these two individual's books sounded, something deep within my "gut" told me they were both onto something.

Both of these books share a "that has got to be absolutely preposterous bull" because what both books toot are conspiracies so wild, so all encompassing of so many mutiple fractions of our existence that you walk away shaking your head in disbelief.

But, then you sit back and just keep your eyes and ears open and begin to see all the "stuff" out there in a totally different light.

After watching Brice Taylor (aka: Susan Ford) on video I believe by her body language that at the very least she truly believes what she is saying and at the most she is telling the truth in regard to the experiences she underwent.

Possibly we all are being manipulated and controlled. I also wonder if at the top of the pyramid that "control" is entirely human?

Now one might consider in addition to "out there" the many worlds within worlds and dimensions that sit right along side of you the reader at this very moment in "time" even the concept of "time" becomes a primitive concept. What is actually "reality" becomes mind boggling and what our human three dimensional brains can 't comprehend along with our limited six senses is staggering. We're not getting all the information from our eyes and ears to make a rational decision. Maybe we should start to listen to each other. Maybe we all hold a piece of the puzzel and if for once we all set our petty grievances aside we just might be able to begin to start to unravel what is going on.

Within our own beautiful planet we have animals that see with sound (bats), smell 1 million times better than us (dogs) can feel and hear your heart beat a mile away (sharks) sense earthquakes and tsunamis coming (elephants, birds etc) and animals that have night vision. Just imagine what additional or different senses perhaps other beings from either another star system or dimension migh have?

These aren't strange or paranormal events, over generations, animals have developed their senses in ways that allow them to detect sounds, smells, vibrations, or other sensations that people can't detect.

We are still debating our sixth sense. Although limited, I do have it, and I don't deny it.

We humans are stuck on a very simple set frequency and just because we cannot hear or see or touch something does not mean it does not exist. We just are not equipped to "sense" it.

Mind "conditioning" I believe enters into every single aspect of our human existence. I also have a gut feeling we are not alone and at the top of the food chain here on this planet.

Once more I suspect the possiblity of mankind being a enslaved species on a prison planet. (Pretty strong and radical statements).

I have always suspected that "something was a miss" "not quite as it seems".

JonBenet Ramsey and Diana Princess of Wales really caught my attention. Not just average murder / accident victims but ritual sacrifices.

No, not for "demons" or "Satan" but for their life force. Their "essence" maybe for even some other reason I cannot fathom. But I believe their deaths were mandated by a higher entity and the actual carrying out of their deaths were perpetrated by individuals that were not in full charge of their own thinking. (Mind conditioned).

I wonder if we humans indeed have something of value, and it is so well hiden from us that we have no real comprehension of it's existence, our very life force essence.

This link talks about little JonBenet and could not be put on ATS because of its content.

By Ken Adachi

The topic of mind control is elaborate, multifaceted, and multi layered. For the casual reader, it can quickly become numbing, overwhelming the senses and creating a desire to exit the topic, but avoiding this subject is the most foolish thing you could possibly do since your only chance of surviving this hideous and insidious enslavement agenda, which today threatens virtually all of humanity, isto understand how it functions and take steps to reduce your vulnerability.

The plans to create a mind controlled workers society have been in place for a long time. The current technology grew out of experiments that the Nazis started before World War II and intensified during the time of the Nazi concentration camps when an unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation. We've heard about the inhumane medical experiments performed on concentration camp prisoners, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments. That was not to be divulged to the American public. Mind control technologies can be broadly divided into two subsets: trauma-based or electronic-based.

The first phase of government mind control development grew out of the old occult techniques which required the victim to be exposed to massive psychological and physical trauma, usually beginning in infancy, in order to cause the psyche to shatter into a thousand alter personalities which can then be separately programmed to perform any function (or job) that the programmer wishes to"install". Each alter personality created is separate and distinct from the front personality. The 'front personality' is unaware of the existence or activities of the alter personalities. Alter personalities can be brought to the surface by programmers or handlers using special codes, usually stored in a laptop computer. The victim of mind control can also be affected by specific sounds, words, or actions known as triggers.

The second phase of mind control development was refined at an underground base below Fort Hero on Montauk , Long Island (New York) and is referred to as the Montauk Project. The earliest adolescent victims of Montauk style programming, so called Montauk Boys, were programmed using trauma-based techniques, but that method was eventually abandoned in favor of an all-electronic induction process which could be "installed" in a matter of days (or even hours) instead of the many years that it took to complete trauma-based methods.

Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma-basedMonarch Project and the CIA'sMK Ultra mind control programs. Mengele and approximately 5, 000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of kidnapped American children snatched off the streets (about one million per year) and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling as part of the 'training'. These children would be used to further refine and perfect Mengele's mind control technologies. Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the 'training') would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery to assassinations. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission.

Mind Control 'Programmed' Individuals
The lone gunman that we hear about in assassinations, assassination attempts, school shootings, etc. are mind controlled individuals who had been 'programmed' to carry out those missions. Ted Bundy, the 'Son of Sam' serial killer David Berkowitz, Oswald, Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine shooters, Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, etc. were mind controlled individuals who were programmed to perform these killings. Tens of thousands of young teenage boys were kidnapped and forced into the mind control training program called The Montauk Project starting around 1976. Al Bielek, under mind control, was involved in many areas of the secret Montauk Project. After slowly recovering his memories beginning in the late 1980's, he came to realize that there were at least 250,000 mind controlled "Montauk Boys' produced at 25 different facilities similar to the underground base at Montauk, Long Island. Many of these boys were to become 'sleepers' who are individuals who were programmed to go into action at a later date when properly "triggered" to engage in some sort of destructive or disruptive conduct. Other Montauk Boys were woven into the fabric of mainstream American life as journalists, radio & TV personalities, businessmen, lawyers, medical professionals, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, military men, etc.

The day is now approaching in which government mind control technologies will be directed at you, your neighbors, and your loved ones. Every single day, equipment is being erected and installed in this country with the hidden purpose of exerting mind control over the entire population. Everywhere in this country (and overseas), ELF/microwave transmission towers are being erected. The antennae usually look like four slightly curved vertical plates about 2 feet in length and located in either 3 or 4 quadrants around the tower, two thirds up from the ground. Just look around, you'll see them. And you'll also notice more of them going up once you begin to pay attention. No one is saying anything, but you're expected to presume that they're for cell phones. (Do you really think that we need that much 'cell phone' transmission capability, every few blocks? Do you realize how very little energy is used by genuine cell phone usage? Yet these towers are capable of putting out levels of power that exceed cell phone requirements by a wide margin) These mind control technologies have been in place for a long time. It's not an accident that the frequency band chosen for cell phone use just happens to match the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the late1940's to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be manipulated without the victim realizing it. Reich worked on this project secretly for the CIA for over 5 years, from 1947-1952, until he realized who the CIA was planning to use the mind control on -the American people. He was outraged that he was deceived and used for such a treasonous motive and swore never to cooperate with the CIA, FDA, etc. again. Reich was covertly murdered in Federal prison in 1957, just a few weeks before he was due to be released, having been in prison for 2 years on a trumped up charge leading to a contempt of court citation. He was reported to have had a 'heart attack'. He was strong as an ox. He was murdered two weeks before his parole board hearing. His last book, written in prison, was found to be 'missing' after his death and never returned to his family.

A method was discovered to disable these ELF towers from exerting their mind control functions by placing a simple device known as an orgone generator within a radius of 1,300 feet of these towers. These microwave towers are used in conjunction with HAARP based technology to not only affect subliminal mind control influences, but also to control the weather (currently [2007], the creation of artificially induced drought conditions are also greatly influenced by the population-reduction chemtrail spraying operations which take place daily over the skies in America and in many other countries) .

Patrick Flannagan also recorded an interview with talk show host Jeff Rense on June 30, 2003 and offered important insights on how to counter electronic mind control being beamed to us from the electric wiring within our homes and from microwave towers (promising information that should be studied).

It's truly ironic and a perfect example of karmic justice when the total recall of a mind control victim whose brain stem was scarred in order to produce a photographic memory, is now turned back on her abusers to reveal in the most exquisite and precise detail their despicable and monstrous conduct. Thanks for The Memories is a well written book that gives you a front row seat into the real world activities of the Secret Government- the 'government' that's really in charge behind the scenes (those scenes being created by the mainstream Media Propaganda Ministry whose job is to deceive you into thinking that the headline news, 'cover story' government is the real deal; believe me, it isn't. It's an illusion from top to bottom.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:00 PM
Keep in mind was is below was written in 1999 almost 10 years ago. Now read below about Michael Jackson.

Thanks for the Memories - The Truth Has Set Me Free
by Brice Taylor

Chapter Twenty-one: The Hollywood Connection

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was just a little boy of four or five when I accompanied Bob Hope to a place where they were filming up-and- coming talent for television. Bob told me he supported and sponsored the Jacksons, getting them a professional foot in the door. Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room where bright lights were on.

They all had to drop their pants and before their performance a big man raped each one of them in a lineup. Then they were taken to a different room and dressed in little suits and sent onto the stage to perform. Due to the mind control I was under, I'm not sure exactly where we were, but feel that it was the early days of the Ed Sullivan Show. I watched as Bob, dressed in a grey pinstripe suit and bow tie, with white shoes, shook hands with Ed; and then the Jackson boys went on. They were made into a sensation and famous, on purpose, so that they could be used in the future to influence large audiences.

Bob and his connections knew that all they needed was some talent, make- up, costumes, lights, glitter and lots of publicity. He said publicity was the most important ingredient.

I was just a teenager and Bob said that he wanted me to be present so I could learn the ropes to being a "starlet." He wanted me to see how it was done and feel comfortable around the stage. I think he just said that as a cover to other people to hide the real reason I was with him - for his and others sexual pleasure.

Bob explained to me how important clothes are to one with a public image to uphold. I had on a short, small, tight-fitting, low-cut, yellow, sheath dress. I did as I was told and wore it along with the gold high heels I was provided.

Bob was often the connection for new entertainment. The Council used his connections for their own interest and got 'key' entertainers in place for future use. Many were robots like me. I saw many of them get hurt. I never saw Bob get hurt though.

The Jacksons were hurt; I was witness to their abuse. That first time when they performed, Bob got them onto the show and then we left in the limo and watched from the television inside. He told the driver to drive around until the show was over. Then Bob told me, "See how easy it is to be a star?" And he laughed and pushed my head into his lap for oral sex.

I think most would agree that the inherent love that is part of Michael Jackson's soul essence shines through for the world to see. In spite of the programming themes in some of the songs he sings, as I was recovering I often held onto the words he sang, the lyrics reminding me, "You are not alone," when I felt so very alone.

To Michael, I extend a hand and say you also are not alone. Now there is a way out of this insanity.

One last thought before some of you rip into or ignore me completely.

Next time you are watching the telly, look and I mean really look deeply into the eyes of those "stars". Most of them have "dead eyes".

Look beyond the superficial beauty as that is a "distraction" a tool to side track you. Look closely at the eyes.

I leave you with bits and pieces of Ms. Ford's book.

From what I witnessed, illicit drugs and gun running backed much of the American economy....A group of American officials were selling munitions to a nation we were at war with....What looked like the defence of our nation or training of our troops was really drug transportation...the Presidents were usually well aware of this business.....Everyone in the government that held any position of power was well aware of these drug transactions and their importance to our country's economy. Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor p243

From my experience I believe Elvis was a puppet, a pawn, and in the end totally directed, and finally, used by these men in control of him....After awhile Elvis couldn't function any longer. Henry (Kissinger) and his buddies laughed and said that Elvis was like the tin man, all rusted up and ready for the junkyard. They waited for him to become seriously dysfunctional from the increasing amount of drugs prescribed by his doctors. Then they "stopped his ticker so he didn't have to suffer no more". Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor p135

They were trying to destabilise the government by ousting the President...First Nixon, now Clinton, thus the people will lose faith in their leaders and the democratic way of life. ......"So they will want to change it and will lean toward World Order." Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor p252

Henry said, "You wont be servicing him (JFK) much longer. The higher ups have some alternate plans for him." controllers told me, "If we can take out the President without anyone knowing, who would miss the likes of you?" Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor p55

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:38 AM
Excellent post, done very well. I do agree with you about the mind control. I think it is happening by some outside influence we do not even know about (IMO-ET's os some sort). I think we have 7 senses. The ability to harness your life energy (chi) and psychic (remote viewing, etc..).

I a book not to long ago called Alien Interview, it was an E-book and i'll try to get the link here soon (very tired, my last stop before bed), but it was about the Roswell UFO crash and the ET that was recovered said we are prison planet and even when we die our souls are caught and simply recycled, or the pretty way of saying it, reincarnation. I made a thread about the book, you can look that up, it has the link to the ebook there if anyone is interested. It also states in the book, the more you fight the
power of the influence, the stronger it will hold you.

As far as famous people, i dont know what to think about that. A lot of celebs are definately power and sexually hungry, to a sickening point. I really need to read that book you spoike of. Anyways great post! Im not ignoing you

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 03:24 AM
reply to post by ziggyproductions05

Thanks for your kind words Ziggy.

Here is the link to Alien Interview. -To me this was a monumental read.

In a lot of my posts I give links to free ebooks.

Get them while you can as I notice that "Thanks for the Memories" is now gone.

I also put all my ebooks, ricipes, videos and music on flash / thumb drives so that if my system crashes I still have my important stuff.

What I do if the site doesn't offer the "save a copy" option is copy and paste the entire sucker into my MS Word.

I've noticed that lots of the really good stuff on the net is drying up with each progressing year so get these while you still can.

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posted on Jul, 25 2009 @ 09:27 AM
How we are controlled.

Check out Lenon Honor very insightful

1) Evil is not a manifestation of Humanit
2) Evil will use humanity through trickery and deceit
3) Evil will make promises to humanity in return for humanities acquiescence
4) Nothing that Evil promises is ever fulfilled as described.

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 12:57 AM

The United States has a history of covering up human experimentation. Just look at the hearings that were held regarding the Human Radiation Experiments on unwitting victims, the Tuskeegee experiments, and the Gulf War Syndrome (as well as the lesser known chem trails and AIDS atrocity). Declassified documents show our own military has released viruses over U.S. populations to see what the impact would be. Unfortunately, history also shows our government doesn't own up to its transgressions for at least 40 to 50 years after the harm is done.

In 1977 the U.S. held Senate investigative hearings which disclosed the abuses by the government through MK-Ultra. But very few Americans even know of its existence because of media control. The cover up goes something like this. The American Psychiatric Association received funding through MK-Ultra for at least one of its projects. Ewen Cameron, who was the former head of the Quebec Psychiatric Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and the World Psychiatric Association, received funding directly by the CIA through MK-Ultra, the Human Ecology Foundation which was a CIA front organization, and also through the Canadian government. So both the U.S. and Canadian psychiatric associations were involved in mind control experimentation in the 1960s.

But the U.S. government still conceals its mind control records and in fact has destroyed most if not all of its records by now. They have labeled victims of their abuse as mentally ill which shows rather directly that the U.S. abuses its psychiatric system in much the same way we accused the Soviet Union and Cuba of abusing their psychiatric systems.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 01:44 AM
I've just yesterday ordered a book on mind control, i've been interested for a while in it but never read anything, apart from stories and stuff.

There are a few reasons i'm interested in learning a little nlp, like for one, people's argument patterns(which I notice alot on here actually) and how we are influenced/influence so easily.

I'm a natural observer, but if I have explained to me what I think I see, I think this would benefit me alot.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 04:55 AM
Everytime mind is "under construction as ...under manipulations". Otherwise it is a "swimming by the habits"..
And in this case also it it is "the sea of manipulations"

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 02:19 PM
Everybody in the western world is a target to mind control. Most of it is subtle. It starts in our early childhood.

Religion has the strongest impact, when it targets children. Children will believe what adults tell them. They are to young to question stories and evaluate the truth behind them. The same holds true for our education. Ideas and knowledge is deeply implanted in kindergarten and in school. We keep believing in these things for the rest of our live. But part of this early knowledge is based on lies. Some of the taught moral values, are not necessarily the best for a just and functioning society.

Later we hear stories in the news, which influence the ways we think about the world. Even if we have no access to media like newspapers, radio, internet or TV, we are influenced by talking points repeated by our friends, neighbours, colleagues or relatives. It requires effort to disbelieve these repeated falsehoods and research the truth. On the search for truth, some of the things I discovered are so far away from what I had previously learned and believed, that I sometimes have questioned my own sanity.

Derren Brown – subliminal advertising – subtle manipulation of the mind

Nonetheless these subtle influences, mostly happening by random chance, but sometimes carefully constructed by social engineers, are “harmless” in comparison to other, more powerful forms of mind control. Here are some videos in which victims of MKULTRA speak out. Trauma has been used to create multiple personality disorder, generating obedient slaves with alter egos, unable to resist their nefarious handlers.

The next generation of mind controllers seems to be using ELF (extreme low frequency) signals, which mimic natural brain waves. ELF targets the brain directly. I am uneducated in this subject and will have to look more into this topic in the future. But these waves seem to be able to control emotions or even physically attack the target.


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