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Disturbing Dream Last Night.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:31 PM
I don't really know where to begin with this. It was so strange and I just can't seem to get it out of my mind.

I was in a house with a man I don't know when we heard a loud sound outside, like a deep humming kind of sound, so we looked out of the window and there was a huge craft hovering in the sky and slowly lowering down to the ground. It was massive, taller than the buildings (I was in a city) and very wide. When it landed it began moving along and destroying the buildings. The man and I ran outside where people were running away in chaos. The noise was terrifying.

We ran first to the man's mother and got her, and the all of us ran through streets and over fences trying to get away. After a while of running we came to a small square with houses around it and we left the man's mother there. Then we went to the house of a family (4 adults and 2 children) and tried to get them to come with us but they didn't believe us and said they would stay. At that point the loud humming and sound of buildings being destroyed came again and I ran to the window and saw the "craft" moving left a few streets away. I told the man that we had to go back and get his mother and then screamed at the family that they should get out now.

The man and I ran to the end of the street but there were people running the other way and we decided to run into a building on the corner. We'd been there a few minutes when 4 members of the family we had just seen came running in saying that the "craft" was here and had killed the other 2 adults.

Then a round metal blade/hand thing broke through the wall of the building, the blade thing cut me on the front of my leg (didn't hurt) and then the hand thing picked me up and held me in the air. I looked down and saw a woman in some kind of control space. All of a sudden I felt very calm and just raised my right hand up, and it seemed then that the woman and I were communicating. I can't remember exactly what was said, but I was told that I should take my group somewhere and we would be safe. As the metal hand thing put me back down I said "thank you" and the woman said something like "and that is why."

I'm not usually disturbed by my dreams. They are always quite strange - I dream about zombies on a semi-regular basis - but this really got to me.

Any insight into this would be gladly received.

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