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What did I see? UFO? Helicopter?

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:59 PM
Last week in the east of England I was driving home and kept looking up at the sky every so often as it was around 10 - 11pm and very bright and still a clear sky. I could see no stars at all in the sky apart from one light in the north west that looked quite low and was flashing slightly and presumed it was a plane or helicopter.

Anyway around 30 mins later I reached my destination and looked up to the sky again to see this same light, it now had two small lights underneath and one was red, I still considered it to be a plane however it wasn't moving and the night was clear enough to see nothing around the light, just the light on it's own. Also where I'm staying rarely has planes around.

I kept glancing it until I felt very intrigued by it. I took a few minutes to stare at it when it randomly faded out very quickly then faded back in again instantly quite a bit to the right of where it was. This made me feel it was something quite strange, I looked away and looked back about 5 seconds later and it was now back in its original place.
I believe in aliens and UFO's but am quite sceptical so didn't want to jump to conclusions, I looked up at it once more as it sat still in the north west of the sky and this time I felt very dizzy as I stared at it, almost as if I was falling into unconciousness. On reflection I put this down the blood rushing to the back of my head as I was looking up (although it was quite low so I wasn't looking very high up) but at the time it made me feel quite frightened. I looked away then looked back once more and felt dizzy again. This shook me up so I moved quickly from the back of the location to the front and glanced up to see the same light now in the south of the sky. This freaked me out as it had moved so quickly without me seeing it actually move. I entered the location and didn't look out the windows all night lol.

I sadly didn't get a picture but this is basically what I saw.

This is just a quick mock up in PS. It looks like the main light was huge, it wasn't, it was just bigger than the other two. Sorry for the confusion.

A friend of mine also saw a strange object "flying smoothly and silently through the sky" around a week before the above incident in the same town.
A few friends and I were at a small house party, we heard a loud helicopter outside and went to the back garden to have a look. It wasn't far from us but not directly above us, it was perfectly still with a white light (we couldn't see any of the body work even though it was a clear night but it was certainly a helicopter from the propeller noise) and a big light beaming down to somewhere where we couldn't see (could have been the small woods near us but most likely the road), looking for something.
As we all watched my friend joked "I thought it was the UFO again then", he has no interest and doesn't care about UFO's, aliens etc but is slightly open minded I guess. I was surprised at what he said and asked what he meant, he told me him and another of our friends who confirmed it, had seen a silent round white object flying across the night sky, too low to be a star. He mentioned around 3 times how silent it was and said it was very weird. He has a huge ego lol and I was surprised to hear him say this as I could tell whatever they'd seen genuinly freaked them out.
The helicopter was still for around 5 minutes, it then flew over nearer us and stayed still for around a minute before flying off into the distance.

I'm quite skeptical but what I saw wasn't a plane as it was a clear night and I couldn't see anything but the light, it didn't move (I never saw it physically move only fade in and out to a different location) and it was perfectly silent.

I'm not a UFO nut although I do believe in them but I seriously felt a bit weird after my sighting and am struggling to find a rational explanation.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 05:31 PM
Just saw two again tonight, I was on foot this time though they move so smoothly it's weird. I'm going to carry a camera with me everywhere now if I see them again.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 07:38 PM
I just saw this over my town on the south west coast UK.. it was clearly a large helicopter. It did 8 low fast tight circles over our town and then my net went out for 1 hr
Ive only just got it back now.

Ive got no idea what i was about. it was going way to fast to be looking for something and wasn't using a search light or hovering at all. I thought it was going to crash at one point. It was very loud ,to big to be a police helicopter. I manged to get a bit of film of it on my vid cam.

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by VitalOverdose

Ah the helicopter yes, that was also quite strange as it was so still and seemed to have no markings, it looked black.

I'm going to go out tonight with a camera and see if I can catch the possible UFO's on camera.

EDIT: Also my sky digital signal keeps being interrupted on clear blue sky days, maybe it's just shoddy sky but sound similar to your net cutting out

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