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Avian and swine flu vaccines cause sterility and death

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by stumason
Why would the rich and powerful want to kill off the very people that enable them to be rich and powerful? Without the workers, consumers and what not, they would be nothing...

That's always something I have trouble with when I read these "NWO are going to KILL US ALL!!! ARRRGH!" posts...

because for TPTB, money truly does grow on trees for them, and they only use it as a tool to control us...

they don't like using money any more than we do, and the sooner they can get rid of us, the sooner they can get rid of the economy to focus on more important things, such as creating an entirely new civilization with which they can create whatever they want in it...

...then again, i could be completely wrong...

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by -Rugged Shark-

Originally posted by Studenofhistory
The mainstream media is not telling us about these facts (see links below). This is how the Elite will depopulate the planet. Vaccines don't work as advertised. Read the shocking facts about avian flu vaccine deaths and sterility.

Ok, alot of things can kill you. Ever read those little notes that come with medicines? If you take too much paracetamol, you're doomed. If you smoke to much, you could die. If you drink too much you could die aswell.

Personally I'm gettinng sick and tired reading posts that the vaccinantion is bad for you. They even haven't developed the vaccine yet, so go figure...


O gawd another one?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:00 PM
Anyone saying the vaccine doesn't exist yet should read the following
recent news release from the University of Queensland;

The University of Queensland has produced the first Australian batch of a new candidate vaccine against the H1N1 “swine flu” virus. Professor Anton Middelberg, from UQ's Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, said the vaccine matched the virus found in the first US case of swine flu, a 10-year-old boy in San Diego. Professor Middelberg said the new technology, from US firm Protein Sciences Corporation (PSC), was able to produce vaccines more quickly than conventional methods based on eggs. “This vaccine has been produced using the latest cell culture vaccine technology from the US and contains no egg protein,” Professor Middelberg said. “We only received the genetic construct from PSC two weeks ago and we have been able to produce the vaccine already, which is an amazing achievement.”

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:21 PM
Ok kids. We've all discussed swine flu. (to death?)

Now, as a little cyber-community, what are we going to do about it?

This is end time stuff we're talking about. Not the flu so much, but this damn vaccine they are throwing at us.
THEY say we need the vaccine before it mutates into something worse.

But our old pal science states that vaccines only work against specific viruses, not mutated versions.

So they are handing us a crock. There is something in the vaccine. Something that they are using the swine flu crisis to deliver.

What do we do about it?
Do we become the "sheep" we criticize so much about?
Do we roll over and die?

Not me pal. I don't know what I can do (yet) but, by god, I am going to do something.

Is there anyone out there who is willing to fight with me? Is there anyone out there with a plan?

Is there anyone out there who is willing to finally put down their keyboards and figure out a way to stop this before countless people die?

Lets change the world people.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:32 PM
I wish I could offer something more substantial but right now, all I can suggest is to keep this thread active so that more people see it and get the word. If anyone can post links to this thread on other websites, that would be great.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Personally i never take any kind of medication except for the times that i really really have to.

There is no way i would subject my self to the medications under discussion.

This thread makes my point let alone all the merits i gain from not taking drugs.

[I wish i could stop smoking]

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:39 PM
pdf file 'horrors of vaccination'

written in 1920's, by a doctor higgins.

i read a book when deciding whether to vaccinate my daughter and now firmly believe the diseases were in decline and would have died off for reasons other than vaccines.

check this out...
*WARNING* graphic; horrifying
a hep b shot did that...and people think it should be mandatory?!

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:41 PM
I think I found the remedy Dr. Waterman couldn't state on his blog. The remedy is based on German homeopathy founded by Samuel Hahnemann. Dr. Z (Dr. Z Link) a proponent of pleosanum therapy states the following therapies are effective antivirals:

Clinically useful supplements and homeopathic remedies from Dr. Z include (from his website):

1. Pleo-Quent

German practitioners report that Pleo-Quent, known in Germany as Quentakehl, may be useful as supportive therapy to help alleviate the symptomatic effects of acute and latent viral infections.

2. Pleo-Not

Pleo Not, known in Germany as Notakehl 4X, homeopathic remedy by Sanum for the temporary relief of coughs, fever and congestion due to colds and minor respiratory infections, primarily of bacterial origin.

3. Thorne Vitamin A

Clinically, I personally find Vitamin A very useful in high dosages (up to 150,000 IU) for three days, when used at the onset of viral infections, such as the flu. It appears to reduce the symptoms and to shorten the course of such illness.

4. QC-Nasal Spray

QC Nasal Spray (homeopathic remedy, by Thorne, with Quercetin Chalcone 2x and Euphorbium 3x) may help relieve the sneezing, stuffy nose, nasal irritation, watery discharge, and headache caused by seasonal allergies. This unique homeopathic medicine goes right where your body needs it - the nasal mucosa.

It is for temporary relief of allergic rhinitis, inhalant allergies and all the related symptoms. Quercetin blocks histamine release

Anyone want to comment if I am on track?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:46 PM
never had a flu shot and never plan to. I eat healthy and supplement with vitamins everyday, and i think that's sufficient.

If it does come down to a point of making every single person get the shot then i def believe there is a hidden agenda and will try like hell not to get the shot.

I also think im going to start stalking up on food again. was doing this for a while, getting a little extra every week at the store, like non=perishable canned tuna and fruits, soups and veggies, think im going to start doing that as well that way if the SHTF ill have a good supply.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by mikerussellus

WALMART stores will most likely be the distribution points for the poison.

Unless the stores are heavily armed or fortified.........well, you you know what to do......................

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:18 PM
sounds like its get shot or shoot. I'll be shooting.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:21 PM
Pathetic thread - I have never read so much unrelated clap trap taped together in some incoherent manner based on profound ignorance with the ultimate consequence of endangering huge groups of children.

When will you people realise that vaccines such as polio, diphtheria, small pox, rubella, whooping cough and dozens of other major killers have been almost entirely eradicated due to vaccines. When will you get this through your thick skulls that millions upon millions of people died horrific deaths due to these revolting diseases.

In Australia significant numbers of Americans have been spreading the idea of not having immunisation - the result that young children are dying of whooping cough - these small children literally cough their insides out - all becuase ignorant stupid people peddle the clap trap as the original poster did.

How many of you ACTUALLY considered his points - he was raising irrelevant issues such as genetically modified wheat crops, UN sterlisation programmes, numerous ADMITTED rumours, and accused poland of deliberately killing people, accusing the government of some massive conspiracy on the back of a failed vaccine - how many surgical operations have failed and people have died ? Is Surgery some massive conspiracy to kill people ? Its genuinely intellectually retarded in the true sense of the word to have starred or flagged this thread - your blind responses cheering him on simply reflect a total lack of considered thought process and you simply cheered like sheep - a disgusting, disgusting disgusting thread - you people have an absolute OBLIGATION to consider all the facts on this as children are DYING every day due to people like you spreading absolute crap.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by audas

Fine. Lets argue the science. First, what background do you have in virology, pharmacology?

Or do you just blindly believe the tripe being regurgitated on the tv?

Do you know why we don't have a vaccine for the common cold?Because it mutates.

Now their telling us it WILL mutate but the current vaccine on stock will treat it?

It takes anywhere from 12 to 24 months to come up with a useable vaccine. But they had this in less than 6?

Yes, polio, et al have been eradicated through the prudent use of vaccination programs.
Can you see the difference between the two?

I am naturally cynical because I have spent years working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Can you say the same?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:44 PM
I cant find the audio interview!!!!!

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:59 PM
I firmly believe this thread is extremely important.

Its definitely time to wake up and realize these so called untested vacs. are truly poisonous and coupled the crap in the uncontested chemtrails , pose a real threat to all who accept the vacs.

Mandatory? That says it all.

Kiss my ............

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 10:00 PM

Originally posted by Studenofhistory
Is it possible that the plan is to cause so many deaths and serious illnesses among the general population from swine flu vaccinations, that the resulting public outrage (maybe riots!) will give the government the excuse to declare Martial Law?

I really don't think that would be they way they would put in martial law. Granted your theory is a good one. but it would be more likely they would go that route to administer the vaccine. I would expect they are expecting resistance to a mandatory vaccination, in especially when many know more facts and history about it than they are supposed to.
Dig around the archives (National Archives) at Executive Orders that were put in place during the Bush administration everything is in place including the presidents ability to declare martial law at his discretion, in the event of national emergency, national crisis, terrorist attack, or financial crisis.

It is not pretty..

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 10:02 PM
I think I solved the 'remedy' question. Apparently Dr. Waterman couldn't state the name of the company or product that he found to be very effective against various viruses, because the company owned by Dr. Z (Dr. Z is Dr. Peter W. Zeischegg) was sent a cease and desist letter from the FDA May 7, 2003. Read between the lines, the supplements found to be effective, if this letter is any indication, are:
Arabinex, Pleo-Quent, Pleo-Not, Im-Encap, and Ascorbic Acid Caps manufactured by German Homeopathy company Pleo. The items were listed on Dr. Z's website: Dr. Z's .
It looks like originally the FDA warned Dr. Z about promoting a supplement as a SARS preventative. The letter can be found at:FDA Letter at Casewatch

Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service
Food and Drug Administration

5100 Paint Branch Parkway
College Park, MD 20740

May 7, 2003


Peter M. Zeischegg MS, DC
13288 Banner Lava Cap, #A
Nevada City, CA 95959

Dear Dr. Zieschegg:

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed your web site at the following address: This review shows serious violations of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) in the labeling of your products Arabinex, Pleo-Quent, Pleo-Not, Im-Encap, and Ascorbic Acid Caps. You can find the Act and implementing regulations through links on FDA's Internet home page at

Under the Act, articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man are drugs [Section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Act]. Your web site claims that your products are useful in the prevention of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) as well as in the prevention and treatment of a number of other diseases. The labeling of your products bears the following claims:

Site: "SARS and your Immune System." "What can you do on a preventative basis?" ".. .how you can improve your immune function with specific emphasis on viral infection."

Arabinex: ".. .extremely useful in acute viral infections."

Pleo-Quent: "... useful for acute and latent viral infections such as laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, flue-type infections, ear infections, fibromyalgia, migraines, vertigo, Meniere's Disease, Herpes Zoster, mumps, measles, chickenpox."

Pleo-Not: "..very useful to enhance the immune system, and for alleviating infections of bacterial origin such as staph, strep, acne, ear infections, tonsil infections, sore throat, neuritis, neuralgis, urinary tract infections, prostate irritation, respiratory infections. Great for sick children."

Im-Encap: "strong antiviral and antibacterial properties"

These claims, particularly the references to specific diseases, cause your products to be drugs, as defined in section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Act. Because the products are not generally recognized as safe and effective when used as labeled, they are also new drugs as defined in section 201(P) of the Act. Under section 505 of the Act, a new drug may not be legally marketed in the United States without an approved New Drug Application (NDA). These drugs are also misbranded within the meaning of section 502(a) of the Act because their labeling is false and misleading in that it suggests that these drugs are effective for the prevention of SARS and the other named diseases, when, in fact, these claims are not supported by reliable scientific' evidence. These drugs are also misbranded within the meaning of section 502(f)(1) of the Act, in that the labeling for these drugs fails to bear adequate directions for use.

The above violations are not meant to be an all-inclusive list of deficiencies in your products and their labeling. It is your responsibility to ensure that products marketed by your firm comply with the Act and its implementing regulations.

The Act authorizes the seizure of illegal products and injunctions against manufacturers and distributors of those products. You should take prompt action to correct these deviations and prevent their future recurrence. Failure to do so may result in enforcement action without further notice.

Please advise this office, in writing and within fifteen (15) working days of the receipt of this letter, as to the specific steps you have taken to correct the violations noted above and to assure that similar violations do not occur. If corrective actions cannot be completed within fifteen working days, state the reason for the delay and the time within which the corrections will be completed.

Your reply should be addressed to Compliance Officer Jennifer Thomas at the above address.



Joseph R. Baca
Office of Compliance
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

This page was posted on July 9, 2005

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by Studenofhistory

2.Approximately 3500 Chinese children died in an Avian Flu vaccine experiment. (Rumor, 200

3. The Philippine High Court convicted WHO (The World Health Organization) of involuntarily sterilizing over 3 million Philippina women through the use of vaccines. (Fact)

4. The WHO in 1985 documented that one of its’ primary goals for the use of a sterility vaccine disguised as a smallpox vaccine was to “eliminate 150 million excess Sub Saharan Africans”. (Fact, 1985-ongoing)

5. The WHO 5-shot vaccine programs for tetanus in third world countries in South and Central America caused the involuntary sterilization of millions of women. (Fact, ongoing)

6. Monsanto’s MON 810 corn causes sterility according to studies published by the Austrian Government. (Fact, 2009)

7. Monsanto’s MON 810 corn contains the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus which, when ingested, lowers the bodies CD 4 cells to a point which, on immune tests, indicate that a person has HIV/AIDS. The lowered CD 4 cells results from eating GMO corn, the staple of the diet in many parts of Black Africa. MON 810 is grown in Europe for animal feed and in many places, including the US, around the world for human food. (Fact, ongoing)

Regarding number 2. You should not post a rumor under a post that you are calling facts. It is only a fact that it is a rumor. To me this causes everything else to become suspect.

Regarding number 3-5

This is a leap. If this is true it has nothing to do with the swine flu vaccine. If anything this shows that TPTB will be more selective in their population control but I may be wrong.

Number 6 and 7 Again, a leap. What does corn have to do with the flu vaccine?

You stated it would cause death and sterility.

I am not an advocate of the flu vaccine and have no intention of taking it.

Most countries do not have an electronic record system (and I can assure you in the US it will take a few years) nor do they have anywhere near the manpower to run down everyone who didn't happen to get the shot at their Dr's.

In the US you can get the vaccine from your private physician, the hospital down to a drug store and supermarket. No one is going to run down where you say you got the flu shot. They may call it mandatory in the hopes all will take it but, at least this year, there is no way they will be able to keep up with everyone.

If you don't want to take it, as I don't, then just don't take. If they show up at the door tell them you got
it at the supermarket or wherever.

How are they going to track indigents on the street? Mandatory is just a word right now that they can not enforce.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by liveandlearn

Once the media scares the hell out of the sheeple and a false flag of some sorts is unleashed it will be mass panic to get the shot.

Mandatory for most will not matter

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 10:21 PM
BTW, this vaccine will be given to those most at risk first. Among those most at risk are healthcare workers. Does anyone really think they are going to try to get rid of all healthcare workers? That is a very big stretch.

I am an infection control nurse and know how this works. Most healthcare workers get the shot in the first 2 weeks. Who is going to take care of the rest?

Again, I don't trust the vaccine but only because it is not sufficiently tested. Read my other post for my reasoning why population reduction will be more selective. The goal would be to get rid of the non productive drags on resources, I think. But this is only my opinion.

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