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The new Report on illegal spying is not a real investigation

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 02:58 AM

Nonetheless, because the Obama administration is actively blocking any real investigation -- Obama opposes all Congressional investigations into Bush-era crimes and, worse, is engaged in extraordinary efforts to block courts from adjudicating the legality of Bush's surveillance activities by claiming that even long-obsolete and clearly criminal programs are "state secrets" -- it is quite likely, despite how blatant is the lawbreaking, that there will be no consequences for any of it. In a Look-to-the-Future-Not-the-Past political culture, it's irrelevant how severe is the lawbreaking by high government officials. They know they will face no consequences even when, as here, they deliberately commit felonies -- which is precisely why criminality is so rampant in our political class.

Other than some efforts by John Conyers and Judiciary there hasn't been any effort made by Congress to hold the Bush administration accountable for at least two serious crimes: 1. Torture and 2. Illegal spying on Americans. And without any accountability we should expect more of the same to continue.

I consider the position of Obama now to be one of overtly obstructing justice - a serious crime too. I would claim we should be calling for his impeachment if I thought anyone in Congress would listen. But knowing that calls for impeachment would go nowhere, I offer these suggestions which I believe would:

1. Make sure the DCCC and DSCC and DNC understand that they will not get another cent of your money until the Dems show some real leadership by holding Bush officials accountable for these crimes. This means the Dems must agree to hold real investigations with the power of issuing subpoenas that require former and any current elected officials and many others who worked for the Bush Administration to testify under oath regardless of whether or not Obama supports these investigations.

2. That until Obama claims he supports these investigations and will do everything he can to support them and make it easy not harder for these investigations to go forward, he will not get anymore of our support either for his programs and/or his fundraising efforts on behalf of other Dems.

What these politicians do understand is MONEY and the next election. Once our spigots turn off let's see if they continue to ignore us. This is why I think it is important now to target the major Dem fundraising groups at the national level. If you get calls from any of these groups asking for your money, just tell them you are donating now to the ACLU because at least they are an organization that will defend our civil liberties. Or tell them you are giving now to other charities where your money might do some good versus throwing it down the toilet of Democratic politics.

I can tell you, you will feel great when you have made the decision not to support these groups anymore for the reasons I have stated. It's like a big rock has been lifted from your shoulders.


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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 04:57 PM
To Add:

Nixon was never convicted or tried for any crimes, and Ford pardoned Nixon after he resigned under the premise that the country had go through the Watergate hearings and they did not want to endure anymore. The public was delighted to have tricky Dick gone. Nixon resigned because republicans in Congress went to the White house and encouraged him to resign saying they would have to vote to impeach him if he did not. In fact Nixon was never impeached because he agreed to resign.

This was meant to be a report, not an investigation. The main fact this report pointed out is that the whole sale wire tapping of American citizen's international communications did not result in any information that wa sueful stopping any future attacks or lead to any information into 9/11. The new 2008 FISA law requires a warrant first, and more oversight. However wouldn't the report be useful in getting Congress the review the wiretap law.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:47 PM
The reason there will not be an investigation is because Obama and Bush work for the same people. The Democrat and Republican divided is only an illusion for the sheep. They are both working towards the same goal. The System is in overdrive setting up a reality of total enslavement. The only way to beat this is by letting go of all these illusions of seperation between conservatives and liberals, D's and R's, Christian and Muslim, black and white, rich and poor, etc. If we give up all of our favorite divisions and start working together the power stucture will totally collapse and we can build a new and much better world.

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