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Hurtful, angry, spiteful, people!(religious fanaticism)

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by JesusisTruth

Please its not bias.. Its the truth and alot of people are having a hard time to deal with that.. AS this whole post is talking about the evils that HAS inflitrated the heart of religion.

If its just bias, why did the Pope himself use Vatican Gold and blood money to cover it all up?

Thus I am trying to tell people, that most catholic churches have been taken over by the forces of evil.
But you think Im comming off differently.

The Vatican itself has become a hub for these false preists! Its become the very thing its said to be against..

Thus I think Im spot on by pointing something out that has happened, and keeps happening in the past.
But you are right. Its all about infliration.. But the highest levels have already been taken over by demons and evil..

Thus those who feed that power bases are only making them stronger..
I fight vs this kind of evil, and trickery..
I guess you do to in your own way..
But I can already tell we do not see eye to eye..
As you have already come off holier than tho.. and quite rude without finding out what I was truely talking about..

posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 07:52 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Orangetom you are no different than the male fanatics of old that when they could not control the feminine they went for utter destruction. You want a masculine world void of the feminine.

It is obvious you do not like women as you paint them all with a broad brush. Very few women would not take on someone elses children..and I am sure they have their own reasons...just a little personal choice I'm sure. As far as equal employment or women having some say in the world it's a pretty new thing for us but given a level playing field it wouldn't be long before guys like you were changing diapers and cleaning toilets ... better yet dismantling the war machine you bad boys built.

If the Masons and Illuminate or whoever you think is carrying the feminine banner actually is then I applaud it. To know that the sacred feminine can be championed by men sends warm chills up my spine.

I have no idea the brand of your Christian Armour.... it's all the same to me...paranoid and hateful.

There is no feminine conspiracy just a bunch of paranoid guys knowing that it will eventually happen. The pure testosterone that pumps through your veins is just a poisonous as the potato flowers that Celtic women fed to the marauding Romans.

Try reading Merlin Stones "When God Was A Woman".

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posted on Jul, 16 2009 @ 09:10 PM
Lets also not forget about those fanatics that feel hurricanes, school shootings and many things that happen due to mother nature Is GODS way to punish people!!

Sorry Orange Tom you sound alot like Pat Robertson.. Shame on you!!!

Robertson is opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage.[5][6] He has described feminism as a "socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians."[7]

Many of Robertson's views mirror those of fellow evangelical pastor/activist Jerry Falwell, who made frequent appearances on The 700 Club. He agreed with Falwell when Falwell stated[8] that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were caused by "pagans, abortionists, feminists, gays, lesbians, the American Civil Liberties Union and the People For the American Way."

After public outcry regarding the dialogue, which was conducted via television monitor and took place only days after the attacks, Robertson claimed that his earpiece was malfunctioning, and that he was unaware of what he was actually agreeing with at the time. Falwell himself later said he had misspoken.

On the June 8, 1998 edition of his show, Robertson denounced Orlando, Florida and Disney World for allowing a privately sponsored "Gay Days" weekend. Robertson stated that the acceptance of homosexuality could result in hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist bombings and "possibly a meteor."[9] The resulting outcry prompted Robertson to return to the topic on June 24, where he quoted the Book of Revelation to support his claims. The first hurricane of the 1998 Atlantic hurricane season[10], Hurricane Bonnie, actually turned away from Florida and instead damaged the rest of the east coast. The area hardest hit by the hurricane was the Hampton Roads region, [11], which includes Virginia Beach[12], where the Robertson's 700 Club is broadcast from [13]. While other hurricanes did hit Florida, [14] none of them hit Disney World. [15]

While discussing the Mark Foley scandal on the October 5, 2006 broadcast of the show, Robertson condemned Foley saying he "does what gay people do".[16]

Not looking good.. And its shameful people really think this way!!!

An organization of Christian fundamentalists claims the destruction brought on by Hurricane Katrina is God's judgment against New Orleans for holding festivals like the annual gay Southern Decadence party.

"Although the loss of lives is deeply saddening, this act of God destroyed a wicked city," said Repent America director Michael Marcavage on the organization's Web site. "From 'Girls Gone Wild' to 'Southern Decadence,' New Orleans was a city that had its doors wide open to the public celebration of sin. May it never be the same."

Look Im no fan of Girls gone Wild.. But hey.. I really don't think God is going to come down and punish guys for being horny Dogs!!!

I just wanted to point where this is all going...

And what sort of stuff you are seemingly defending..

Can I ask Orange Tom.. Are you a fan or supporter of Pat Robertson?
You seem to be driving the whole Femm point home..
And Phelps, and Pat Robertson make a BIG deal about those very points.

Or are you just speaking in general terms and sharing your facts and history with us here?

AS I can say with all my heart.. People like Fred Phelps and Pat Robertson are very sick sick people.. And they honestly need to be taken off TV.. And not allowed such a powerful platform to spread such ignorance and HATE!!!

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson say immorality and anti-Christian groups should share in the blame for the Terrorist Attacks on America-Truth!

Some say that in an Interview on Pat Robertson's 700 Club telecast, Robertson and the Rev. Jerry Falwell seemed to be resting the blame for the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks on 9/11/01 on their political and moral enemies rather than the terrorists themselves. Others simply repeat their remarks that gays, abortionists, the ACLU, and the People For the American Way should share in the blame for a spiritual vulnerability that allowed the attack to take place.

The Truth
According to the CBN website, the Interview took place on Thursday, September 13 (Some versions of the eRumor say it was Wednesday).

Both men spoke harshly of the terrorists and clearly blamed them for the attacks.

During a discussion about whether this crisis might bring revival to America, Jerry Falwell said God may have allowed what the nation deserved because of moral decay and said Americans should have an attitude of repentance before God and asking for God's protection. He specifically listed the ACLU, abortionists, feminists, gays, and the People For the American way as sharing in the blame. Pat Robertson responded with agreement.

Satan's Dynamic Duo
Rev. Falwell and Pat Robertson
Please tell me I am mistaken Tom, and you do not support These kind of men.. Or do you feel they are correct and you support their personal truths?

Television evangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, two of the most prominent voices of the religious right, said liberal civil liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals and abortion rights supporters bear partial responsibility for Tuesday's terrorist attacks because their actions have turned God's anger against America.

"God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve," said Falwell, appearing yesterday on the Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club," hosted by Robertson.

"Jerry, that's my feeling," Robertson responded. "I think we've just seen the antechamber to terror. We haven't even begun to see what they can do to the major population."

Falwell said the American Civil Liberties Union has "got to take a lot of blame for this," again winning Robertson's agreement: "Well, yes."

Then Falwell broadened his blast to include the federal courts and others who he said were "throwing God out of the public square." He added: "The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way -- all of them who have tried to secularize America -- I point the finger in their face and say, 'You helped this happen.' "

People for the American Way transcribed the broadcast and denounced the comments as running directly counter to President Bush's call for national unity. Ralph G. Neas, the liberal group's president, called the remarks "absolutely inappropriate and irresponsible."

Falwell was unrepentant, saying in an interview that he was "making a theological statement, not a legal statement."

"I put all the blame legally and morally on the actions of the terrorist," he said. But he said America's "secular and anti-Christian environment left us open to our Lord's [decision] not to protect. When a nation deserts God and expels God from the culture . . . the result is not good."

Robertson was not available for comment, a spokeswoman said. But she released a statement echoing the remarks he made on his show. An ACLU spokeswoman said the group "will not dignify the Falwell-Robertson remarks with a comment."

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 12:01 AM
Another important point to make here before IM off for the night.. Is that why is it when I bring up pedo preists.. Someone always jumps in and makes excuses for them?
Such as not all preists molest young boys..
Well no Duh!! Thats comman knowledge.. and I never did say ALL preists do this!!
There are many great people who serve within all churches across the board!!
There are many great gay preists who do their thing and are good people!

So I also want to stress that in no way does being gay have anything to do with being a Pedo!!

Infact, I would think the gay preists who go about their days, and would find another human being to love is a okay in my book!
Nothing wrong with loving another human being that is of age!

Theres plenty wrong with those who take advantage of young boys...
I happened to have gone through this personally!

I was taken advantage of in my younger days by a vile preist who though he could mentor me, and teach me the meaning of love..
Yet his idea of love had more to do with sexual desire and lust than it did with the truth of love..

So I don't need anyone to come in and give me a speech about any of this.. I know first HAND!! So spare me the speech.. Thanks..

Being a pedo, has nothing to do with sexual preferance.. There are straight pedos.. And there are gay pedos...

So to say that being gay, leads to being a pedo.. Is just like saying..

All preists molest young boys.. Its just not true!!!

And I know, 100% there are more good preists and good people in church than the ladder...
However what bothers me, is that its covered up.. and not exposed!!!

The Pope himself never really came right out and said how wrong it was!!
No he slipped and slided! And in turn covered it up with all their money and funding!!

So thats why I have been lead to belive that the Pope is an evil man..
And the Vatican is the root of evil in this world..

The Vatican to me, will feed the beast, and bring around a New world order. AS the Vatican wants this new world order to be faith based..

The Vatican are the puppet masters in one sense!
Such as the Vatican was fully behind Hilter! The vatican funded Hilter.. And Hilter was but a Vatican Puppet.. And used to fullfill their evil agenda..

So much that I could go on and on about.. But I will leave it at that..
And I stand fast on my feelings about this church.. And that its NOT holy nor is it good.. Its down right evil.. Its the workings of Satan!

If there is such a thing as Satan.. Then Satan runs the Vatican!

posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 01:48 AM
i]reply to post by zysin5

First off Zysiin5 let me apologize in my last post. I stated at the bottom that I would return to reply to lifecitizen. I meant you Zysin5. Not quite sure how I got the two of you mixed up. Nonetheless My apologies for this.

Now to reply to your post on page 5

I am getting that you have researched and found that women have been infact the ruling energy and ruling power of religion and of secert Orders of the occult.

No this is not what I have found out at all. What I have learned is that at the highest levels the Occult orders are all men. The religion these men expouse and practice is Feminine. Of this world and the things of this world..feminine. I actually dont have much use for what passes for female energy..nor male energy ..most of it is hype and drivel to me.

But most of that has to do with sexual rights, and the power to hold men in their place with their beauty and cunning ways via sexual charm..

Sexual rights or rites. Do you know the difference?? In many of the groups of which I speak there are certain rites which take place and go back into antiquity. Many of these rites and thier secrets are reflected in their Architecture, in ceremony and in their holydays. This is known informations mostly kept from the bulk of the public unless you do some serious digging on how these peoples, nations, and rituals/rites were conducted...particularly by the priest class.

I understand if you are a manly man type of guy.. And would absolutely refuse anything female about yourself..

LOL LOL LOL Zysin5...I can cook, clean house, do my own laundry, change with a needle and thread..etc etc etc. I did not fall off the truck just yesterday.

I do not have much use for a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer/liquior and telling stories...nor reading the swimsuit edition..nor do I read or purchase sports illustrated... nor watch ESPN network.

I like the company of women better than men and for most of my life I have dated older women because I find the younger ones to empty of substance...but high on maintenance requirements...and short attention spans as well. Alot of guys are in this same boat today..short attention spans too.

I dont have alot of use for the feminine principles in males or females...both.

I do have use for a real woman..though they are sometimes difficult to find in this high speed, fast food lane world. Mostly you have alot of females out here..not women. Same with men..alot of males out here ..not many men. And increasingly today you see alot of high maintenance men. Men whose maintenance requirements are as high or higher than many women. In short they are competition for these women..a burden. They look good and pretty..but many women soon figure out they do not want the burden of upkeep on men like this. Hence..very feminine. Interestingly enough ..some of these men havent a clue. Just like alot of these women...these men will do well until the biology runs out and it strikes midnight Cinderella. Pumkin time!!

Zysin5..I am going to show you something here and I am asking myself if you even have the acumen to understand this concept so this point may be useless to make here.

Watch this by yourself try to go along this tack or path without even thinking about what you are saying....the big picture. Watch this...

You summed it up in each of your posts and considering your last as to why gays are so hated you are correct in that it is the feminine that must be beaten out of the man. Men rarely go crazy over two women being together...actually yes they do.

and this here from you...

I just happen to feel many right wing Fanatics in religion tend to say thats a BAD thing.. And that if you act Femm what so ever that makes you gay.
Hence Gay being evil and bad, and unnatural sin..

I am going to take time to show or illustrate for you a point about human behavior/history..which you will never hear from public school sources ..nor from a politician, nor from most of the feminine posters here on these boards..particularly the feminine who are want to post from an occult background.

No one in their right mind defines who and what they are by their sexuality/sexual orientation. You have to go to school and be brainwashed to be that stupid. Thinking people are not that naturally stupid.

I am not saying that people do not have sexuality. I am saying that people are so much more than sexuality. Do you understand such a concept? Are people in fact much more than sexuality??

So why is the feminine so preoccupied with sex sources of power and control?? Why is this pattern and fingrerprint found all the way back to ancient Egypt and before?? It is a commonality among many many religions and among those who know it is sometimes called the Prisca Theologia. That all religions had certain traits in common. Some would go so far in their dogmas so as to declare " all religions are the same religion."

This is the problem with the Gay movement. That they totally define who and what they are by their other identifier. This is really dumb. As I said..for thinking peoples you have to be educated to get this stupid.

Although I will also admit..this fingerprint is more heavily merchandized to the heterosexual community than the gays. Heteros are more bombarded by sexual drivel to define themselves by their sexuality than is the gay commuinity...24/7.
And I am going to tell you straight up...women understand sex and sexuality from a much deeper awareness...and bigger arena than most males will ever understand...carte blanche.
Women understand it in the purchasing of a home, in colours, in cut and lines of merchandize, and they understand it in control mechanisms as well...and they understand how sex and sexuality play and function in this arena more than do most men.

Now I am going to tell you why in the long run..most women will not make it in positions of power..with alot of other women.

Because women are in fact aware of sexuality from a deeper more intimate and subtle perspective than most men. This means they are also aware of competition among and from other women..far more than most men can even fathom. And women can be quite vicious and cut-throat about this.

Nonetheless I stand by what I one in their right mind defines themselves as to whom or what they are by thier sexuality/sexual orientation...hetero or homo. It is stupid.
People are so much more than sexuality/sexual orientation....male and female both.

Sorry Orange Tom you sound alot like Pat Robertson.. Shame on you!!!

No need to be sorry here Zysin5. Pat Robertson has this place called CBN Network about 30/35 miles south of me in Virginia Beach. I am not a fan of Pat Robertson or his network. Nor am I a fan of this guy Falwell out of Lynchburg, Virginia. I have no idea who is this other person Phelps of whom you refer.
I also have no idea who is Mark Foley. The name does not ring a bell with me.

LOL LOL I too am not a fan of Girls Gone Wild. As I stated to someone in a previous thread is not difficult to get females to come over and take off thier clothes. For some it is the only marketable skill they have. It is very difficult to find a Woman...much more difficult.

Hope this helps your understanding Zysin5.


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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 03:26 AM

Originally posted by orangetom1999

Sexual rights or rites. Do you know the difference??
Hope this helps your understanding Zysin5.


Rites is what my mind was saying, yet my fingers typed out rights..
Yep I do know the difference.. I have had alot of dealings with Wiccan/pagen cults.. Until I learned that it was all programming and just as bad as what I was dealing with in other faiths..

You hit the nail on the head!
You are well versed in your knowledge...

And yes that helps my understanding greatly!

I thank you for taking the time to post that..
After taking the time to read fully into your posts and stuff.. You don't come off as someone I would disagree with on many many points!

I just woke up and have to get to the airport to pick up my girlfriend for the weekend..
I may be offline for a few days..

But all in all.. I think your on the right track.. And you are not one of these people who take what they learned in school, and on TV..
You think very much outside the box! Which is what I was looking for from people to come here and post..

And you have some years on me, and you have your own sense of wisdom which I did Learn from..
So with that I wish you a great week!!


Edit-- I just wanted to add.. Im glad your not a fan of Robertson.. Thus it was my mistake to assume you where...

And Mark Foley, he was the guy in congress who lead the fight Against sexual preditors online.. He was the stand up guy who busted the people who would prey on young boys and girls..

Well some time into his term.. They busted him for talking to many young boys online, and he was the one doing the sexual advances on young boys online..
Which IMO was no shock.. Most the time.. The people who head things are normally the ones with the most to hide!
It just seems to work out that way for some reason.. The Mark Foley deal was a pretty big issue.. Im sure you have heard of it.. Its just in the back of your mind there..
Infact i know you will remember what IM saying just by mentioning it..

I can say this.. You very much impress me with your knowledge.
Rarely do I find people who can best me at my own threads and my own ideas.. I do give credit where credit is earned..
While on one hand you have a way with words to prehaps make people assume to much about you. When infact your a much better person than I gave you credit to begin with.. Thus I always make a point not to put to many words into peoples mouths.. Least I be shown my own faults..
Its a learn exp for me.. And Im glad you stopped in here, To show me what I need to learn, and how many things I may have in comman with a person that I would otherwise disagree with on many other points..
But overall Im glad this thread went down as it did..
WE live and we learn! its a good thing!

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posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Now that I am back from a busy weekend, and week.. I would like to point out that no one really did answer my question and what this thread was really all about..
I thank you for all the knowledge you did bring to this thread..
However my root question remains the same..

How do you fight evil?
How do you fight something without attacking it.. Or hurting the people being blinded by such maddness?

Such as.. I am a religious soul.. And I do want to fight for what is right..
But it seems to me that most leaders and heads of the church stand to divide us, and really bow down before the Dajjal or satan..

I want to know how to fight this.. Without becomming the very thing I set out to defeat..

I would also like to know if there are any churches, or any places I could find other like me who feel most religion has been taken over by evil..

I would praise the lord and Jesus if I felt in my heart of hearts that I was not serving a darker evil.. That is masked by the true evils of this world..

Thats what I would like to know..

I think this video has a good idea.. and touches on what Im talking about..
Leaders of the church are controled by evil to divide us and create those who refuse God.

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posted on Jul, 22 2009 @ 08:08 PM
As I want to make sure its well known I am not the type of person who would refuse the word of the bible.. Infact I would be more than willing to find a place where I could praise all that is good and great in this world..

But I have yet to find a place that is pure..

Most all churches and places I have found, secertly serve Satan.. Or in otherwords empower the base in which Satan rules over this world..

I have always wanted to belive.. But I find it hard to belive when I see so many wrongs in this world when it comes to religion..

I would think most people would have figured this out by now.. But it just goes to show us all how powerful Evil can be.. And how clever it has crafted good people into being servants of evil.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 11:11 AM
Here's the thing, Zysin, you've already got it right in a way with your Gaundi thing. Layman's terms: Kill 'em with kindness. (Of course you know I don't actually mean kill them.)

The problem is they really feel "righteous" and not evil at all. It is very contradictory. The only way to change these ideas is to gracefully point them out to them. And if need be again, and again, and again, and so on. Until they can no longer see the "righteousness" in it. For some people it is harder to see "truths" than others and takes more time. And really there is only so much one can do without becoming "righteous" themselves.

Fear has a grip. The idea of not knowing is scary. Some people have a tighter grip.

I have my own beliefs that I call "anyone"-isms. You might call yours Zysinisms, where others call theirs Budhism, Hinduism, Christianity(ism).

People use that strength in numbers bit to back up their beliefs saying millions of people believe the same way they do so they must be "right."

When all they really need to do is look within themselves.

That's just what "i" believe.
...right now anyway.


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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 11:53 AM

these same people
this is sweeping generalization, that absolutly contradicts your previous statement. it made the rest of the thread not even worth reading. sorry

by this you imply that ALL these same people. wich is first untrue because i for one,don't care what you believe.2nd is the contradiction.

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 05:50 PM
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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 06:01 PM
Well, I'm shattered OrangeTom, here I am waiting, waiting for your post to me only to find out your post is to Zy

Your full of it, you take a page long post to say women understand sexuality- helloooo that's not rocket science

We worked out eons ago how to use sex- men are like the Greys with their collective mind- you all think pretty much the same- with your you know what

Think Anna Nicole- all she had to do was flash her boobies and bingo- the world was her oyster-

When guys can't get it on their own merit, they will pay for it- and in more ways than one- if you don't get it you go out and rape someone, you are neandathals when it comes to sex, not only have we worked out how to control it, we use it to our advantage- why should females be blamed for males shortcomings

You obviously blame us for something as each and every one of your posts is derogatory towards females

Get over yourself

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 07:13 PM
Haven't quite finished

I am asking myself if you even have the acumen to understand this concept so this point may be useless to make here.

How rude you are, didn't teach manners in your corner of the world?

Rude and a tad rich- you're here dribbling on in a religious fanaticism thread about your hatred for all things female, at least Zy is sticking to the topic

I am saying that people are so much more than sexuality. Do you understand such a concept?

lol- again, rich coming from a male- as I pointed out in my previous post- all men think basically the same- you are easily dominated by females because you think with your you know what- yes, we use it to our advantage, countless men have been brought down by females and the allure of sex- why? because you are easily manipulated and for you personally OrangeTom you are not as smart as you think you are

I also have no idea who is Mark Foley. The name does not ring a bell with me.

- you're really switched on aren't you?- even I know who he is and I live in Australia-

it is not difficult to get females to come over and take off thier clothes. For some it is the only marketable skill they have.

Here we go again- you are beyond rude but to state the obvious to this- we might take our clothes off but you can be sure there is something in it for us- and just so you know, you could look like Adonis and I wouldn't show you my boobies-

It is very difficult to find a Woman...much more difficult.

I dare say it would be for you OrangeTom- here's a tip, drop the attitude towards females and you might be able to get your rocks off once in a while- luckily for you and I'm guessing here- you have a hand

Hope this helps your understanding OrangeTom

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 07:27 PM
People use that strength in numbers bit to back up their beliefs saying millions of people believe the same way they do so they must be "right."

Very true Anyone, there's safety in numbers

Speaking with someone recently- they had come to the conclusion they didnt believe in god/a god

Then their mother died- and they started questioning their beliefs- they said they were reconsidering believing in god/a god as billions of people surely couldn't be wrong

What they were really questioning was their life after death- they didn''t seem to get that you don't neccassarily have to believe in God to believe in life after death

I was really surprised by this person- they are way smarter than me academically wise- yet they were willing to start believing in god because they wanted to believe in an after life- I remember saying to them just because billions of people believe in something it doesn't neccassarily make them right- there are a myriad of reasons why people choose to believe in a god- but it mostly comes down to fear

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posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by lifecitizen

This is where semantics becomes part of the equation. The word God/god/G*d/gods/G-d/yahweh and so on. All the same to me but also not. To me there really isn't a word that quite does it.

Some people just think that believers in God pray to a single being. I am sure that is where your friend got put off. Upon the death of her mother she couldn't possibly imagine her mother not to "be" anymore. Therefore logically she questions what it is she really does believe.

It's good to question and to grow in one's spirituality. It just takes some of us longer...

Now here I am starting to sound "righteous." it is the fallacy of the concept.

I still don't "know." I never will until i do.

posted on Jul, 23 2009 @ 08:00 PM
Upon the death of her mother she couldn't possibly imagine her mother not to "be" anymore.

that's right- she questioned her beliefs because she couldn't stand the thought of her mother not 'being' anymore.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by zysin5


In answer to your do you fight evil...

The answer is ..with the Truth.

It also helps to know about occult or another word for occult principles is..


To know and understand about counterfeit systems and principles. And occult of duality ...hidden from the knowledge and understanding of most peoples are counterfeit systems. One knows this because the fruits they produce are mostly inert..dead fruits. Particularly as pertains to the general populace. They mostly serve a feudal class of people at the expense of the general public. Hence Fedual systems.

To be able to do this one needs to know the Truth.

Observe Zysin5....

reply to post by lifecitizen


I want to thank you in particular for making clear two of the points I was trying to make in my "long posts." You have done so much better and more clearly than could I ever have done. And with an economy of words as well.

First point is that your very post... it is clear that we are not dealing with a Patriarchal Society if the males can be overturned by such simplicity.

No Patriarchal Society out here...only a hidden concealed, Feminine, Matriarcal Society which shows contempt for that which it does not control and that which would shed Light upon and politics.

Also the second point is about getting in the last word..textbook feminine occult

I do appreciate you making these points in confirmation of my long posts.

Thank you,
You have done a much better job in clarification than could I have ever done.


posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 01:06 PM
Thank you everyone for all your replies!!
I feel much better now that I have had the chance to not only learn, but speak with most everyone on this thread with kindness and an open heart..

Its right what you said how to fight evil.. Is to fight it with truth..

And I will keep on doing so.. and exposing those who have inflitrated religion and are extreamist and fanatics!
Each sect has their own people who take and warp the true meaning of what they are trying to say..

I understand this now..

And I am highly considering looking deeply into Islam!

This series really dives right into what I have been saying all my life and in this thread.. Moderates of all religion can come together under one Banner!
We as moderates are not extreamists, or fanatics! I belive this is the only way for me to belive.. Maybe not you.. But for me.. This is IT!
What I have been looking for most my life..

Islam I found when I talked to a couple key people really does explain what I think about the one true God.. The God who loves, and treats all people equally..
As Islam teaches to respect women, and to love everyone..

I am happy to have found this inner peace when I think of Islam..
And its well known there are many who would warp and distort the true meaning of Islam.. I know this, and I will never stand with any one sect..

But I will keep on being myself.. And knowing in my heart that there is one true God.. And man kind such as the Vatican and other Sects only serve Satan or negtive energy to divide and conqure us!!

Its a great day for me to finally find something that means alot to me personally.. And it means alot for me to finally think of a faith I can really dig my soul into..

Yet as its always known.. There will be those extreamist, and fanatic who will always be here..
Life is a test.. And the test is not to allow such people to push me away from my innerself.. Nor push me away from the One God.. Or One creator!

Much love and many thanks to all who put something postive to this thread..

And to those who don't care, Well thats fine.. I never twisted anyones arm to read or post in here!


Originally posted by randyvs

these same people
this is sweeping generalization, that absolutly contradicts your previous statement. it made the rest of the thread not even worth reading. sorry

by this you imply that ALL these same people. wich is first untrue because i for one,don't care what you believe.2nd is the contradiction.

I am talking about Extreamist.. And fanatics These same people I mean the same fanatics, and extreamists.. Don't be sorry for your own ignorance my friend.. As I said before.. No one emailed you or asked you to come in here.. By your own post.. You have exposed your own faults and traits for all to see..

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posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 05:52 PM
LOL OrangeTom

so I'm bitter now
that is really funny coming from you- you are so bitter about women in general you have to bring them into a thread that has nothing to do with women- bring them in and put them down to make yourself feel better somehow

If you think I'm the only one that has noticed that- re read the thread.

posted on Jul, 24 2009 @ 06:07 PM
And with an economy of words as well.

LOL again, sorry missed this before

Yes! I don't have the need to baffle people with bs- I understand peeps that want to alleviate their status to appear more than what they are use big words and clog up go one further than that though and clog up entire threads with your perceived wealth of knowledge

But I'm sorry I don't deserve your high praise- I may have pointed out the obvious in regards to the average joe- but when it comes to power and politics- the fame is all yours

Last word?

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