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Hurtful, angry, spiteful, people!(religious fanaticism)

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by zysin5

This sounds like a "Nephilim" disinfo rant. "You" know full well what the "conflict" is. The "hypocrites" to which you refer are your "brothers and sisters". They are simply doing their part to confuse the "COG/Children of God". The "COG" have no "excuses" for any acts or thoughts that are not centered upon "love and forgiveness".

BTW... the last "druid" that I met was on a mountain in Washington. His five year old son spoke in growls and his Druid Old Man chased him around camp throwing a hatchet at him.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:56 AM

Originally posted by KOGDOG

BTW... the last "druid" that I met was on a mountain in Washington. His five year old son spoke in growls and his Druid Old Man chased him around camp throwing a hatchet at him.


that statement does not seem to have too much love or forgiveness in it. maybe my carnal eyes have me blind to such things....

oh well.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 07:09 AM
reply to post by zysin5

My friend, I would advise if you have any questions, take them up with God.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by zysin5

I am very glad you posted this thread. It is a contradiction in common sense to think you are a child of god then retaliate against those whose beliefs are dissimilar from your own.

A. The Book - any religious book - written by men whose interpretations are littered with human error.

B. The Church - any religious gathering place - Said to be a haven and refuge for children of god, yet not all are welcomed unconditionally. There are standards of tradition one must adopt to be "welcomed".

C. The Individual - all of us - Have unique perspectives, experiences and ability to process information. Some of us question everything, some of us question nothing.

D. Harmony, balance, peace, love, charity, forgiveness and faith. In my experience, the people who demonstrate these qualities are the least vocal in any gathering or group. The ones who are genuinely humble, show humility and display wisdom and they do not (ever) seek out followers.

My personal experience with a religious cult was and still is a huge stumbling block for me. I don't hate anyone for being used by religious dogma. But I have figured out that fanatics are chronically mentally, emotionally and sometimes, physically challenged. The reason for this, is that they are easy prey for the religious predator, the one that wants to control others behavior, thoughts, and ideas for personal gain (power, money, notariety).

I told my mother that I didn't want her speaking to my daughter about Jehovah's Witnesses' beliefs. I threatened to disallow her from being alone with my daughter unless she agreed to my wishes. When mom realized I meant it, she enlisted the wives of her congregation. I had studied the Bible with them for a time, discovering the latent abuse hidden within the doctrine. I did not feel the "faith" that is oh so important, so they worked even harder on guilting me into submission.

The elder's wives would come to my home and demand that I allow them to take my daughter (5 years old) to "meetings". They insisted that I was acting on behalf of Satan by keeping her from their "meetings and teachings". I thought that was pretty sick. I still do. It gets worse but the point of the OP is how to deal with this type of attitude.

How to deal with them is entirely up to the individual. It is a lesson in life that has dramatic impact on every future decision one will ever make.

If you have been convinced that your life amounts to nothing unless you follow a religious doctrine, or that you are marked, or that you are a servant of satan for having doubts, you have been abused mentally.

If you refuse to follow someone else's ideals about God, resist indoctrination and refute their traditions and doctrines, they turn into hateful, vile and evil creatures before your very eyes. Why do they have this response (not all of them do!!)? Because their personal interpretations of the meaning of life are being threatened. Because they have misguidedly decicided they have found salvation from their "sins" and the only way to ensure that is to hold on tight, never allow a moments doubt to creep in nor do they listen to their inner voice (intuition, instinct) but instead follow prescribed doctrine, enlist the help of others and together they reinforce their beliefs, refusing to consider the harm they are causing to not only themselves, their families, their communities and the world at large.

Disallowing anyone to believe what their heart tells them is foolish and hateful and harmful to all involved.

God, The Creator of All That Is, The Original Source, his/her word cannot be known, described or taught accurately. He has not spoken to anyone EXCEPT through their hearts.

Watch the religious fanatics, they are dangerous not only to themselves, but to the entire world in general. They are unable to see past the blinders they themselves have adorned in complete faith in Man's machinations, lies and deceitful ways.

Look to your heart OP. You already know the answer to how to deal with them. You are doing it. No matter who agrees with you or disagrees, you must follow the inner voice that affects no one but you. That is communication with the One Above All.

Hateful, hurtful people who lash out indiscriminately in defense of their religious dogma, traditions and repercussions are mentally vulnerable individuals who become incapable of compassion nor humility. Two of the most common characteristics of their "Son of God".

There are haters and then there are those who truly strive to build their characters by the values and morals of Humility, Charity, and Forgiveness.

Its really hard to write what I mean and have you understand. But I tried.

I don't hate but I do feel pity for those who behave hatefully. Pity for them and hope that one day they will have a true awakening.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:11 AM
zysin5, you are not alone.

I see the fanaticism everywhere, and it is upsetting me, as people twist the true meaning of good to their pleasure.

I think a way to fight it, is to make an alternative, and simply fight hate with love. I'd suggest making speeches or maybe a blog first to tell people about this issue, then making the alternatives. That way, people will not be hurt, and they get the message straight up.

S&F for you, and good luck.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:54 AM

Originally posted by open_eyeballs
some of the fundamentalist Christians here on ATS.

I haven't seen any of the 'in your face' fundamentalists in a long time.
They usually come in pods and in waves.
(same with the anti-Catholics, anti-Jews, anti-blacks, anti-whites, etc.)
Pods and waves.

Right now .. the tide seems to be out when it comes to pods of 'preachy'
fundamentalist Christian being here.

What's nice is that pod-people tend to get banned eventually.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by Laurauk

I think that is great.

I have a similar story but have come to a point where any kind of anthropomorphized God does not make sense to me. I call myself agnostic but have belief in a spiritual realm. I actually believe the Bible is very close to the truth, but has been misinterpreted badly, at least when it comes to who or what "God" is.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by Hazelnut
B. The Church - any religious gathering place - Said to be a haven and refuge for children of god, yet not all are welcomed unconditionally. There are standards of tradition one must adopt to be "welcomed".

Gotta' blame Christ for that one. He set the standard. Remember the money changers in the temple? He chased them out with a homemade whip.

Christ didn't welcome everyone into the temple when He was walking in human form, and his followers are just following His example. (how's that for a different way to look at it? )

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:09 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

Ya, to be honest, I have stayed far away from the religion forum for a while now. Half of the posts have nothing to do with conspiracies in religion anyway.

I think the major problem is because people get so defensive so fast. For example: You will get someone who decides to post a thread and declare there is no Jesus Christ. Then all the believers will jump in and give their reasoning why Jesus Christ is absolutely historically correct, and there is not if, ands or buts about it.

Same thing goes for those that offer evidence of his existence. You will have those that will jump right in and announce that Jesus Christ was Horus and the whole story is complete hogwash
with no reasoning or care tolook at the whole picture.

There very rarely seems to be a give and take approach from either side. It is either it is or it isnt with most or all of them when it comes to do with anything from the Bible or religion in general.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:11 PM
I have found that fundamentalists of any stripe are small minded, at best, and some of the most intolerant and mean spirited individuals on the planet. They fear that which they do not understand which, apparently, is most things. They fear change and cling to that which they are familiar. Anyone who tries to discuss other philosophies is branded a heretic. Literal reading of an allegorical book, such as the Christian Bible, is a basic tenet even though the Old Testament and New Testament are often in conflict, known to have errors during copy and translations, and have large gaps in time because of lost oral tradition. Jihadists regularly violate the teachings of the Koran but evil Mullahs justify such actions for their own dark agendas. Conflicting ideas become a "test of faith" for the true believers.

I think that it was Voltaire who said "Love the man that searches for the truth but beware of the man who has found it."

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by zysin5

I completely agree with everything you say. I long to see the day when people realise how we all have so much in common, instead of concentrating on any differences, whatever they are.

We are all one, and there will eventually come a day when that will be realised and there will be peace on earth.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:36 PM

Originally posted by FlyersFan

Originally posted by Hazelnut
B. The Church - any religious gathering place - Said to be a haven and refuge for children of god, yet not all are welcomed unconditionally. There are standards of tradition one must adopt to be "welcomed".

Gotta' blame Christ for that one. He set the standard. Remember the money changers in the temple? He chased them out with a homemade whip.

Yeah but wasn't that because they were taking advantage of the temple goers?

Setting up shop outside of the temple to sell sacrificial items and to change the temple goers money into local currency because they didn't allow any other types of money to be used except theirs.

The money changers weren't there to worship or to seek sanctuary. They were there to profit only. That is why they were chased out. He was stressing that worship should be FREE.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:43 PM
I come from the deep south. Once i was entering a night club and was told point blank that I was going to hell. I replied, " And is it you who will judge me?" The evangelist had to go and ask his teacher what to say. I stood there waiting for the answer, but there was none. I just went about my business. Funny, but at the time i didn't even drink.

There is a christian college where i am from; and, they teach these guys to go out and scream at traffic and at people entering abortion clinics and bars. I got hijacked again downtown with a similar rant.

" Are you saved?", from two of them.

I'm like what? has my life been theatened?

oh boy they both started laying into me. Accused me of not being a spiritual person, so i turned the tide on them a bit.

I said, " I guess you know your bibles pretty well then?"

"oh yes"

I asked them why in Mark, it says that Jesus hung on a tree, when the other gospels say he was crucified on a cross?
that got em puzzled and they didn't have the answer.

"well, which one is it?"
they didn't know so then i asked them,

"Why does John say go forth with your sandals and your staff, while Mark says go forth without your sandals and staff?"

That got them thumbing through their book a bit puzzled.

Then i threw in. " I don't remember who the other two gospels are, but from the other two, one of them says to take the sandals and not the staff, while the last one says take the staff and not the sandals? Makes a perfect riddle doesn't it? What do you think the infallible word of god is trying to tell us here?

Then they said something to the effect that there teacher didn't tell them about that, to which i replied," Maybe you should learn what god is trying to say, before you start preaching to me about what he says?"

That left em dumbfounded and standing there trying to thumb through the book for references to save me with.

So, anyway, my point is that if you think that someone has a life limiting belief, challenge them on the belief a little with little questions and suppositions. Kill em with kindness in a way. These people were good guys, but, indoctrinated with dogma. Kinda like the guy who snags all the meat outta the stew, seein what they wanna see and takin what they want and leaving the rest behind.

Maybe that explains junk DNA?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 12:57 PM
50 years ago I decided that I was an atheist..... As a 9 year old I was able to see the hypocrisy of all of the people that went to church and bought into the venom, fear and hate that was being that was being pounded into their simple minds that were only open to being exploited in the name of God to be rewarded for their beliefs when they departed this earth..... Since they were forgiven for there sins anything they did that was cruel or dishonest was OK..... They were the people that hated without reason and strongly persecuted anyone that couldn't conform to the doublespeak contridictory lifestyle that they had chosen..... When I was in the third grade I had been condemned to hell by 1/2 the kids I knew just for playing with other kids that were of a different faith than they were..... When I became friends with people of races different from mine I was totally ostracised by all but a few older people that thought like I do now...... Where I live if you don't go to a certain church, belong to the Masonic Lodge or Eastern Star, have your mandatory truck or SUV covered with Republican Party campaign literature and do business at the right bank, you can pretty much be guaranteed to fail in any business venture that you decide to undertake..... I do think that if I was to run into a person like Jesus, we would probably get along just fine.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 01:52 PM
by David Icke

extracted from "Infinite Love Is the Only Truth"

It is well for his peace that the saint goes to his martyrdom. He is spared the sight of the horror of his harvest Oscar Wilde.

One of the major expressions of the Matrix program in this reality is what we call Religion, and that's not only Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the others we associate with that term. I also mean the religions we call money, politics, the pursuit of 'success', television, the cult of celebrity and what has been dubbed the 'New Age'.

Anything, in fact, that dictates your sense of reality and entraps you in the illusion.

The Matrix loves religions. They are the diversions that hold consciousness in the headlights of an oncoming fairytale. Which fairytale you choose to believe doesn't much matter so long as you buy into one of them and, of course, your DNA is always there to guide you. The idea is to keep you focused on one obsession so you don't see the guy at the stove preparing the gravy.

Horses have wide peripheral vision and some wear blinkers to ensure they can only see what's in front of them and not the panorama they would normally see. The blinkers are there to focus the horse on the desired activity - the race - and stop it being distracted by other horses or influences. The religions in all their forms are blinkers for humans.

They are there to discourage consciousness from seeing beyond the program because they are focused on one predominant belief or goal. The Silent Weapons for a Quiet War document said:

'Keep them busy, busy, busy, back on the farm with the other animals'.

The Matrix wants to keep the cell door bolted and religions have served the cause magnificently.

They entrap people in laws, irrelevance, and fine detail to such an extent that the big picture is never seen

These religions and so many more have one key thing in common: they are all bollocks. For readers from outside the United Kingdom, the British slang word 'bollocks' means both testicles and utter nonsense, as in 'a load of bollocks'. In the context of religions I use the word in both definitions. Like I say, which religion you choose is not important to the Matrix, so long as you fall in line with one of them because then the blinkers are on and the Matrix has you.

What makes me smile is that they all think they are following a unique faith when they all come from the same blueprint, and they all have a need to wear uniforms. If you saw an orthodox Jew wouldn't you know immediately with the beard, black hat and long black coat? Would you not know a Muslim immediately, or Sikh, or Buddhist, or Christian priest?

It's the herd mentality made manifest. Another hook in the God Program is obedience to the founders of the faith.

to Christians it's Jesus

to Jews it's Abraham or Moses

to Muslims it's Mohammed

to Sikhs it's Guru Nanak

to Buddhists it's Buddha

to Hindus it's Krishna

Religion is one of those flytraps of the spirit in which, as with the Matrix itself, you can often only see the nonsense of it when you are looking from the outside. I have met many former Christians over the years who have wondered why they couldn't see how crazy it all was when it later became so obvious to them. But then indoctrination and repetition are very powerful when your consciousness is on vacation and letting the DNA program mind the shop.

In the United States, Christian believers also dominate the conspiracy research field and this is why they only go so far in what they say, but no more. They are fine while their research supports their religious beliefs, but they won't cross the line, or even consider information, that would take them into levels of understanding that undermine the validity of their faith.

The religion dictates what is and what isn't and that's all you need to know. The sight of soldiers praying to God and asking Jesus for support before battles of mass murder in Iraq reveals a level of contradiction, self-delusion and childlike naivety that beggars belief. I also cringe when I see sports people crossing their chests and asking Jesus to help them win.

You will find that 'Christian' holy days are the holy days of Babylon and the 'Christian' trinity is the Babylonian trinity in disguise.

So that's why they have spent so long fighting and killing each other. If children acted like the religious fanatics you would tell them to grow up. What insanity it all is. We are Infinite Consciousness so why do we need some priest, caliph or rabbi to tell us what to think and how to live our lives? It is spellbindingly ridiculous and everyone suffers the consequences of these schoolboy squabbles with the global disharmony they create.

But conflict and division is what the Matrix desires and religions always deliver because so many of their advocates have lost the power of independent thought and discernment if, indeed, they ever had it.

If you are awake enough to reject conventional religion, the Matrix has other options. You can worship the gods of money, 'status', and power over others.

These obsessions are religions under other names and also dictate what you must do, think and say to achieve your goal.

'I must be what the boss wants me to be so I can get the foreman's job'

'I must do what the Prime Minister wants me to do so he will make me a lord'

'I must trample over people and ignore the consequences of my actions for others so I can make as much money as possible'

These religions also have a uniform - the shirt and tie. What is it with that? They say people have to go to work 'properly dressed' in shirt and tie and even schoolchildren often get the same treatment.

The official religions and those that worship money, power and celebrity are essentially the same. Only the name of the god is different.

for Christians He's the Almighty

for Jews He's Yahweh

for Muslims He's Allah

for the shirt and tie religions He's status, title or bank balance

for the celebrity religions He is the latest hyped flavor of the moment

All are expressions of the God Program and all have the same aim: human control.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 02:16 PM
reply to post by zysin5

This is a subject that I could go on forever about. I know the history of it well having been brought up a Jehovah's Witness and being a history buff helps..... and then of course being a woman I feel the affects of this lopsided thinking that religious fervor brings.

History is loaded with the tracks of this fundamental March to eliminate the feminine from the world. Look back into ancient history and you can see the death of the female deities. The Hebrew scriptures are loaded with the laws that would bind woman as property, Leviticus and Numbers are the more harsh toward women.

How many female Clerics, Rabbi's or priests are there in the world? We were doomed as a race when women were taken out of the mix.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:40 PM
Precisely why I keep to'll hear me pepper in comments about the Goddess on this board but you'll also hear that I may be wrong but it is what I believe...I have faith...I just don't push it on others


posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:50 PM
This is one of the easily believable ignorant threads I have seen in a long time.

It is obvious by the level of posting that most here have very devout feelings but little knowlege of history by which to check out or contrast their feelings.

It is obvious that the "FEELINGS" of some of the posters are in fact thier religion.

From page 1 of this thread.

Originally posted by Amagnon
It's not peoples BELIEFS that I hate, it is purely the ACT of believing that I hate.

A mind enmeshed in belief is like a bird in a cage, a large plump bird - that I would like to shoot with a 12 gauge - then eat.

Pure genius..also a public school education majoring in instant gratification values. By the way...zysin5..ask yourself what religion it is which justifys such instant gratification?? You really need to think past a public school/television education standard to see this. Get past your "FEELINGS."

Zysin5 you are asking for tolerance from people..and many of those on here are not religious or Christians yet they exhibit little tolerance. Very interesting dichotomy occuring here. Could it be that "Good People" are rare ..even among non Christians?? Think hard on this one outside the "FEELINGS" instant gratification template.

What you find once one pulls their heads out of their backside and gets some fresh step away from the standard programming/ that not many are tolerant out here..even those who like to push human values.

Watch this here in logic and reason..thinking outside the box of what most like to claim is Humanity. It is easy to shoot holes in this once you know how BS is stacked up for public consumption.

Originally posted by Divinorumus

Imagine if some other kind of salesman came knocking on your door selling something and threatening a beheading or that that their omnipotent leader will send you to hell if you don't buy into whatever it is they are selling. I wouldn't have much of a problem with religion if they knocked it off with all those threats. Religion is evil and dangerous so long as their selling spiel contains words of threats if you don't see things their way.

Organized religion should be made illegal. They should be shut down for false advertising claims and their threat filled propaganda.

Watch how thinking takes place here or conversely how little thinking takes place next to standard blame others syndrome...self justification.

A salesman knocking on your door...good grief..what happened to thinking? They dont knock on your door..much anymore..they come in through your television set..and you/we turn it on and let them in to brainwash and condition is to a plethora of BS instant gratifications/self justifications.

Someone selling something.....good grief..has it ever occured to anyone that this is also a definition of a politician and political parties and the political process. Ask yourself who pays for public school education ..right through college levels??? The body politic ..thats who!! Has not a public school education today ..become a television education majoring in feelings not thinking?? Think about it!!
Has it ever occured to even one poster here trying to capitalize on their "FEELINGS" that politics is an organized religion?? Has it ever occured to anyone on this board promoting their "FEELINGS" that politics is false advertising and not delivering on the promises...yet can stay in power..year after year ..and never deliver the goods. DO you know of any legitimate buisness which can never deliver the goods and stay in buisness??? I dont know of any...yet politics does this year after year..and even takes great pains to educate us to be tolerant of this nonsense.
Im going to tell you and the readers out here.. something point blank has to go to school and get brainwashed into stupidity not to see that politics is a religion which never has to deliver on its promises yet can keep and maintain its power..year after year..administration after administration.

Organized politics is a religion and not the religion advertised. It should be made illegal or conversely more people need to be educated to the occult/hidden/concealed/ femminine nature of politics.

Zysin 5..for the woman on page 3 Witness 2008 who posts this nonsense.

History is loaded with the tracks of this fundamental March to eliminate the feminine from the world. Look back into ancient history and you can see the death of the female deities. The Hebrew scriptures are loaded with the laws that would bind woman as property, Leviticus and Numbers are the more harsh toward women.

How many female Clerics, Rabbi's or priests are there in the world? We were doomed as a race when women were taken out of the mix.

What absolute nonsense this is. The femminine is one of the oldest religions in this world..going back millineums before the Chrisitan era. Yet for all it's age,history, and pedigree...under the femminine...little changed anywhere in the world you went. People mostly lived at a substance level or lower. A few lived well off the risk and labor of many ..the royalties and priesthoods/priestess class. This is never told to us in public schools about religion or history...but it is true.
For all its age and pedigree the femminine..or royalty/priesthood/ priestess/ feudal class..changed nothing in this world...for thousands of years..nothing changed.
Notice Zysin5..that when people post this "femminne" nonsense...that they never tell this view and knowledge of history..only their anxieties, fears, and insecurities.
The standard format with just about all of them is transfer blame to someone else..while not fleshing out the details of how the "femminie" would be any different. This Zysin5 is also a definition of Politics today...right now.

Politics is the ulitimate "Femmine" occupation. How do I know this?? Simple! They keep promising you/selling you on an idea that if you vote for them..they will deliver the goods..just have "Faith."

Politics is the ultimate "Feminine" career occupation. You dont have to deliver on the goods. You can take credit for what you have not done and place blame on others if it does not work out. All this without the public knowing how it is done..just keep the public on the emotional puppet string..exploiting thier "feelings" for votes.

Politics is Feminine, is a religion, and is also an Occult religion.
Anyone versed in Occult religions knows that they are very Feminine. All of them.

And the body politics pays for and finances public education right through college levels.

All you have to do to see it is turn off the television and think for yourself beyond the instant gratification "FEELINGS" level which has been brainwashed into so many as to pass for excelence and even the moral high ground today. It is none of these things.

By the a record of history...when the Communist or REDS took over in Russia after the October Revolution...How many did this godless humanitarian political structure kill?? Wana take a guess...Zysin5???

How about when this same godless athiest political structure took over in China after about 1947?? How about in Cambodia in the killing fields?? Care to take a guess at how many died in these godless countries/governments??
Want to take a guess at what the religion of logic and reason was and is which justifys killing so many while promoting itself as godless....true seperation of church and state?? Think long and hard on this this happened mostly in recent times of men of logic and reason..the age of reason as it is the last 100 years...and the wars to end all wars.

Be very careful what is logic and reason and "FEELINGS" it can often blind us to the record of history.

Be very careful of your "FEELINGS" and emotions attempting to play through as the moral high ground on posts like this.
Many of these posts with "FEELINGS " are ok with feelings as long as it does not differ from thier feelings or expectations.
Then suddenly you find that they are not tolerant at all..while expecting..even demanding tolerance from others. This is very occult and femminine behavior. It is a duality...concealed..hidden...esoteric..even covert..while trying to claim the moral high default.

It is nonsense...trying to pass as excellence.

Hope this helps you Zysin5 to think outside the blinders which so many have on them.


posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:04 PM
Thanks everyone for your posts! I have prooved without a doubt the levels people will go just to say how ignorant many of us are for the way we feel.. Yes feel.. Forbid any of us having feelings. Plus we are talking about Fanaticism here, and how those same people have a conspiracy VS moderate church going folks and belives!!!
Some people totally miss the point.. But oh well..
To take a valid conspiracy, and move it to BTS. I really didnt feel like this was a Rant what so ever..
Just speaking the truth that so many people think. Such as touching on Fred Phelps, CoS conspiracy.. And the conspiracy the church has aginst its own members!!
The conspiracy that if you even so much as breath wrong in front of these people they will do everything in their power to destroy you! Hurt you and bring you down!
The conspiracy of church and state.. That we as a people are only "one" Faith!
The conspiracy of what this does to family lives, and how many lives are ruined by fanaticism! And extreamist!

But then again, I went through all this before when I was trying to expose CoS.. I made a thread.. It was taken down.. Moved and then finally after a long fight.. I went to the owner SO.. And got it back up right where it was suppose to be..
So even if this thread says here I wont be totally upset.. But it will make me think twice about the bias being shown here.
When Im told this is not a conspiracy, when I know it truely is.. At the base roots this must be exposed.. And thats what IM doing.. IM exposing the religious Fanaticism.. And its a heated topic.. Most would rather not face up to it.. I don't mind.. I will take one for the team here.. And for all you hurt by someone.. Or family life ruined.. Im speaking for you!

Plus not to mention, I always thought a Rant, is like someone foaming at the mouth.. Going crazy about something! Like Dennis Leary or some crap. I personally put alot of thought into this OP.. So that I couldnt be baited or taken advatage of.. But in some eyes thats a rant.. Hmmmm.

I will not be baited by others who come in and say hurtful and mean things to me.. You see thats the point..
Expose them.. And post it for the world to see..
All part of Gandi Tech.

And again thanks to all who took part in this thread.. I would honestly like to see it back in its home in religious conspiracy..
Yet I won't make to much drama over all it.. I spoke my peace with those I need to speak with and I will give it some time to be looked over..
I will wait nicely, as I have always done in the past..

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[edit on 12-7-2009 by zysin5]

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:28 PM
Well if it makes you feel any better OP...

atheist...Christian...Pagan...whatever...I still love ya and you are always equal to me as far as I am concerned

Even if I don't agree with your OP...doesn't make you bad or less of a person

ignore the hurtful things and carry on


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