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Hawaii could be the launch place for Space Tourism

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 11:53 AM

Space pioneers envision launching high-end Hawaii tourists from the sand to the stars, taking island-hopping to new heights.

Hawaii could become the first place where travelers can use the planes for real transportation. Planners envision planes taking off in one place, traveling through space, then landing in another, going from the Big Island to Oahu. Within a decade, space travelers could island hop from Hawaii to Japan in 45 minutes.

Won't this be fun. Perhaps I can find a way to refi my home to get some money.
I doubt if it would even be enough.

Apparently there are still a lot of high rollers out there for this to even be considered as a viable enterprise. Color me envious; I can't even afford a fishing trip up to the four corners.

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