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TinWiki: Aussie Bloke

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 11:39 AM
Aussie Bloke was the Internet name of a man who claimed that an asteroid would hit Earth. This impact would, according to Aussie Bloke, have devastating effects on the planet. These devastating effects include: hundreds of thousands of people dying, an incredible amount of destruction, and the blocking of the Sun's light and heat.


Aussie Bloke's claims were shocking, to some, during the time when he made them. His claims caused a flurry of fiery debates all across the Internet, especially on Aussie Bloke appeared to know what he was discussing because of the various math, timetables, coordinates, ETA's (Estimated Time of Arrival), and because of the fact that he claimed to be a retired physicist. This section of this article will attempt to list the many claims Aussie Bloke made during his time.

List of Claims

  • Known as Dr. Grant Gartrell, a retired Adelaide physicist.
  • An asteroid (an "anomaly") was heading towards Earth.
  • This asteroid was blocked by a dust cloud and, thus, couldn't be seen by telescopes.
  • The world governments knew that the asteroid was coming, but didn't tell the people of the world, as to not cause a panic.
  • The asteroid would impact Earth in late June 2004.
  • There would be three separate impacts during the June 18th-20th, June 24-25th, and June 26th-27th time periods.
  • These impacts would cause massive amounts of death and destruction worldwide.
  • The three impact sites would be Siberia (Russia), the Atlantic Ocean (1000km off NY coast), and (if the actual asteroid impacts Earth) Australia.
  • This dust could, that was surrounding the asteroid, would come to Earth and block the Sun's light and heat.
  • The movie The Day After Tomorrow was funded by the government in order to prepare people for the impacts.
  • Various governments fund any end of the world movie.
  • Government people are trying to kill him in order to silence him.

Hoax Unveiled

It is now widely accepted that the information about the dust cloud and the asteroid headed toward the Earth was an elaborate hoax that was played upon several websites in the conspiracy community. Several factors are responsible for unveiling this drama as a hoax. One factor was an e-mail from the real Dr. Grant Gartrell.

Aussie Bloke and Dr. Grant Gartrell are not same person.


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