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Tinwiki: Aura

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 11:23 AM
An aura is 'A band of etheric substance surrounding our physical body that reflects our seven levels of self. It consists of seven layers of middle-physical plane substance vibrating a little more quickly than the physical body itself.'

How Does it Work?

How does one go about 'seeing' an aura?

A method using the hands is when you lie on your back.

Make sure the room is fairly dark. You don't want to have any lights on. Make sure there is a towel under your door and the blinds are shut. It is easier to do this right when you wake up or just before bed as the layers between each dimension is thinner when you're in that state.

Lie on your back and put both hands out in front of you facing the ceiling. Put your hands close together, but don't let them touch. You should have your palms facing each other so you are looking at the side of each hand.

Focus on the space between both hands as you had done in the earlier exercise.

Wait between 3-5 minutes and you will soon see energy rising off of your arms. Don't freak out or look away, keep concentrating. Try not to blink a lot as each time you blink it just adds to the time you have to focus. If your eyes get watery or dry, fine. Get an eye dropper and continue at a later date.

Remember you are still focusing on the space between your hands. The energy will start to rise off your arms and slowly move down towards the rest of your body. You may only be able to see a little bit of your aura with this method, but I have a few more.

You can see a friend's aura by having them sit in front of a white screen. Stare at the right or left side of their body (its easiest to stare at their head) and focus on the space right next to them. Don't try too hard to focus right on them as you will only concentrate on seeing their clothes better and not their aura. After about 3-5 minutes you should see their aura rise off of their body.

With practice comes perfection. I am not guaranteeing instant success. It took me a few tries before I was able to see my own (and others) aura.

Another way to see your own is by placing a mirror in front of you or standing in your bathroom. I find sitting down to be simpler because I tend to be more relaxed.

You might get dizzy from focusing on the side of your body so sitting may be your best bet.

Do the same thing you did with your friend, focus on the side of your head.

Slowly but surely your aura will show up.

You may not be able to pick out a color at first.

Practice makes perfect, just like any other skill.

The more you train your third eye to perceive slight changes, the easier it will be to see auras.



If you are looking for outside verification from a machine, try Kirlian photography:

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