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I found 911 Multiple UFO's in a 11.41 second segment of video

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 05:10 AM
While watching a 911 video on youtube, I noticed something so I checked it out closer.

This is the video

The section of interest starts at 4:53 minutes and ends at 5:05 minutes.
The segment is of two seperate scenes, (videos).

The segment alsts 11.41 seconds

Here is what I found:

Anomaly 1:

At 0:04:53:80
the first white UFO is not in the frame.

The next frame, at 0:04:53:87
the white UFO is visible at the
towers corner facing the video

It is there for 2 frames,
0:04:53:87 - 0:04:53:93

Then the next frame,
0:04:54:00, it is gone.

Anomaly 2:

In the forground, there is a shadow effect
just right of bottom center, changing after
frame at 0:04:53:80, exactly at 0:04:53:87,

(right when the white anomaly appears at
building corner). which disappears at the
frame at 0:04:54:40.

Then, the frame at 0:04:54:47, foreground
shadow changes again.

Anomalies 3 and 4:

At frame 0:04:55:53, a white fast moving
object enters from the right for the one
frame, then disappears, seemingly hiding in
the smoke pouring from the building from frame
0:04:55:60 and 0:04:55:67.

The next frame, 0:04:55:73, the object emerges
from the smoke cloud, heading left, then
reverses back to the smoke with slight
visibility on frame at 0:04:55:80 - and is
hidden through frame at 0:04:56:47,

Then reappears heading to the left at an
incredible speed in the frame at 0:04:56:53.
it is in the blue sky left of building at next
frame 0:04:56:60, and gone by following frame
at 0:04:56:67.

In the meantime, as it hides in the smoke
cloud at 0:04:56:47,

The previous frame at 0:04:56:40, another
white object enters the frame looking like the
front "nose" of another UFO,for just the one

and at 0:04:56:47, it has already
disappeared, heading to the right, behind the
building as just a trace hint of the left
bound white UFO is emerging from the smoke

Anomaly 5:

next scene,
at 0:04:59:93, 4 points of white light enter
the frame from the right in unison as if a
craft that is cloaked.

By the next frame at 0:05:00:00, the lights
have swooped up and left, that only 1 of the 4
light points is still in frame.

By the next frame at 0:05:00:07, it is gone,
until frame at 0:05:00:73, where 2 lights
reappear for the single frame so fast it's
hard to tell if it is from left or the right.
My guess is from the right.

Then, a single light appears from the top of
frame at 0:05:00:93, for only that single
frame and is gone.

Anomaly 6:

The frame at 0:05:01:87, an explosion is seen
on the left side of building, followed by two
more lights each right of the explosion and
the other, the left-most first, in frames
0:05:02:00 - 0:05:02:27, respectively.

Then in the frame at 0:05:02:93, a light
appears from the smoke cloud right of the
building corner heading to the right at an
incredible speed.

By the next frame at 0:05:03:00, it is center
of screen, and another white light appears at
the right edge of frame.

next frame at 0:05:03:07, both lights are
gone, the one in center of screen seems to
reverse instantaniously and back into the

The next frame, at 0:05:03:13, the white UFO
comes out of the smoke cloud heading left at
high speed again, and is gone in the following
frame at 0:05:03:20.

at 0:05:03:33 - 0:05:03:47, there is another
explosion flash right at the corner of
building for the two afore mentioned frames.

At 0:05:04:53, another white UFO appears upper
center of frame from the smoke cloud heading

left, It looks like a double orb, and the next
frame at 0:05:04:60,
there is a lightened spot as the UFO is just out of
frame on left edge.

Another explosion on corner of building at
frame 0:05:04:87, which is the last frame of the

Keep in mind that all of this happens in
11.41 seconds.

You need to go frame by frame to see the UFO's
properly because of the speed at which they
are moving.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by imd12c4funn

I looked at the video.

I think it's just video "noise". There's a fair bit of video noise induced "dotting" & "streaking" going on.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 02:45 PM
Would noise not be a bit more random , as in some of the Soho time-lapse videos?


notice the random noise?

Why wouls the 911 anomalies not be in different areas, rather, they are all in the smoke, or left to right and right to left, but the one which is vertical?

I don't buy the noise for one other reason.

These were two seperate cameras and other videos do not have such "noise" in them.

[edit on 11-7-2009 by imd12c4funn]

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 02:48 PM
hah, and all this time ive been waiting for someone to try to connect ufos with 9/11, finally!

Thank you sir, it's about 8 years too late though!

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