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UFO / ET Disclosure - a different angle

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 01:20 PM
Greens, grays, Reptiles, etc are evil.
There are good humanoids of Nordic type.
Learn to discern before you meet them! It is quite possible Obama to make a disclosure for those who aided US hi-tech with the Nuclear power and space technology, that is not necessarily benevolent gift for the humankind. Rather brought us to the brink of extinction.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by cnuum
To this day, I'm not convinced of two things, commonly believed by UFO enthusiasts to be true: 1) that anyone has meeted an intelligent alien life form on Earth. 2) that the US or any other government have been able to reverse engineer alien technology.

I think that the UFOs that have been seen are self-operating probes without space people inside them,

So, the main reason in my mind for governments being not willing to disclose their UFO information is that they don't want to admit that in reality, they don't know that much!

Kind of my thoughts as well.
And a lot of research is going on in this field:

Instrumented search for exogenous probes on earth
European UFO Survey

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 06:38 PM

Originally posted by StargateSG7
The problem without our viewpoint is that we are projecting human
motivations upon inhuman subjects. Remember that ET's would NOT
BE HUMAN and would likely have motivations that while seeming similar to
ours on the surface such as the desire for Exploration, curiosity, economic
or political gain, we should NOT automatically assume just because WE have
those traits that the ET's would also have the same traits or express them in
the same way...Remember! They're ALIENS with a high probability that their
viewpoints would consist of Galactic/Universal timescales and higher-level
thoughts that would preclude them from stepping down to OUR level of
common emotional motivations.

Using an analogy, a 2 year old child's motivations include play with
an immediately interesting toy or the gaining of immediate attention
from an available parent. Conversely a non-family member that is the
proverbial go-getter 30 year old would have desires and motivations
that would generally NOT include or take into account a 2 year old's
needs which means on a basic level that they (ET) would be see us
as Not Being My Problem!

I suspect that we humans are the two year old toddlers who clamor
for attention from a 30 year old party guy/gal who at the base level
has no real interest in us other than as a distraction to be dealt with
if the toddler gets in the way of his/her own goals of self-satisfaction
and desire for advancement. When necessary the toddler is pushed
or moved out of the way so that other tasks and self-fulfillment
can be attained or performed without interference from something
pesky that may be naive, ignorant and quite useless like a crying
two year old. The ET's have their own agenda and while to us their
goings-on may be unfathomable, it's only because we haven't grown
up yet and are still in the "Useless, Diaper-Pooping, Ignorant Toddler"
stage of life. As soon as we grow up, only THEN will we have the
faculties and facilities to make sense of and appreciate the
motivations and desires of the ET's.

We only hear about disclosure because it's one of OUR HUMAN desires
as basically Curious human beings. For the Aliens, we're just bothersome
babies who get in the way of important work...and like any older figure,
once in a while, they trip up over the toddler, and injure/expose themselves
within the toddler's immediate sphere of influence. Ergo, we see once
in a while reports of saucer crashes, alien contact and a few other
ET phenomena but overall we are put back into our high chair so that
we can`t get in the way of the Adults!

While it Irks me that while I am thought of as a 2 year old toddler by
Alien standards, I can actually fathom that from their point of view
we are a danger to ourselves and by our unthinking actions cause
the parentals to trip and fall painfully. Ergo once in a while we get a
spanking over our actions to remind us that toddlers shouldn`t touch
the hot stove which through basic ignorance is an immediate danger
to our tiny unthinking illiterate selves!

Any thoughts on this viewpoint are appreciated.....

I am surprised that no one has stared you yet.
It might had a lot to do about what kind of people frequent ATS.
UFO hippies, new religion addicts etc but with some bright exceptions.

I consider your viewpoint as valid and interesting. It is a path to the logical direction that our thoughts ought to take us. Else UFO topics will never mature enough for the mainstream to actually take them seriously, and there are very good reasons why most of people don't take seriously anything concerning the topic of UFOs and no, it's not because people usually are close minded, it is because there is nothing solid in this topic for ordinary hard thinking people to latch on to. Until we discover something solid even science won't touch it even with a ten foot pole. Any disclosure won't produce enough solidity, simply because it would just introduce another religion, thus nothing solid for science and skeptics to work on. I would really doubt that advanced, peaceful ET civilizations would disclose themselves and if it happens it would be probably an underhand scheme.

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 06:38 PM
Based on my own personal experiences..

I really do wonder whether TPTB know much more than we do yet... Clearly, 'they' are here and visiting us. They are becoming muchmore bold in their activities (something I personally witnessed in August 2009), which, as many have suggested, might indicate they are building up to something.

But, my feeling is this... when it happens, it will be irrefutable. And I don't believe it will be an emmisary landing in a ship on the White House lawn or in the UN car park. No, they will probably target someone carrying a video camera out for a walk in the woods or somewhere remote, and what will unfold will be something truly magical.

It won't be someone materialistic either. The first thing you will know about it will be several hours later on YouTube. The biggest story in human history will probably unfold from there.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 06:56 PM
by all chances, anything similar, will turn as a religion, or function as a religion, if we consider the human mindset. The problem begins when I as an individual will chose to just keep my old religion, (or no religion) whatever that might be. What happens then?
Some may argue that such an "earth shattering" event will change how people view religions.. What makes us so sure about that? What IF, some people become the wiser? I am not talking about people that would be guided from fear, but people who might appear to be very different from the usual conservative bunch waiting for the Apocalypse, or the occasional UFO hippie waiting for his/her new religion to manifest. Will they be too labeled backward, close minded, and pushed aside from the "new age" mobs? etc etc

Will clever people, with differing opinions be allowed to think freely and expressing their thoughts publicly without the fear of booing and discrimination's after such an "event"? Somehow I really doubt it. That's not how human society usually works.

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 07:04 PM
Change won't happen immediately. It will take some time for old modes of behaviour and thinking to fall away. Human culture and society is deeply ingrained in our evolution and DNA. But, when the time comes for us to expand our consciousness, then, we will leave these limiting forms of existence behind.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 08:00 PM
ok you want a different angle ? what about this.

the governments of the world know about ufo's and have done for many years. since they have went out of their ways to cover up this subject for so many years there is no evidence that they will disclose now other than the say so of some people who have had a captivated audience for years now and are rapidly running out of things to hold their audiences attention.

some say they cover this up for tactical reasons (superior technology), financial gain, fear that they can't defend us from these visitors or that such revelations will cause some mass panic. the reasons don't matter.

lots of people talk on this site of collective conciousness and the likes being a factor in disclosure and this is my point.

with the internet at our disposal what would happen if ALL ufo related sites asked all of their members to meet at specific places (public parks etc.) in many countries at a specific time but the same time and sent a universal message to E.T that we are ready for the truth, if not face to face contact then at least a universal display. that would take all control of the situation out of the governments hands and make it impossible to cover up the issue anymore. maybe one of the reasons E.T hasn't contacted us yet is because despite most peoples mistrust in our respective governments we still sit like helpless children waiting for them to spoon feed us. if E.T does want to disclose his/herself to us then maybe, just maybe we have to show a bit of willing and initiative. since our alien friends have probably travelled millions of miles to see us it would be polite to at least open the door and show them a warm welcome.

incidently i'm not the person to organise such an event but if anyone ever does, and i strongly encourage the people who run sites such as ATS to discuss such an idea with the many sites of such like around the world i will be there.

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