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Benign or Malignant - The Alien Agenda

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 12:23 AM
Assuming for the sake of argument that our planet is being visited on a daily basis by non-human intelligences, are we able to make qualitative assessments on their possible agenda, based on the available accessable evidence at our disposal? There are many theories and anecdotes from many researchers that purport to present factual data alleging to suport at length the true reasons behind their visitations, but of course, none have provided the 'coup de grâce' of 'truth' to the enigma. I myself, am not a full-time researcher of UFO-related phenomena, although I will state here and now that during my teen years I had the experience of observing 'lights in the sky' that could be classed as UFO-related. No, my interest, or rather my curiosity, is more related to the agenda, so that I can make something of an informed understanding of their intentions toward us. Are alien visitations benign or malignant in their occurence?

One of the most (if not 'the' most) disturbing connection to UFO-related phenomena is that of cattle mutilations, but even a small cursory survey of the evidence on 'cattle mutes' quickly takes one beyond our domesticated herds and into evidence that even wildlife are experiencing similar mutilations; and if these in themselves were not spine-chilling enough, we know that even members of our own species have not escaped these eviscerative probatories.

Understandably, human 'mutes' have a much more thunderclap impact to the human psyche than that of cattle or wildlife mutes, as the very real and factual evidence of the Guarapiranga case that surfaced in Brazil in 1988, and the less factually documented 1956 case of Jonathan P. Louette, an Air Force Sgt stationed at the White Sands missile base testify. To read of these accounts provide for a shocking and genuinely unnerving blow to our sense of dominion and empire over this planet, placing us in the same indifferent psychology that we ourselves preserve for our domesticated herds. UFO-related mutilation cases make us question our moral and ethical expectations regarding non-human visitors to the planet we call our own. Is it little wonder then that cases of human mutes are severely restricted from the public domain?

Nevertheless, we have the Guarapiranga case that we can review (if somewhat perversely) in a manner of intellectual autoscopy by empathizing with the poor fellow, and understanding the ordeal he went through before death mercifully closed his consciousness against it. One of the most frightening aspects of the Guarapiranga case is that it may be both a fortuitous and unfortunate glimpse of a 'tip-of-a-iceberg' of such cases having occurred in that region and around the world. In fact, one can speculatively posit that wherever cattle and wildlife mutes are found, a human mute may also have occurred? Let us look at the Guarapiranga case...

On September 29th, 1988, the body of a unnamed male was found close to the Guarapiranga reservoir, São Paulo, Brazil. Although the remains have been identified, the name of the person has been witheld to the public on request by the relatives. Without having knowledge of cattle mutilations, initial police thinking was that the remains bore hallmarks of a 'revenge' attack, but due to the many other curious injuries, this was dismissed as being highly unlikely. The autopsy on the body quickly proved this to be no revenge attack.

Before I go on to account the autopsy injury details, I think it is important to point out that this case and others similar to it to are UFO-related in a circumstantial way only.With regard to this particular case, there are no reports of UFO witness events attched to it, such as lights in the sky around the time the man died; no, it's only relation to being UFO-related is that the body displays the exact same injuries as those of cattle mutilations where lights in the sky and other phenomena were witnessed prior to the cattle findings.

Incisions and excisions followed the pattern of cattle mutilations almost exactly, to the point where it could be declared that the perpetrator of the cattle mutes was also the perpetrator of the mutilation upon the man's body. The eyes and ears were removed, along with lips and other flesh around the left jaw area, as well as the mouth cavity being emptied, and removal of internal organs from the chest and abdominal areas. Furthermore, the scrotum was missing, but not the penis, which looked to have been stretched twice its length, and the anus had been 'cored' out. As the autopsy report delivered its findings for each particular area, it would state that some of the areas showed unmistakable signs of 'vital reaction' (blue/black haematomas forming under the skin), which means that the victim was quite 'alive' whilst these procedures were being carried out on him
Removal of internal organs was accomplished via 'cookie cutter' holes of approximately 3" to 6" diameters, one where the navel would have been, one on the left thigh, and one each at the armpits, and also at the anal area. These suggest that the organs were removed as bulk mass, or (as I speculate) somehow liquified and sucked out through the holes.

Death was thought to have occurred 48 to 72 hours prior to being found. Cause of death was adjudged to be due to..."acute haemorhage in multiple traumatisms. There is a component of causa mortis by vagus stimulation." It would seem that cardiac arrest occurred due to appalling pain, and mercifully saved him from further experience!

When the body was first found, rigor mortis had not set in, and it did not have the smell of a cadaver, it had no scent at all; nor did it bear any signs of putrefication, or insect or wild animal molestation. As a side note, there is a case in England where a sheep mutilation had occurred and the carcass placed into the boot of a car. Later, a photograph was taken of the carcass in the boot which shows the body of the sheep to be covered and surrounded by a mass of dead Blow flies. It is also known that other live members of the herd would avoid the carcass, as well as wild predatory animals, like the Fox and the Badger.

Without doubt we know that cattle and even human mutilations have occurred and are occurring around the world, and have been related to ocurrences of UFO-related phenomena. This raises a lot of moral and ethical questions regarding the agenda of alien visitations...are they benign, or are they malignant? I open the question to the forum.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 12:37 AM
That one case is most shocking, but surprising since it seems that is the only documented one of such an attack?

Another lethal incident happened in South America when this town was attacked by UFO's, many went to the hospital and a few died. They were incapacitated and forced to stay in their homes all night. Does anyone have that article?

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 02:14 AM
Thanks Bananasam, they are indeed other cases, but not as well factually documented as the Brazilian case. Even the Louette case of '56 is not as factually documented in the public domain. There is also a case that occurred during the Vietnam war in 1974, where a US B52 plane was recovered in the jungle. It had been thought to have crashed, and so a search party was sent out to retrieve it and the crew. When it was discovered, it was found to have not crashed at all, in fact, it looked as though it had been 'air-lifted' into place.

A photographer with the search party described the scene..."Inside the cabin, though was a greater shock. The four-man crew were still strapped into their seats, but all had been mutilated with the typical clean-cut wounds that we see in the animal mutilations. After inspecting the plane and photographing both it and the occupants, the investigation team was ordered to burn the plane and the occupants."

It would seem that there are other documented cases, but that they are being witheld from the public domain. I think the subject is deserving of a full investigation, but of course, I doubt very little will be made to even accredit the grusome cases with factual occurrence, let alone a investigation.

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by elysiumfire


Wrong question.

There is NO "alien" agenda.

As you are the master of your thread, you may well
place me in the benign category.


This is how I see it:

They are here to serve the Will and the Aspirations of Mankind.

They are not here to interfere, as they work under Law.

The Law of cause and effect.

The same Law allows them to engage with us more closely Now.

They are merely responding to Mankind's collective Aspirations.

We are Cosmic.

We inhabit a Planet.

We want to venture out there.


posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 05:44 AM
There was a good thread last year about the Guarapiranga mutilation. As is often the case with alien intervention stories and was demonstrated to be *probably* human intervention/ murder. Of course, there's no saying that aliens don't also use rope to tie their victims down (as in this case). The guy that was brutally tortured to death unfortunately became exploited by some lower lifeform to further some 'alien' conspiracy agenda....bit like being murdered twice over...

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 05:56 AM
Armap translated the autopsy report. This is his entire translation...

At October 03 of one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight, in this city of Sao Paulo, in order to attend the request of doctor Osvaldo S. Profeta, Police Chief., the infra-signed ones, forensic doctors from the Forensic Institute proceeded to the examination of body of crime in UNKNOWN. to respond to the following queries: First - Was there death? Second - What the cause? Third - What was the nature of the agent, instrument or way that produced it? Fourth – Was it produced through poison, fire, explosive, asphyxia or torture, or by other insidious or cruel way? (Specified answer). When the examination was carried out, they passed the following report: QUALIFICATION: UNKNOWN, XXXXXXXX, male, white, gathered on the street Caboclo Dengoso, seventeen, Recanto do Sul, Sao Paulo, other data ignored. HISTORICAL: Finding of the corpse. Body removed from the site above. CLOTHES: naked. REALITY OF DEATH: Shown by the signs: no reflexes and absence of vital signs (breathing and heartbeat). DESCRIPTION: Cadaver of adult, male, white, good musculoskeletal constitution, symmetrical head, oval face, oblique forehead, straight hair, dark brown, baldness bi-frontal-parietal-occipital, iris damaged, and preserved natural teeth, apparent age of forty to fifty years. Normal and medium biotype. EXTERNAL EXAMINATION: We observed: 1) Removal with cut in bevel of external ear with signs of emptying in soft parts; 2) Partial removal of left external ear and with signs of vital reaction; 3) Right and left enucleation of eyeballs and with signs of blood in the orbital cavities; 4) Removal of large flap of skin on right hemiface, superior portion and in the region of the left hemiface, right side, inferior mandibular portion; 5) Multiple incised superficial and infinite injuries produced by cutting instrument in the whole physical frontal surface, (face, thorax, abdomen, superior right and left member, inferior right and left member); 6) Muscular mass of superior right member - uninsertion of the articulation and moved to the third proximal of the right arm and also shown up in left forearm; 7) Muscles of the right and left pectoralis major route of its insertion in the subcutaneous and released; 8) In right and left axillary region presents circular solution of continuity, with a diameter of four centimetres, with uniform margins and reaction of vital signs and emptying of soft tissue; 9) Enucleation of umbilical and origin of the circular hole of about three centimetres and depressed abdomen; 10) Elongated elliptical incision with a diameter of three and a half centimetres in left inguinal fold; 11) Removal of scrotal bag; 12) Wide, oval incision near the perineum and indicative of the making of female genital or attempted removal of penis; 13) Right and left thigh musculature displaced from the proximal third with groping. Only the Emores (????); 14) Removal of anal orifice with spacious incision, elongated shape, oval and diameter of about fifteen by eight centimetres; 15) Perforating injury of two centimetres in diameter, located in the interdigital space of second and third toes of both feet (right and left); 16) We observed emptying of right and left orbital regions, oral cavity, pharynx, oropharynx, cervical region, axillary right and left region, abdomen, lower pelvis, inguinal right and left region. INTERNAL EXAMINATION: By bimastoid-vertical incision and folding of the scalp and opening of the cavity according to technique of Griessinger, we observe: 17) Integral cranial hubcap; 18) Cerebral edema. By sub-incision mantle-pubic and after removal of sternal plastron-condro, we observe: 19) Rupture of trachea with removal of soft tissue and solfago????, vases muscles; 20) Removal of intercostal muscle at the level of the second, third, fourth, fifth left intercostal spaces; 21) In the abdominal cavity and pelvic region absence of organs with removal of all abdominal innards showing up pullout of the organs and with vital reaction; 22) In the exploration of the superior right and left member and inferior right and left member, we observe: right and left incision of the muscles of the right and left arms and thighs, with posterior pullout of tissue; 23) Thoracic viscera with usual topographic location. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: We examined the adult body, white, whose cause-mortis was due to acute bleeding in multiple trauma. There are also component of cause-mortis by vagal stimulation. This injury victim presents characteristics of vital reaction, meaning that there is a torture component. It is suggestive of the modus-operandi incisions in the soft and natural orifices by aspiration. Such a framework should be behavioural expressions of insane or another option: macabre ritual. In terms of right forearm, third distal there was rope that was immobilizing the segment. ANSWER TO THE QUERIES: first: yes; second: polytrauma and vagal inhibition; third: mechanical agent; and to the fourth: yes, as for the way employed. There being no further business, this report concludes.
Bottom of page 4

They refer to rope, blades and torture and tentatively suggest a ritual or insane component to the motivation behind the crime. I favored a gang or cartel-related motivation. Torture killings are very popular around parts of Brasil...they are used to warn off informants, rivals and debt defaulters. The fact that the family kept his name private IMO supports the idea.

Other thread:The most truly bizarre unexplained murder case in human history-Brazil 1994.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:08 AM
A similar case occurred in the United Kingdom and is still, to this day, unexplained. The officers involved reported a UFO in the vicinity before an individual was found dead on the stack of coal.

No marks suggest the body being placed, coal was untouched - literally reported as if "the man fell from the sky."

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:08 AM
I'm not sure about any alien agenda but I think it is mankind's destiny to conquer the galaxy. We will rule it or form some kind of Federation of Planets. If there already are alien civilizations we will learn about them and eventually take them over. It's just a matter of time. Then it's on to other galaxies and for a select few who can handle it, possibly other universes where our laws of physics or space time may be different than what we have here. If there are other advanced alien civilizations within this galaxy, they may think it wise to monitor us for signs that we may be on the move. We might be considered a potential future threat by some.

If there aren't any other alien civilizations, this galaxy and this universe is already ours for the taking. Imagine what life would be like if humans lived on billions of Earth type planets in this galaxy. It's hard to imagine.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:37 AM
Any species that would do that to another sentient species is pure evil.The fact that these wounds were inflicted while the victim was still alive proves that i believe.Though interested in UFOs since the 70's ive only heard of the human victims lately.S/F

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