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Why don't psychics do something?

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 11:35 PM
reply to post by Histopherness

I don't know enough to comment on the validity other to say that IF it is real, and I've seen some real stuff, I tend to walk away. Tarot, seances, mind reading, telekinesis, any of that stuff, you start doing that at a party and you'll find me in the kitchen looking for more ice for my drink!

signed, coward-boy/yellow belly/sissy

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 11:42 PM
Now I am getting some answers!

OK, can't tell anyone how you came about your answers or effects. Reasonable. Don't want to sound crazy. Of course if your salve actually works you could market it as an all natural herbal remedy for various skin disorders. Herbal remedies have very little regulation as of yet, jump on it before the laws change.

If you do show your abilities you will be locked away and used by the government for it's nefarious purposes. Umm. Paranormal paranoia? I mean if people really believe that I can see why they wouldn't come forward, I just hope that psychic powers are not limited to those with mental disease.

Sorry that sounded so harsh. Truly do appreciate the input. Just trying to get myself into similar mindsets.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 11:43 PM

Originally posted by pokiethewarlock
it would be very interesting and downright awesome i think to meet an actual "psychic"...but i mean how can you tell today in such a broken society? i mean if another jesus christ (if that is actually true) came about today, who would believe him?

Because someone displays paranormal abilities doesn't make them Jesus or a "messiah".

Even evil minded individuals may display unique abilities.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 11:48 PM
Ok ive watched the videos closely and im totally convinced that she or they are fakes.

Why are all her demonstrations done on the edge of a table? Even the one where they put the glass box over the top is done right next to the edge of a table.If you were trying to prove you could do this sort of thing wouldnt do do it on a glass table so that everyone could see your not faking it? With the camera in that close we can only see about 10% of the table surface when things start to move .

The first rule to learn when trying to figure out magic tricks is

ALL props are part of the illusion

If a magician brings a table out onto the stage to do his trick on its because the trick cant be performed without it. The same rules apply here.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by mikerussellus

Sure it is pretty simply and you can buy everything from a health food store.

A small batch made fresh and used right away is best. u2u me for the formula as I do not want to hijack this thread with a bunch of question and answer follow ups.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 12:45 AM
Well the part I dont like about the whole "psychic" thing is that they prey on people that are disillusioned (IMO).

Ill give my example.

This girl I was seeing/feelings for - her brother died. Well they went to this place here in Florida that is apparently famous for having "psychics". Her and her mom went there for some reasons unknown (I guess hard to cope, or I can't even conjure the reasons why, so I wont).

She said that she (medium) was in contact and the medium told her things that would have been almost impossible to know.

I expressed my paranoia about this, and she explained like I was explaining the stock market to someone about how this was that, and how this is real because of this etc..

I guess if that is how one copes with a situation like this it is far from me to be in the way from that point on.

What I do not like is that if this is unreal in any sort of way, that this medium was preying on my friend and her mom. I know she went there two times, and I am sure she has since then. She didn't say how much it cost, and I asked twice.. she just conceded pretty much to the question...

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 04:08 AM
I get premonitions & dreams of tiny moments of the future, but I cant control it. In recent years I've put some effort into ritual & meditation, but the best I've come up with is sometimes being able to put myself in the right frame of mind so that later my dream will show me something, although it never has been anything significant to anyone else so far & that hasn't got any better. Sometimes I get a lot of symbolism in them, which is new, & I'm often lucid enough to ask questions of people/beings (who knows lol!) that I meet.
My interest in it comes & goes tho & there's a lot of mumbo jumbo written about magic/k & meditation: its a lot of study to pick out the consistent stuff or bits that make sense to me. Maybe I'm just too lazy to become a full on psychic!
I find that I get very consistent readings from well shuffled tarot cards tho, so I'm hopeful that might prove easier. Still, the better cartomancers I've met have told me that you cant rely on books about the cards meanings, you have to develope a personal understanding of the symbolism of each & experience of what actually comes about after readings. Still, it seems less vague than trying to do stuff asleep!
I expect that the really good ones probably get themselves set up with a patron & keep it a secret.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 05:32 AM
A very interesting question no doubt.

Now, I mean no boastfulness by saying this:
On my office wall, in front of me as I type this, hang a number of Tertiary Qualifications.
They could - to some - be seen as an indication of a ability to think, to question, to analyse.
And yet many of my beliefs...what I hold as *true* for me...many would see as illogical and irrational.

My own culture is one that is said by some to be in some ways 'spiritually aware' - Maori.
Though much of that 'spiritually aware' concept to me I see/hear/read about these days seems, well, kinda wanky to be honest.
I tend to see it used regularly in such a way as to almost claim some form of kudos...almost in some effort to place onself above others...when really - to me anyway - there is nothing at all special about it.

Said it here a number of times - its no more special than having blonde hair, or clear skin...its simply just the lot you were born within and so really has stuff all to do with any personal achievements or otherwise which might warrant some form of feeling of achievement.
Same way the rich child born into a rich family is in no way *better* than the poor child born into the poor family.


Throughout my life I've seen, heard and experienced many things that may fall within the concept of *paranormal*.
I grew up with a number of our cultures own 'Healers'. We term them 'Tohunga'.
People who received messages, who passed on messages, people who *healed*, saw, heard, dealt with those things that go bump in the night...all that kinda stuff.

Thing is, not one of them was rich. I guess because also not one of them really *charged* anything for what they did. They did what they did because that was, well, their *role* I guess.

Now, I'm sure some people will start scrolling on to the next reply about now (if they haven't already, lol!) but there's a Bible passage that I see kinda relating to that way of *working*, it speaks of being sent out to 'do Gods work':
Matt 10:8 '...Freely you have received, freely give'

Now that to me encourages - well, instructs really - anyone who does such *work* to do so freely. Hence why those Tohunga I know don't charge. They do accept what we term 'koha' or gifts...and normally that koha is in the form of a cuppa tea, or a meal or something.
Its also why I personally don't put too much stock in those who charge $39.99-if-you-call-in-the-next-5-minutes...

So yes - there has been so much I've seen/experienced etc many many times that I couldn't not be a 'believer' spite of what any logical or rational ability those previously mentioned tertiary quals may suggest.

So why don't these Tohunga leap up, go on TV, take the Randy Challenge, win Lotto or any number of things to be rich, to provide proof, to step out there and show once and for all these things exist??

Real good question.

Of course the logical, rational answer may well be "Because they can't. Because they are frauds. Because this stuff doesn't exist" or suchlike.

Yup...that would indeed be a good answer really. A logical, rational one perhaps. And one - regardless of my beliefs, what I have experienced etc - one that is pretty hard to counter.

I'll be honest here...sure, I've seen/experienced some things that other people might go "what the heck!?!" about....and its pretty normal in the context/culture of my life/heritage etc...but yup there are times I read stuff here, read some of the things people claim to be able to do and honestly I wouldn't buy it if it came with a free TV.
Theres some pretty big claims made here on this site...some that honestly I think "Yeah man, whatever, played bit too much D&D perhaps".

Oh absolutely thats hypocritical of me to think have that judgement in my mind when I'm all fine and dandy with ghosts, spirits, hearing and seeing stuff, healings, messages, all fine with that.

...but anyway...more on your question of why 'psychics' don't 'do something'...

One possible answer in my mind - though granted it may well be seen as a cop out excuse in the minds of other people - is that its not actually the 'psychic', the 'Tohunga' or whatever other term people wish to assign.
Its not actually that person, persay, that does *those things*.
They are just the conduit, the mouth, the eyes, the hands...the servant...of something else.

Of what else? Well, again, assign whatever term or understanding you want to that *something else*. Personally...I term it spirit, I term it 'God' even. Not surprising given my belief/faith in 'God'.

My own thoughts are these things are not the doing of the person themselves.

Any healing for instance that I have seen/been part of wasn't done by the person in their own right - rather they served as channel, as gateway/conduit for that *healing power* to come through.

Indeed that is the spoken understanding of the Tohunga I have been involved with...I have NEVER...not ONCE...heard any of them lay claim to what was done.
Instead they ALL have directed any kudos or *glory* for that work to that which they term 'God'.
Thats just part of their own 'safety mechanisms' in the work they do. Claim not the glory or the kudos or the thanks...for its not yours to claim. All you were was servant.

Thats our cultures understanding anyway. perhaps thats why none of them have won Lotto...because its not them as such...not like say a fine singing voice which they could use to sing wonderfully with any time they choose....or big strong muscles that they could use to carry heavy loads any time they choose.

What they do isn't *part* of them...isn't like flesh, bone, blood or ability as such...its something they are *granted* to use, to serve with, inbued with for whatever job they are doing.

...just throwing in some thoughts.


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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 05:58 AM
...okay...throwing in a few more thought...

These questions/conversations have come up before in the groups I've been involved with, conversations with friends and the like.

For at least one Tohunga I know one of the reasons they aren't all *public* about whatever they do is because previously they were well-known and sought out all hours of the day and night by people in the town he lived in.
He had people knocking on his door, lining up, asking him to do this that and the other for them.

While he did his best to serve others...eventually it got to the point where he was simply just not getting any time, any rest, for himself. He basically just got burnt out.

And so he eventually made the decision to pack up and leave his home town and move down to the city he lives in now...he just couldn't physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually cope with the toll that work and the amount of requests he was receiving was taking on him.

So - there is cost to those who become *known*.

Another Tohunga I know doesn't see the point in convincing the world...she just does what she does, and helps who she helps.
Thats all that matters to her.
She doesn't see the need to go out and show the world, to provide proof about any of this to she sees it as something special and specific to the person she is helping - she sees it as no one elses business. she once said to me: "If I was put here on this Earth to jump through other peoples hoops, then I would have been born a circus dog".


posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:08 AM
completely opinionated, closed mindedness, absolutly unfair,not even close to accurate.what a stupid thread.this is ats right?
sounds to me like your all bent cause well "a fool and his money" everything has it's price.she just charged you for
something most of use our common
sense to figure out.
try to remember this one,it could help next time.
in a house of smoke and mirrors
there's many a slip twixed cup and a lip.

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:39 AM
reply to post by Histopherness

Wealth comes in more ways than money.
Triage is a physical treatment for injury etc at casualty in most hospitals; I've never seen a triage for Psychic illness!
And I don't think any psychic would ever be silly enough; wasting time gratifying you

You cant get the lottery numbers because you just haven't earned them.
Are you a donkey, and money; the carrot on the stick?

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:58 AM
The answer is that money really is the root of all evil.

Look how many rich people are just self haters, why is that, when they have all the material wealth they need. If you listen to remote viewers, they will tell you you find something more in knowing thy self, they chasing money.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 10:49 AM
Don't put the goverment fear so quickly aside.
They tried to kill goats with their mind!

If i was able to snap a pencil in half using only my mind, if i was going around hospitles diagnosing people being right, if i could predict wall street accuratly,
how long would it take for them to notice that?

If i could snap a persons neck from across the globe they would be very interested in knowing how i did it, and they would make sure noone ever heared of this.

There are real ones out there, they arent on tv or in the papers.
They are out there doing their thing for free. Just helping people.
Payment is always optional. They get enough good karma for helping you.
Always be wary of those wanting money for it, chances are they are fake.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 04:27 PM
Let's just say that a good friend, a trusted confident as it were let me into a secret some time ago...

The few special people with the hyper sensitive understanding of the world who possess 'psychic' powers have of course a special understanding of the world, they see things stripped bare of pretence and lies - the harsh truth of reality.

It's not too pretty; a doe eyed couple seemingly in bliss might often be thinking thoughts rather unromantic, a passer on the street might have any of a hundred dreadfull dreams running through his mind - thats just your basic internal monolog though, a true psychic has a far deeper understanding of the human mind - an insight into the swaying and undulating fields of thought processes and memories. The animalistic and brutal truth behind human 'rational' actons, our most basic kill, rape or steal mentality.

A well practiced and stable psychic will have come to terms with the harsh reality of life but many trying to come to terms with the gift are driven insane by it, unable to accept the truth they are being shown the mind creates a fantasy world in which the person may hide - the subliminal part of their brain never fully believes they have actual psychic abilitys because they can't face the truth that the world is, well the world is the world. So to over come this ugly truth they create a less ugly truth, often they convince themselves they are a fake a fraud who just wants to make money, its far easier to convince yourself to just look after number one and screw the rest of them if you alternative is accepting that near enough everyone in the world is hiding the mind of a demon.

The most scayest thing, i'm lead to believe, is that when you can read minds you know how much people real fear having their 'secrets' out the bag -if a true working psychic was known to exist in the world everyone would fear them, avoid them and try to kill them. Everyone is a lie, the things people think or have done in secret -the things they don't want ANYONE to ever know -if someone knew those things about you, wouldn't you want to make sure they never told anyone?

hehe and the secret of why people with psychic powers aren't all super rich - who needs money when you always know the right thing to say to slip past gig security, butter up the doorman or impress the ladies

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 05:14 PM
I believe everyone has some form of psychic ability. But I also think there isnt a single person on this entire planet who has a really POWERFUL psychic ability. Atleast not nowadays. I think in the past humans could harness the ability much better, but over time we have lost that ability.

In my opionon all the people who brag about being psychic and think they can tell the future are lieing.

also I have a feeling that the "real psychics" no one knows about, because the real ones probably don't brag about their abilities or anything, and they especially probably don't charge people for their abilities.

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by NatureBoy

Very well said.

I find it difficult to make even brief trips to the grocery store. We are studying exactly how many levels of communication I am picking up. There is the verbal, of course, but the words do not match the person's expressions or eyes, or most times, the body's movements and is the least reliable.

They also have thoughts altering what is being said at any given time, almost as if the people are editing as they speak, very confusing.

Our cells communicate through bio-photon transmission, and we believe I may possibly be sensitive to their 'cellular truth' when in close proximity, not to mention the very real communication between their micro-organisms and mine when I touch things someone else has touched.

I follow all scientific studies in these areas on a consistent basis- for my own education as well as to learn how to cope.

When I used astringent anti-bacterial lotions or soap, I became very depressed. It has taken us some time to understand the ph balance is important.

The human body has a trillion human cells and 4 times as many other micro-organisms. Most of which science has not even identified. We are taught to process everything on a human animal level, so we look for magic and the supernatural.

There is a simpler explanation...but it's no less incredible and life-changing.

Without a doubt, Christmas season is the most painful, and I no longer go out in December, if I can avoid it. You think it is a happy season, but I can tell you, without charge, it is not.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:44 PM
My friend Stacy is psychic and her answer to this is "If you go outside one day and find a stray kitten, you will be tempted to feed it, but then the next day there will be ten."

They would simply be far too overwhelmed with requests for help.

She was very close to her aunt who has passed on, who had similar powers, and she promised this aunt at a young age that she would never use her powers for personal gain or to show off.

I was extremely skeptical of her claims, but never let on, because it was obvious she took this very seriously. When I moved into a new apt, I was showing her around it. She refused to set foot in the middle bedroom, telling me a woman had been stabbed to death in the room and that there had been so much blood all over the green carpet. Well this room had a linoleum floor, which I'd thought was weird. I looked along the wall, and sure enough there were a few green carpet fibers. I checked the local newspaper archives, and a woman HAD been stabbed to death there!

Very freaky, I was pretty convinced.

She asked me to go to her senior prom with her, and we had a good time. She was middle class and had friends in a lot of the fringe groups, but despised most of the wealthy kids and how they treated their poor classmates.

We went to the after prom party, and it was a mini casino. At the end you could use your winnings to bid on items like tv's, stereos, movies, etc.

She went straight to the Roulette wheel and put all of her fake money on a number. It hit. She did it again. It hit - and again, and again. They ran out of fake money and had to write her IOU's on a pieces of paper. The women running the game were starting to get angry and asking if it was possible she was cheating. Kids started to gather around and try to crowd their money onto the same number. After this happened a couple times(the other kids crowding on), she put down only a few hundred while everyone else was still betting all, and lost the one and only time (with a big sly grin on her face.)

She promptly handed out the money and IOU's to the poorest kids attending, and was ready to leave.

I will never doubt that psychics are real again! Or that they can control themselves and how they use their powers quite well.

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 06:45 PM
Wow, ha ha, didn't mean to kill the thread. It's okay- I can't read you over the interweb.

Seriously, science is coming closer everyday to removing the veil of everything we considered mystical and impossible.

Photons are being studied right now as a viable source of storage and information transportation for incredibly fast computations in the next age of computers. I am only amazed at the human ego in assuming that the nature of a thing is only considered as a profit margin.

Why would photons be perfectly constructed for information storage and transfer ...unless they are for information storage and transfer?

We lost much focusing only on the verbal communication in history.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 07:50 PM

Originally posted by Histopherness
I am sure the question has been asked before.

If you are psychic why are you not rich? "Money is not everything" Yeah yeah heard that, but money allows you the freedom to continue your internal journey. I'd think the first thing a precog would do is win the lottery.

Your altruistic you say? Why aren't psychics in the hospital helping triage people? Pointing out what sort of cancer a patient has?

Where are my psychics on wall street helping the economy for the good of mankind?

So you have these powers that you can't prove and we can't measure scientifically. I'll be willing to buy that if you just do something to help people with it. Supposedly enlightened yet all I hear from you is how we can all be enlightened too if we just listen to your advice; and maybe send in $39.95.

If any of you out there truly have some sort of supernatural power please explain to me why you refuse to use it to DO anything.

I haven't read the rest of the thread, just replying to the Op.

Psychics are everywhere.

There are laws on psychics helping authorities with crime investigations, if it wasn't a big deal and they were all frauds, I doubt there would be so much investments towards psychics helping police.

Insurance is a large issue when it comes to doctors recommending alternative remedies or practicing them.

I'm sorry but i really must say, I'm under the impression you haven't stuck your head too far out, if you search in the right place you can find a lot of information.

Lets take reiki and theta healing for an example, there are practitioners all over the place, and I'm sure there are classes within 100, 200 miles away from where you live where you can get a class for cheap. Though some people bump the class prices really high.

Some natropaths (since their insurance allows them more freedom in treating illnesses) often recommend patients to visit practitioners.

In some places, nurses in hospitals are being taught reiki to perform on their patients.

It is the skeptics, media and frauds that keep them from getting much coverage. Though fox did positivily cover theta healing once.

Remember, what a doctor can prescribe for a patient depends a lot on what their insurance allows. If the insurance finds out that they have prescribed something outside of the book, they lose their plan.

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 08:38 PM

Originally posted by Histopherness
If you are psychic why are you not rich? "Money is not everything" Yeah yeah heard that, but money allows you the freedom to continue your internal journey. I'd think the first thing a precog would do is win the lottery.

Your altruistic you say? Why aren't psychics in the hospital helping triage people? Pointing out what sort of cancer a patient has?

Where are my psychics on wall street helping the economy for the good of mankind?

So you have these powers that you can't prove and we can't measure scientifically. I'll be willing to buy that if you just do something to help people with it. Supposedly enlightened yet all I hear from you is how we can all be enlightened too if we just listen to your advice; and maybe send in $39.95.

If any of you out there truly have some sort of supernatural power please explain to me why you refuse to use it to DO anything.

Good question. There are a few things I wish to say while answering you.

About being rich......

Don't know about other working psychics, but I have my own perception on things that usually opposes my peers. I see the information I am provided with is given free to me, so I have difficulty in charging for it. In the past 5 years I have charged a small fee that grew while having a shop to work from. Now it is $50 for an untimed session and if I am not happy with how it goes I cut it by half.. if the client is not happy it will be free.

Unlike most psychics I have known, I don't upmarket to charge higher fees. I do not seek Lifestyle and much prefer not having lots of STUFF to carry if I choose to move, so live a simple life without the need for Trinkets, Status, and fine clothing.

Fact: Most people can't afford the services of a psychic. If we are in service to Humanity then charging high prices half hourly, charging huge fees for seminars and workshops, etc, is only being in service to yourself.

This is why I am not a rich psychic. My internal journey can continue without money and belongings. Everyone's growth is not limited by dollars. It is free because it is your inner power you are learning to use.

About Helping......

Again I'm not able to speak for other psychics, but my work is with ordinary people seeking understanding, assistance when life is tough, needing honesty and compassion and, more importantly, they seek their answers not ones I THINK they need. We only give what we get. Most work is Counselling.. with health, effective methods for mastering oneself emotionally and focus wise. This is helping at grass roots level.

As for being useful in Triage for instance, I do not think our society is ready to employ us in real ways, yet. Given the chance, I am sure the honest psychically aware people would be involved in many ways that would assist others in a more real sense.

About Wall St.....

I love this one, lol. No offence meant. The financial system is a rort.. it's a funnel that sucks the majority of your dollars up from the bottom and delivers it to the top. Why would I wish to be a part of something so negatively anti-humanity?

There is no such thing as Supernatural Powers. There are such things as natural abilities we have that we've forgotten how to use while chasing materialism into the negative aspect. Some of us have remembered, some just fool themselves and others that they have... better to be honest then.

Sorry to reiterate this.. but, everyone can open up to higher-awareness quite easily. The problem is we have been indoctrinated to Believe that we can't, or it is wrong to try. That's it. Drop the belief and you can experience.

To show that it costs nothing to wake-up, help yourself to this free e-book that will help if you use the methods described. In ten years they have helped many who take their experinces seriously as pointing further direction for you to experiment.

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