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My view on disclosure

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 03:10 PM
I'm enjoying this thread.

I would say that, if disclosure hasn't happened yet and there are folks hovering about above - then it seems logical to assume that it hasn't happened because they don't want it to happen.

Taking this in mind, I'm sure that they're in a better position (knowledge gained, past similar experiences with other cultures) to decide whether we're ready or not.

Personally I think we are ready for a controlled disclosure done over a period of years (as in five years, not 500) - but that's just me.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 03:30 PM
So i guess your one of those people that believes the earth is 6,000 years old? Guess what...There will be no rapture.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 03:39 PM
While acknowledging the potential discord that could be associated with disclosure, I personally can only see it as a positive thing in the long term.

A period of initial panic may ensue, of course, but afterward would come a more positive attitude. In the humbling attitude it would have to deal to those in 'charge' , such as political leaders, it would without doubt be interesting to say the least.

It would almost have to force us to take a much more practical view of how things are handled, or mis-handled perhaps, in our own cultures. In would put a perspective on us, force it actually, that human kind has never before seen. That changed perspective and our own self-views as a race is the most critical part in my opinion.

I truly feel most day to day human problems that seem so pressing and insurmountable, would be seen in an entirely new light.

To me, it offers fear perhaps, but much much more hope. A hope that no earth bound political trickster is really qualified to offer.

And hope is something this world certainly could use much more of.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 03:45 PM

Originally posted by epete22
So i guess your one of those people that believes the earth is 6,000 years old? Guess what...There will be no rapture.

Right...I think the world is at least 6,000 years old, but if you don't that's OK. No rapture? Everytime I see my beautiful wife I am raptured. Sorry about yours.

Regarding disclosure...who's to say they will be honest if they do "disclose". This is the Big-Gov, NWO crowd we're talking about, ya know?

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posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by romanmel

Some day, someone who is a real name will at least tell what they know and that they have definitve knowledge of alien visitation. I think that is inevitable.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 04:19 PM
We look at the news,there are earthquakes,hurricanes, floods ,fires,people undernourished,, wars, fears of nuclear wars,world recession,shortages ,global warming,pollution,etc,etc..

I think most people would look forward to a release of all ufo information, a possibility of solutions to the many troubles that our governments seem quite helpless with resolving.

people are more educated,more imaginative, they also don,t trust those in authority, too many lies, too much coruption,too much unfairness.

Do you think the people would panic over the truth? if they did ,they will adjust, maybe people the world over would be relieved that things would go right for a change.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 04:31 PM
Here's my views on this subject.
Disclosure cannot happen yet, and there's a few reason why.

- On the alien side, they are not ready to officially make contact with us for our level of consciousness is too low. When enough humans will be conscious, then we'll start the process of official contact, but even that process will be long.

- On the human side, it's a different story. The military is already in contact with alien races and they have treaties with some of them. In exchange for technology, they accepted human adbductions, as long as no harm would be done to them, and that they would not remember the abduction.
Also, the fincancial and religious implications would be disastrous all over the planet.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 07:34 PM
There is a difference between Disclosure and Full Disclosure.

People can handle anything in drips, what freaks people out is a sudden point blank shotgun blast of information. Arguably this is what is already going on now, however most tend to argue its going far too slow.

We are creatures of adaptation. given the right pace, we can adapt to absolutely anything, be it mindset or other...but what we are not is creatures of sudden and dramatic changes overnight.

Disclosure should take approximately 10-15 years to be done properly..each year adding on a bit more so people can incorporate it into their understanding of the universe.

Now, this of course is dependent on just how "weird" things are.
A disclosure of: beings from alpha centuri have visited us a few times in the past" would barely create a blip on the radar of financial, and religion has been covering their asses for quite sometime

A disclosure of: omfg, aliens have just landed and are harvesting people for slavery and souls would of course create the absolute sheer panic you suggested, however, at that point...I imagine nobody in their right might will be wondering if their stock portfolio is looking good for the apocolypse.

I am a absolute firm believer in disclosure for many reasons, as far as people killing themselves...they dont matter in the long run.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 07:48 PM
Every single thing you see on tv, every crime, every death, THEY are all reasons why we need to become, EARTH. NOT EARTHLINGS, but we need to come together, and be EARTH.

Not in the sense of new world order!

but if disclosure happened, and presented in a way of,

" People of the United States, People of the Planet Earth, It is in this time, this day an age, that we have become aware of what the earth really is a part of. Such a vast existence of space, time, and LIFE. We are aware of, and have made treaties with many species of beings that supersede our knowledge, or technology, they have found us and protected us from less evolved species in the universe, and they would like to help us live in LOVE, in the time of SPACE, preserving our Earth in the process. We would like all nations to come together...*blah blah*" you get it

is just needs to be the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH. No ulterior motives, no secret plots. no jealousy or hate, just Earth as ONE, in the vast existence of space.

All religion was created by MAN, God never wanted us to have religion (it actually separates us from man AND God) He just wanted us to love.
We need to spread the knowledge to all religious types, that they are all following the same God, they all love the same God, and they need to stop fighting!

I have seen proof of extra terrestrials on countless accounts in my life, ive been given information in the way of radio, video, and encrypted messages recorded by Earth. I also have experienced them in person. There is no doubt extra terrestrials exist, and we actually were under threat from another species, and some VERY advanced beings protected us. Even for the strong believer that was a hard one to swallow, but you cant argue with some information you receive.

The Government likes to just ignore things because (and it seems to work) apparently we all will just forget about it over time. What they didnt know until the internet came along, is that all the HYPE went UNDERGROUND, and since this is the last place we can speak freely they are trying to get rid of our freedoms and want to monitor every BIT of data that comes onto, or from the Internet.

so if this new bill gets past, alot of us may be cut off from one another, and will really be relying on people with networking skills and such. I recommend anyone who does not know how to set up a network they can chat on or a server for people to use the internet on (for free, it should be free anyway) to learn how.

You can honestly learn ANYTHING you want on the internet (but search the validity of your sources, this is very easy to do though) today, If you needed help with anything, all you would have to do was type the words into a search engine (like google) and VOILA! you have the answers.

Look im rambling now. Time to go.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 09:28 PM
All excellent points. I would add one more reason...

What if disclosure occurred and rather than freak, humans united in all that we have in common?

I would image the elites that profit from our conflicts wouldn't like that very much.
And I would also imagine that ultimately they are the ones that would allow it to happen to begin with.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by tim1989

I'm with you.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 10:03 PM
I agree with the OP in that any saucers just appearing and hovering over neighborhoods would cause major panic.

I would even panic. Likely would grab everyone I love and my cats and move to the basement lol.

Its easy to think that we'd react with a big "A-HA see I told you" to friends and relatives who think we waste our time even reading on or discussing this topic but in all likelyhood our jaws would just drop.

Not only would people freak out, there would be the brave nuts who shoot at them, run to them or ask them to cure their ailments. Imagine what a pain in the arse we would be to these (supposed) advanced creatures.

People still point and stare when they see a guy with tats, piercings and a mohawk, aliens, crist on a stick, that is just way freaky to fathom what folks would do. Like the origional War of the Worlds radio show, it would cause havok for sure. Maybe that entire show was a test to see just how we would react. Maybe they considered disclosure at one point of time. A matter of art imitating life that only proved that we are not capable of handling it.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 11:49 PM
Disclosure is inevitable.

Of course, it could be that millions of people have been seeing things lately, and over the past few thousand years - as evident in ancient pictures. But, again that means almost every country in the world has had its Air Force chasing after hallucinations. In some cases even shooting at hallucinations. Sending secret retrieval teams to pick up the remains of the hallucinations. And... making up stories that really do not line up very well with the hallucinations. In some cases, they weren't hallucinations at all, but then, neither were they exactly weather balloons, Jupiter, kid's flashlight beams, or faked digital imagery.

At least a few countries are building "spaceports" - UAE and Sweden, possibly Scotland, then there are interests for the same in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. Colorado? Why? Are they just fancy airports? Is the effort to develop civilian spaceflight that extensive? "Yeah, I'd like to book a flight to Dubai, is it possible to get a layover at the International Space Station?" Is it commercially viable to justify multi-billion complexes in the next 10 years, 20 years? Regular airlines are having a difficult time staying afloat, doing everything they can to get every last nickel and dime. I'm okay with sticking with the fancy airport idea given the way governments are spending money lately.

Then there's the crop circles - but obviously they are all manmade, produced by guys wearing stealth suits equipped with a string and a board, able to evade farmers, farmer dogs and the military. These guys just happen to be great artists, astronomers, and mathematicians, too. They are smart and pretty efficient about working in the dark.

We could look at the cattle mutilations I'm undecided on this. Given the number of cattle and human propensity to love burgers, steaks and barbecue ribs - that's an awful lot of beef going to waste. Of course, it could be that the scientists are all vegetarians. But, if the military is involved, how many good soldiers do you know who would just throw out a few months worth of meat? I don't know any. But, we'll presume the soldiers picked for these missions were vegetarians, too. Oh, and if they are the result of coyotes and wolves - they've cultivated expensive tastes - Rocky Mountain Oysters, Tongue, and Eyeballs - the rest simply isn't good enough for today's sophisticated coyotes. Or vultures.

So...inevitable? Let's set aside the New World Order; and the military-industrial complex, shadow-government thing. Ignore religion for a moment, and the environmental whatever-it-is. Disclosure is inevitable because of the government's enormous effort to cultivate a consistent trend of dishonesty. With more and more pictures and videos being taken, increased awareness and accessibility to them via the Internet, the only effective way for the government to dispel the entire UFO thing once and for all is to admit their existence. At that point, everyone who believes in UFO's and aliens, will become utterly, absolutely and irrevocably convinced there ain't no such thing. Government's sole purpose it to reach the point where it can openly tell the truth - and no one would believe.

We are already at that point - Obama said, "We're out of money." Full disclosure cannot be all that far away.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 01:48 AM
So I guess, after reading all the replies to all the relevant threads concerning Disclosure (in whatever form it may take) it all boils down to two groups of thought:

1. Those that say we aren't ready because we're a bunch of self-centered, violent, and over-zealous religious crazies that will attack the aliens, beg them for technology or medical miracles, or hate them because they are different. We will freak out and start wars with them and their human supporters, commit suicide, and treat them like evil overlords. Our economies will crash, which will bring down our governments and eventually the very fabric of our society.

2. Those that say we are ready (or soon will be) because sightings have gone up over the last hundred years due to our expanding knowledge of science, people are considering the possibility of EBEs more often and we are not as primitive as a race as we like to believe. We will freak out for a few weeks, but then things will settle down as people become used to the idea. Governments will reassess their roles and focus more on the needs of everyone rather than on making money for individual families and nations. Those that believe in God will find a way to fit the EBEs into their Faiths' paradigm, and the markets will recover after we realize that the off-worlders' have valuable resources to trade and technology to offset the cost of fixing our most expensive problems like pollution, energy, hunger, etc.

There are other things I could add to these lists, but that about covers what I have run into on this forum concerning opinions of Disclosure.

It seems to me that our economy will continue on, going up and down. As others have pointed out, as long as things don't change for the worse because of excessive government intervention into our lives or God forbid, a hostile Terran-Alien encounter, then things will continue much as they are today. We will still go to work and school, pay our outrageous taxes, and fret over the socializing of our respective governments and the eventual creation of a world governing body. We will still want to see the new episode of [insert whatever show]. And people will still kill, get married, have kids, go to jail, pet there cats, go to the beach, and surf the Web.

Those that cause violence in retaliation for anything relating to Disclosure will be dealt with the same way other abrasive protesters have been dealt with. Things will be a bit weird for a while, and nothing will ever be the same, but our species will likely survive just fine. I honestly think atheists and other non-"religious" people are mistaken when they say the "fundies" and "God-believing wackos" will crumble into depression or disillusionment and turn violent. In my opinion, those that are already extremist will continue to be extreme. And those of us that live in quiet faith will continue to do so.

My real hope is that we all would get a jolt of understanding that we are not the greatest gift the Universe has ever received, and that it would teach us all a good lesson in humility. That might help us to be more understanding and patient. Alas, pride comes before a fall, and pride is always there to take us two steps forward, and three steps back..

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 02:04 AM
reply to post by fls13

Some day, someone who is a real name will at least tell what they know and that they have definitve knowledge of alien visitation. I think that is inevitable
you mean like Edgar Mitchell.hello

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 04:52 AM
I think he means someone more like Arnold Scharwzeneger - the general public won't believe someone with about 15 degrees, however they will no doubt lap it up from someone who did a film about male pregnancy

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:34 AM
While disclosure would certainly turn heads, I see some major problems with it.

The first rests on current conceptions of 'authority'. I'd think enough people on this forum would agree that many minds remain closed about a great many things, unless a voice/face they trust tells it to them, then they believe. But usually unquestioningly. People are more ready now than they have been in the past to accept complex ideas and very abstract thinking, but still create blocks in their understanding through relying too heavily on 'authority'.

The other problem with disclosure is that much of the information to be 'disclosed' has already been relegated to a cliche. Even Transformers 2 has a line about ancient astronauts. I can't entirely make up my mind whether this is good preperation (a kind of ideological innoculation) or more mud in the waters. The idea of UFO's, alien visitation and abduction, inter-stellar travel etc. have had so much exposure since the mass media began, and since literacy became more commenplace, that in a very real way there's already a culture of disclosure, it rests with the individual to seperate the BS from the red hearings from the lies from the vague snipets of truth.

No amount of 'authority' would actually satisfy people until they have personal experiences, and even that's a diffcult area because the mind wouldn't know necessarily how to categorise it.

But I think the biggest problem with disclosure is that it may raise more questions than it could answer, and the psyche of humanity could be torn apart as a consequence. Ultimately a positive thing once it readjusts to the new paradigm, but in the interim, all base assumptions about reaility would be destroyed. For people, that is, who have dismissed the strange out of hand, because it is strange, rather than giving it more of their attention.

As stated, disclosure is occuring gradually through sites like this and the ability for open discussion and the sharing of information. Probably the safest way to go.

Even after disclosure, isn't it perhaps likely that a thread will be created here refuting most if not all of the claims of the disclosers, with some apparently 'authoritative' evidence...?

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by lagenese

- On the alien side, they are not ready to officially make contact with us for our level of consciousness is too low. When enough humans will be conscious, then we'll start the process of official contact, but even that process will be long.

You cannot begin to fathom what ETs motives are. First off, a guy in the Disclosure Project says there are 50+ different types of aliens just that we know of. They may all have different motives(heck i think scientology even talks about how aliens have battled each other). Some may not want to interfere and just watch as to not tamper an experiment. Some may be harvesting us as food for all we know. Some may be in contact with our Govs and have said that if they disclose they'll destroy us all, you never know what could be going on. Tie in the financial elites, it gets even more complex. Maybe they're hybrids, servants etc... Maybe we're just lab rats and they're testing many different things out (religion, control, viruses, evolution, economics, environmentals...). If you think about it, if there were advanced aliens who could potentially travel anywhere instantly (worm holes etc.) and have access to any resource they wanted, the only thing that would be of true value to them would be knowledge/entertainment, also assuming they've reached immortality or close enough to it.

BTW, how the masses would react totally depends on how the disclosure is done. Is the president just coming out and telling everyone in a scary speech... then yes panic would ensue (war of the worlds). He could also say it in a speech and make it sound like the most wonderful thing ever. It could also be mentioned slightly by pee-ons here and there, slowly getting out over time.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by Fanatic

Just to add to what you have to say...and I totally agree with you...A question...If disclosure were to happen, then what would we all do? What would there be to talk about? Because the question would be answered...We are definitely not alone...NEXT!

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:03 PM
Partial Disclosure is totally impossible. So the is out of the way.

Just look at the press coverage that you have for something as unimportant as electing the next puppet of a president of the USA. It seemingly never ends.

So what do you think it would be like if it came from the White House that aliens are a reality? It would be as though nothing else in the world had happened for the next decade.

Now I have read that most people on here think that they all be it with reservation can handle it.

Well guess what it is not the biggest secret the world has ever known or perhaps will ever know for nothing. The secret is to protect those that know that is why there are secrets. It is my bet that when the truth is known the whole world will be in revolt with there government.

Anyway I think that this is the reason for the secret.

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