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TinWiki: Antigravity

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 11:21 AM
Anti-gravity is a method of diminishing gravitational pull, often in the context of propulsion systems.


Anti-gravity is spoken mostly when discussing extraterrestrial propulsion systems. However, it is also used frequently when discussing reverse-engineering, and black ops, as well as physics and other various sci-fi topics.

While publicly, the governments around the world have not claimed to be in possession of an anti-gravity mechanism, it is uncertain as to whether such mechanisms do in fact exist.

It is said that when a vessel is operating with antigravity, that the mass of the vessel can be any weight, from the heaviest to that of the lightest; reason being, because anti-gravity is able to keep the vessel stabilized in a sense, and is not dependent on the mass, unlike that of gravity.


Gravity itself was first defined by Isaac Newton. The story goes that while resting under an apple tree, an apple fell downward and collided with his head. This, sparked his interest in what caused the apple to fall (this is an extremely brief version of how gravity was discovered).

In anti-gravity, the apple would be able to not only hover in mid-air, but would be able to travel multi-directionally. At least this is how it is commonly theorized.

Practical Use

Antigravity would be a tremendous advancement in physics, and would have a colossal impact on space travel.

Anti-gravity would also be beneficial in lifting and building massive structures, because as stated previously, it would be able to sustain any weight load that is transferred upon it.

While operating under anti-gravity a vessel would be able to be in any shape; even those that would be unsuccessful in flight while in gravity conditions.


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