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A question about HIV AIDS

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:20 AM
OK a little help me

What is the origin of HIV? Someone said HIV/AIDS was created.
There claim is viruses don't pop out of no where, but what about the plague ? it popped out of no where and many many people died.

Not to mention how Alex Jones tells his listeners AIDS doesn't exist "no one has seen the virus". It makes me sick, now these people are gonna get infected with HIV

I wish people would know what AIDS stand for Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIDS is a syndrome not a virus

I contacted a HIV/AIDS specialist this was his reply

"The emergence of HIV/AIDS is a very natural occurrence.
Read up on epidemiology and the principle of microbiology and immunology it will give you more answers & knowledge on the subject.

With a huge increase in the human population its only a matter of time before more micro-organisms exploit us"

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 10:01 AM
Good discussion here and a tricky topic.

I won't say Alex is right or wrong, but I can acknowledge that the research around the HIV virus and its connection to AIDS is flaky and not of very high quality. Not everyone who gets AIDS symptoms is discovered to have HIV and not everyone who has HIV gets AIDS symptoms. In addition, the people who die of "AIDS related" diseases tend to die of the same diseases they would normally die of given their various risks groups. Noone has shown an unexplainable white blood cell drop in anything I have ever read. In every case the infected is doing *some* sort of activity that causes their immune system to be comprimised already.

In addition, the guy who linked AIDS to HIV was already trying to link HIV to cancer, so he could be accused of trying to save his career in a sense. HIV is not a new virus according to standard virology models. In fact, HIV is following the infection pattern of a rather old virus (meaning it is not spreading dramatically in an exponential pattern reaching a point where a sizable chunk of the population have immunity). It infects about the same amount of people every year (approx 1 Million, I think, although I can't remember the reference paper I saw that on... prolly WHO or NIH)

Course, what I find humorous is that people think that if HIV is found NOT to cause AIDS and is actually just a common virus that exists pretty much everywhere, then we will all go back to reckless behavior and all get sick. You gotta remember that there is a LARGE amount of STDs out there, the most common one being "pregnancy"
People will still use condoms and be careful.

Incidentally, the plague, as I recall, was a old virus that existed in livestock in China and mutated to infect humans. It slowly made it across central asia on the back of caravans until it reached the densly populated areas of Western Europe. At that point, poor sanitation, rats, fleas, etc., led to the dramatic surge in infections which eventually flattened as the balance point was reached in immunity levels. To this day, it still exists, but it is not as common because we can artifically control the immunity in humans with vaccines.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 11:18 AM
I read a lot on this topic myself.

The info I got was that yes, there is a lot of misconceptions and unstable variances. One thing that I do know is that the medicine mostly is what kills due to poisioning the liver over time on the meds. An interesting theory is that the HIV/AIDS myth was created for the population control agenda ( promote the use of condems) and to support the consumption of a poisinous cocktail of medication to damage the liver, thus killing the patient

the leading cause of death in HIV-positives in the last few years has been liver failure, not an AIDS-defining disease in any way, but rather an acknowledged side effect of protease inhibitors, which asymptomatic individuals take in massive daily doses, for years

Please read
HIV does not equal AIDS: Facts surrounding the AIDS Myth

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