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Please share your alien/ufo nightmares / dreams

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:09 AM
(apologies if thread in wrong place)

Last night I had a nightmare. All of a sudden what I thought was another human said i had too much of some substance in my brain, he corrected this. My brain cells looked like the planet mars, they all changed into planet earths. Then I saw the "human" had alien hands, skin thicker than ours, light pigmentation like a white person, with brown spots on. I think also his fingers were pointy. then he said tuck in. he was about to open up my skull when i woke up.

I've watched too much sci fi.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by contactee

This would be classified as a "vivid" dream.

I was trying to remote view Mars, it went on for weeks. Auto suggestion and Cayce type dream techniques. I was sure I could do it. Well, I failed.

I quit trying. A few days passed. Then one night in a dream I found myself in a locked room with an ET. There was an exit on the other side but I had to get passed the ET to reach it. I moved left, it moved left to block me. Tried going to the right, blocked again. A couple of more tries, then I stopped and looked right at it and thought, "What a smart ass!"

It smiled and moved out of the way.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:29 AM

Originally posted by son of total newbie
reply to post by contactee

This would be classified as a "vivid" dream.

I was trying to remote view Mars, it went on for weeks. Auto suggestion and Cayce type dream techniques. I was sure I could do it. Well, I failed.

I quit trying. A few days passed. Then one night in a dream I found myself in a locked room with an ET. There was an exit on the other side but I had to get passed the ET to reach it. I moved left, it moved left to block me. Tried going to the right, blocked again. A couple of more tries, then I stopped and looked right at it and thought, "What a smart ass!"

It smiled and moved out of the way.

LOL that's a good dream. thanks for sharing

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:36 AM
I had a vivid dream about ufos.

I was walking down the street with an old buddy of mine in Toronto. Suddenly i could feel my whole body vibrating with energy (hard to describe, as if your pressed against the largest, most advanced generator) and i could hear it too(same kind of generator sound (like "thudthudthud" or "wowowow" getting louder as it approached and more distant as it left).

I looked up(as i always seem to be doing) and a classic UFO, only this thing was the most amazing size, flew right over some building very close to the left of me. It seemed to have a slight wobble, and it dissapeared behind some buildings rather quickly before i hit the dirt with terror.

i always assume i would be able to handle a UFO coming down, but i have learned through dreams that i would be terrified beyond all belief.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:53 AM
I am not usually one to get into this type of talk but i will share my horrifying experience for you.

I was walking with a freind in a backyard suburb where all the backyards are connected and there was no fences so one backyard was kinda also the neighbours backyard as well.
We were walking and talking when we seen a group of beings exterminating people between the houses(they were close together)
They were grey and tall and had a red suit and a grey cover over their mouths.
They were wearing backpacks kinda like a flamethrower.
They would look at you and know your name and knew everything about you just by looking at you.....they would say your name and then point and shoot.
I saw one coming towards me and there was a small fence(even tho there is no fences there.
I hid behind it knowing he was coming for the last moment I jumped at him to try and fight him off or kill him.
Then I woke up.
It was one of the most vivid dreams I have ever had and i dream all the time and have some pretty vivid ones.
When I woke up I was so messed up that I drew a picture of what I saw so I never forgot the dream.
Theres my contribution to your thread....I see it as just a nightmare and put no weight on it in reality...just a dream.
I've had a few ufo dreams in my life.

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 01:45 PM
When I was 4 or 5 (1971-72), I had a dream that has stuck with me since. We lived on a dead end street. At the terminus of the asphalt, there was a cleared/graded area where we would play. In the dream, I was up there alone at the end of the day. I looked up and the stars had come out. I looked up again and the stars were all eyes. I was terrified, and my memory of the dream ends at that point.

It is not UFO related, and I am not stating it to be such. It was the first 'out there' nightmare that I remember.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 02:01 PM
I've actually had two or three dreams I remember quite vividly. They occurred when I was 12 or 13, I am 15 now.

The first one started off I was in the kitchen, but I don't remember very clearly why I was in there (probably to get a glass of water). Anyway, I had a strange desire to walk into the living room and saw this being standing there in from of the door to my room. It was completely devoid of any and all emotion. It was what people think of as the typical grey, except it wasn't exceptionally short. It was quite a bit taller than I, and I was completely terrified. The very first thing that came to mind was "who are you or what are you". The only problem was when I said it the only thing that came out of my mouth was something I can only describe as a squeak. Then it ended.

The second one begins with 2 or 3 of my friends and I walking through a neighborhood I was completely unfamiliar with. As we were walking to a 4 way intersection one of my friends yell "What the hell is that!?!?" When we looked up we saw this craft that can only be described as one of the drones that have been previously discussed on these forums. The craft descended and I ran. They did the same and when I looked behind me this thing was shooting a laser or something at them and they were just disappearing. Right before it had gotten to me I woke up.

EDIT: Remembered another dream

I dreamt that I was sleeping over at a friends house and I was going to sleep on the couch and I looked up through the skylights in his house and saw the sky dotted with "stars" that happened to be gliding across the sky slowly. I actually felt good after having this dream, it was in some weird way exhilarating.

The Strange part about the drone is I had this dream long before I saw the thread pertaining to it.

I also don't know if this has anything to do with these dreams but I have always been completely terrified of the dark and when I was around 6-7 I would almost nightly wake up terrified thinking something was in the room with me and I would jump up and make a bee line for my parents bedroom and jump in bed with them.

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 02:25 PM
I have had the most awsome UFO dreams lots of times, probably because I read and watch a lot of sci-fi

I dreamt that aliens were invading. I looked up at the sky and thousands of small ships/crafts were there. People were panicking on the street but I didn't. I went out and tried to calm everyone telling them that the invasion must happen.
Then the aliens started shooting red balls of light at everyone.

In this other dream I was again looking at the sky, the night sky full of stars this time. Suddenly some of the stars started moving and they formed a huge circle in the sky which then transformed into a space ship.

In yet another dream aliens were killing humans and burying them in huge mass graves. Those of us who survived were taken to breeding camps to serve as surogates and slaves to this weirdo alien race.

Those are just a few of the top of my head.

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 02:33 PM
I've had one about UFO's and Extraterrestrials. This occurred about a year ago now, last summer. I was dreaming about seeing a UFO in a dark gray sky, when suddenly I had to run away. I ran back to try and scream to my Mom that I saw a UFO. The UFO was a grayish color and looked like the sombrero shape. My Mom wasn't listening, and while I was still screaming for her to come look, they landed somewhere and came out of their ship. They were wearing white "space helmets" if you will. I cannot describe what they were wearing, because I simply don't remember. The Extraterrestrials didn't say anything to me as far as I can remember.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 04:08 PM
I've had 2 what I think were dreams, but the first was oddly real, and the second was disturbing as a whole.

First one: I woke up from hearing someone in the hallway. I turned on my bedroom light and opened my door, and there was an ET about 7 feet away. I had caught it off guard, so it took a sort of defensive/run away stance upon seeing me. I tried to close my door but the ET ran up and starting pushing against the other side as I was trying to get it shut. End of dream.

There were a few things about this dream that struck me funny. For one, my vision was blurred, because I wasn't wearing my glasses. I could also feel the coldness of the door handle, I don't often feel things in my dreams. Third, my dog was laying on my bed, woken up by the thing in the hallway just like I had been. Odd because of the amount of detail the dream contained. I am honestly not 100% convinced that it was a dream.

Second one: I was in a sort of council room of ETs, there were about 50 sitting in a small section of about 3 or 4 rows. In the center of the room other ETs were walking over this robot/artificial intelligence, I guess you could say an early version of an android, to a chair. It was very old and needed the support of the ETs to walk. From what I could tell, this Android had been discovered, and was brought forth before the council so they could ask it questions. This leads me to believe it was a sort of science council.

First dream terrified me. Being abducted is my biggest fear, however irrational it may be.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 04:13 PM
Had a dream once where i was driving a car on a road next to a big crop field. I then some type of space ship hovering over the field. Out of the bottom of a ship was a circular wall of like (like something youd see in the movies of a space ship beaming up someone off the ground) in the dream though the beam of light was coming down in a spinning motion and i realized that they were making crop circles in the crops. The ship then spotted me and hovered over my car as i was driving away. It picked up my entire car and shot me up in the air. as i was falling and hit the ground i woke up feeling like i just hit my bed

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 08:28 PM
I have dreams about UFOs all the time, that basically just echo what I see in real life.

But I had ONE dream a couple of years ago about meeting up with three small greys...They were asking (telepathically) for my help in repairing a component of their craft, so I ripped some wiring out of a timer box and handed it to them, and they seemed to be thankful and went on with their business. They appeared quite pleasant in the dream, sort of cute little guys actually. lol

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 08:42 PM
I had this dream a few nights ago. I actually wrote it down then because it was so vivid. I have these type of dreams once or twice a year.

I see a lot of stars that start to move and come closer. They are red and black striped but they are not space craft. They turn out to be robotic type aliens. Weirdly wedged shaped. They have guns with kind of tacks that have a sedative. They move around seemingly unnoticed and my friends and I get "stapled" along our bodies (like on pressure/accupuncture points). I only get a few and I get them out before they work. I still feel drowsy but survive but for my friends it is too late. I am not sure what happens to them. I then see visions of Posseidon floating in water (an alabaster bust with one huge droopy eyelid) and other greek gods. I go to the human "Elite" who are in with the aliens to ask for a job..any job... to protect myself. They accept me as a tea maid and they take me to the alien 'capital'. To get in I have to get a retinal scan which I obviously cannot pass as I am not really part of the elite. They say it does not matter and I just need to give my age and name and it will sort me out. I get accepted in and my dream ends there. I have no idea what it all means.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 09:18 PM
Hmm interesting, I realised I've had a few dreams about this subject when I read this thread's title.

Dream 1;
I was walking over street, somewhere in my neighbourhood, just taking a walk I guess and at the time the sun was about to go down, the scene was kinda shimmery and suddenly I looked up in the sky and I saw all these flying disc's shooting over the sky at véry high speeds, and kinda like, coming over me across the sky. I remember that the disc's were a bit small 'cause of the high altitude they were flying at. There were alot of them, I'd estimate around 100/200 crafts. After viewing this I get kinda 'excited' in my dream and the feeling that something really big is about to happen, or had happened. What happens next is that I see some random people walking over across the street, weird enough not really noticing the event that was happening, so I tell 'em, too look up in to the sky 'cause all those spacecrafts are flying over at insane speeds. Then the people looked up, got scared and a bit panickery. Then the dream abruptley ends. I think I was around 7-11 years old at that time, something around that. I'm 22 years old right now.

Dream 2:

When having this dream I was around 14 to 16 years old. This time I was casually walking back into my neighbourhood and everything seemed very calm and quied. Then I suddenly noticed these aliens walking on the streets, like 'normal people' (not human clothes on or anything). They looked like the typical known Grey by its head's design, except there skintone was more white then actually grey and they weren't that small either but had avarage
western-man body length, some of them a bit taller even. They were pretty thin though. When I was experiencing this in my dream I wasn't really shocked or anything, what might sound a bit strange, though I remember it felt kinda weird, more awkward for some reason. Then as I keep walking over the street, walking down the street to my home. I see one of them walking a bit further up, at the other side of the street its walkway. He was around like 6 ft. in front of me, before the passing point lets say, and then suddenly he noticed me and looked at me. We stared at eachother face to face, then the dream abruptley ends again.

Dream 3:
Same scenario as dream 1 basically, but a different location, not worth mentioning.


First time I tell about though, no idea if it has any meaning to it. Maybe some of you do hehe.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 10:31 PM
I once had a dream that I was in my garden with my friends and family having a party. I noticed the sky had 1000's of lights moving around really quickly. Everyone got really scared because we knew the weren't human, so we ran inside. About 25 of us were stood in my conservatory, when i noticed a girl was floating up into the sky. I tried to go out to save her as everyone else was to scared but as soon as i got to the doorway i felt something grab my leg and then i couldn't remember anything until later on in the dream. The only other thing i remember in the dream was laying face down on a metallic table. I was trying to get up to see what was going on but there was something in my ear stopping me. The thing in my ear made the loudest high pitch sound and it felt so painful, it basically paralyzed me. The dream felt quite real not like my normal dreams.

posted on Jul, 11 2009 @ 10:17 AM
Dream 1.

I had a dream. It waz like 1 year ago but i want to share it witf you anyway. I got abducted and captured by the aliens.

So.. It was really a bad dream nightmare. I got abducted by aliens they caught me on a street.. and like dragged me up inside in their silver shaped disc craft.

I don't know why they took me but the feeling of being inside a disc woz really horrible. Since it feels like real wen u are dreaming i tough that everything woz real so i was frightened.. My body was on a table, I was on a metallic table and there was 2 aliens around me. I couldn't move my body parts i only could move my head to the side. The aliens looked very strange. They was brown in color with black deep eyes on the head. I remember they never talked with me, but I understood what they was thinking about me.

I tried to ask them where they come from and what they did here. They said soemthing like they were from the orion constellation and they traveled here and thy use humans 4 their hybridation program by mixing human DNA with alien dnk with makes a hybrid robot between a human and alien and they want to use these hybrids to work for them as slaves or somethin

They used some kind of alien equipment on me and my head, put in something in my nose and it hurt. I am not sure why they did it but All I was begging was to get back to my home because i was scared. The lighting inside the alien space ship waz blue colored, with blue and white lights on the walls and the ceiling made the atmosphere look like u was inside some kind of a ghost house.

I realized my body was connected to some kind of apparatus and i m not sure what the purpose was but i felt me weird. Oddly enough, i could feel the temperature inside the ship it was cold... like + 5 or something inside.

They did various horrible stuff to me wich i dont want to tell, but the whole experience its hard to communicate the horrors to those who hanve't really experienced being abducted by aliens. I tell you these did not look like alien grays with gray skin. They was brown look like.

They finally released me from the table, and sent down my body thru a blue power field beam from the ship on the street. I remember i ran as fast as i could on the street and i saw the ship fly away into space.

If someone have ever seen the movie or documentary the area 51 inerview there is this alien (brown) and it is EXACtly how they looked like.

I tell you.. I don't remember the whole dream but i also remember that thes
e aliens were not friendly at all. I dont remember how long time but i think they abducted me more then 1 hour there. So when I wake up i was feelin like it was real but then i just realized it was a nightmare.


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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 04:36 AM
reply to post by contactee

I've had a few dreams since early childhood - mostly recurring dreams of being in an elevator that moves in different directions at high speed, sometimes with the elevator rotating while I maintain my balance regardless of its movement. Sometimes it's just an ordinary lift that suddenly takes off at high speed and I am left terrified that it will explode through the roof of the building.

The weirdest one that still gets me a bit shakey happened a couple of years back while I was living and working in China teaching English. I still can't quite believe it was a dream, but time and awareness of the concept of sleep paralysis has me thinking that it was probably just a very vivid dream.

I awoke lying on my right side and saw a greenish light outside my room, lighting up the balcony outside. The next thing I am aware of, is that I am lying on my left side and I can FEEL a heavy weight kneeling on the bed beside me, pushing down the mattress and making the covers tight over my body I remember feeling that somewhere deep down I was absolutely terrified but in a very detached way. The greenish light has now gone and the room is dark. I can hear what I interpret to be breathing.

The next thing I can remember is that something sharp and very painful was pushed down through my right hip all the way through my abdomen through to the left hip. There is nothing more to the dream that I can remember, but I woke up the next day and was quite emotionally shaken. I remained that way for a few days.

Other dreams? From about age 7 to age 16 I would have horrible brain sensations regularly at night. They felt like a ball of "buttery sand" in the depths of my brain, and on at least one occasion this sensation transformed into a series of uncontrolled images that now I would describe as an upload. This I might add, without wishing to give away my age, was a considerable time prior to the advent of such terminology or concept! Absolutely terrifying.

I don't know if these experiences count as alien/ufo dreams/experiences or if they were simply bad dreams or nocturnal hallucinations. To my regret, I've never seen a UFO, but would dearly love to encounter one and specifically, its occupants. Excluding of course, the Brethren of Peace or whomever and others of that ilk who seem to post on this forum.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 11:09 AM
Hi lads I'm new here

anyway, I better get on with my dreams.

My most recent dream was one where I was getting very strange vibes from my girlfriend. We were in her room and she told me they were coming to see me and I kept saying 'but I'm not ready!' though she kept telling me I am. I asked her if she knew aliens or if she was an alien and she didn't answer. Then I look out her window and there was a multicoloured glowing disk which seemed to be pressed against the window. I asked her what they could do and she said "Apparently they can stick to walls." This dream ended there. Two funny things though. I had never been in my girlfriends room before this dream and the second strange thing was I have been getting those vibes ever since.

Another dream which I have quite regularly. I am in a hotel room which overlooks the sea. I can sense mass hysteria and panic. The sky lights up with thousands of lights and my mind is filled with one thought. 'The invasion is here'. I feel an intense fear but at the same time I know I have to fight.

These are all the dreams I can remember for now! If I remember any more I will post them

Thanks guys,


posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 12:33 PM
Please, I am plagued by these dreams. Every couple of months I have nightmares that I am ALWAYS in my car, at night, I am chased by UFO's that are so very inricate and almost beautiful. I am SO terrified in these dreams and I am just driving as fast as I can to get away. I wake up always in a dead sweat and horrified and unable to go back to sleep. The dreams are SO VERY VIVID that I could literally draw pictures for you. The other weird thing is, back in 1994, I saw the black triangle with my boyfriend. This was waaay back before I ever had even heard of a black triangle or had any idea it even existed. In my dreams though, I never see the black triangle. It's always different ships.... Maybe I am still just terrified of what I saw? I don't know.. but I am plagued by these dreams. I HATE having them, I wish I could make them go away.

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 12:35 PM
It sounds like you have some kind of spiritual link to mars. I have dreams all the time about mars and have since I was a boy. I feel somehow that I have lived there before it all just seems so familiar.

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