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US Masons - Recognition of Prince Hall Masonry

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 09:02 PM
Bros M74 and KSig:

Thanks for the info on Lebanon Lodge situation. Amazing that two GL's would react in such a way, particularly with the history of Freemasonry in the Colonies. Here in what was the State of NC, before the formation of the GL of NC, there were Lodges working in NC from many other GL's, with no problem. Amazing.


posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 11:07 PM

Originally posted by Viking04
Here in what was the State of NC, before the formation of the GL of NC, there were Lodges working in NC from many other GL's, with no problem. Amazing.

That was the situation in many states before they set out to found their own, independent GLs.

What makes the Lebanon situation particularly interesting is that NY tried to claim exclusive jurisdiction over the area, despite there being other lodges there that are/were chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

And just to make this discussion more on topic: How can we be expected to recognize PHA lodges when some jurisdictions are having such ridiculous troubles recognizing each other's "mainstream" lodges?

posted on Jul, 19 2009 @ 08:11 AM
funny when you think about te Prince Hall, it is masonic through and through and it was started to allow for african american or Black ex-british colonists to be masons, its whole premise of existance was from the racism that existed in the past. Of course now it is a relic and a grim remineder of the dealings one group of people had with another. Being a US born lodge (lodge system?) the PH Masons whould all be accepted into the US Grand Lodge and thus the GL of England and the other world wide.
Where exactly did the OP have trouble with recognition issues ? is there a specific case? that is which 13 do not recognize them... and is it a mutual recognition issue- it could go the prince hall masons choose not to recognize some states prehaps?

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posted on Jul, 20 2009 @ 01:49 AM
I didn't have any State-specific issues, but I was somewhat dismayed that 13 (or whatever) of the Grand Lodges had not seen fit to make a unified statement by recognising Prince Hall Masonry BEYOND such petty concerns and administrative quirks like who approaches and/or recognises who first. It would have flown in the face of America's racist past and been a positive statement, methinks. From what I can see though, these particular Grand Lodges are more concerned with bizarre and ancient protocols than broader unity and brotherhood.

posted on Sep, 15 2009 @ 12:05 AM
The legalist reason:

They turned in their Charter to the Grand Lodge of England....that sorta nails it as being clandestined....all Regular lodges pretty much recognise that lodge as being the origin of the rest.

The practical reason, Because PH masonry has no govrning body it has tradions often quirky to each individual lodge it has evolved in ways very different often to regular lodges.....and even from differing PH hasn't pushed ONE standard as a result some pH lodges have odd traditions....but they hold to them very much so with pride...they're not likely to let those go, and regular masonry are not going to change regular masonry to please them.

The Racial reason. While 70% of regular mason's I know would like to somehow bring PH masons into the fold that isn't what most PH masons WANT. Many PH masons are rather given the history that African Americans have had to deal with, I really don't know that I can fully judge them for that......but most of the racism is on the PH side still.

The Civil War Reason: In southern states even if the great majority of masons would like to bury screwed up rules that came about because of the civil war, and an ugly part of masonic history, all it takes is a few masonic lodges in the stix to keep the entire Grand lodge of that state from evolving......N.C is a vision of the future will happen in the other states whether they want it or not just a matter of time. and generation change.

The final reason.

You are NOT a regular mason unless you follow to the T, to every adverb and pronoun the ritual of your grand lodge, each grand lodge ultimately goes back to the Grand Lodge of England. This is simply not going to ever change. I predict you will see more black members simply join regular freemasonry in time, as PH is truthfully having less meaning now that black members can join regular lodges in most states.....however PH masons will never give up their seperate traditions, and Regular masonry will never accept those "new" traditions, or conceed to change it's carefully guarded and structured degrees that it has kept for hundreds of years.

So while Grand Lodges may "recognise" PH lodges inorder to try and bring some sort of future union....Until PH lodges are willing to submit to regular grand lodges, and have someone inspect their ritual to make sure it is not wondering ......they will never really be considered "regular".

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