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Confirmed Google Earth manipulation of imagery

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by Genus

No blame has been directed. The image is far to ambiguous, in relative terms to possibly even question, furthermore, stating the fact that the OP consider this to be a body or mechanical apparatus of some sort leads me to question how on this earth they came to that conclusion.

OP I apologise if it appears that I am flaming you, this is not my intention, but I cannot for the life of me understand how you have substantiated your conclusions of what this image might or might not be, despite reading the entire thread.

I have a distinct observational ability myself, something that has been merited by various apptitudes taken in my professional role, so depicting a shape or sorts from the colour, tone and obscure 'masses', in this very instance, appears almost entirely redundant and inconclusive therein.

I do however acknowledge that patterns can be seen in vast quantities of stars, leafs, shingle stone and also in blades of grass. I rest my case.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 06:54 AM

Originally posted by BAZ752
However, please don't insult the ATS user by making remarks like this: ''I've learned from earlier experience that almost 100% of people who I show this to react very strongly negative as if they DON'T want the possibility of it existing to disturb their mindset and perception of their view of the world''

Please accept my apologies if I conveyed the impression that I was referring to negative and insultive remarks having being posted by ATS members as such was definitley NOT my intention and I have NOT received any such intensely negative responses from ANY ATS member. In fact I was referring to the scathing and derogatory comments that had resulted from a posting regarding this image a while ago in a MySpace forum.

I totally agree that the image is not of the best quality and I would dearly wish that it was. But on the other hand, everyone that I have shown it to (friends & family) have eventually agreed that their initial instant dismissal is replaced by agreement that whatever the device/object may be, it most certainly is NOT a natural feature of the landscape e.g. rock, bush, tree, etc but has all the characteristics of an artificialy created object and one that apparently is highly technological in nature. One can plainly and easily see a green coloured flat, wedged shaped central structure with a perfectly yellow coloured cylindrical structure resting on top of it. This upper structure further has a slightly raised tubular indentation which apparently connects to a thin neck like structure the upper end of which is directly connected to a head structure that is perfectly symmetrical in design. Half way up the thin neck structure is easily visible an inegmatic circular "glowing" artifact. On the right side of the central green/yellow main structure (when looking at the object) is what seems like a dark tubular structure attached to the main section/ Symmetry implies a similar one on the opposite side and there's a vague hint that this is so.

Look, guys ... I'm not here to ram this down your throats ... I see it, others when I take the time to carefully explain it also eventually can see it for themselves. If you think I'm spouting hot air, then so be it ... but I'll state for a fact that it IS there.

I'm sorry if you aren't able to recognize the level of detail that I'm seeing as it simply means that you're missing out on something outstanding that I think is happening in militarily controlled Area 51 space.

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posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 07:09 AM
Oh my Gawd!

Folks, it's a bunch of interesting rocks. Some green stuff. Things like plants...they can be green sometimes. It's called 'chlorophyll'.

There are A) No sharp edges, B) No square corners, C) No definiton of any kind.

There are no roads, structures or anything else to indicate other than....a bunch of rocks and plants.

Show me the pictures of secret airplanes, please!!

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 07:27 AM
reply to post by afoolbyanyothername

No apology necessary afoolbyanyothername, this is discussion and debate and as you've pointed out - you welcome that. I may not share your view, but I certainly do see the level of detail you are seeing, if not moreso, probably to the point where you may take interest in what I have to say here.

There is a smaller shaded area to the left of this darker speckled patchy area you point out that has a different shape. Now let's consider the power of light, projection, relfection...and subsequently, refraction. To me, both images have obvious dissimilarities, the most obvious being that some of the shaded areas on both are of slightly different shape and shade of colour. Why is this?

Is it not an entirely possible scenario that would fit as with viewing my house on Google Earth back in 2006; was an aerial shot where my car WAS parked outside of my house - and shadows we seen in a north easterly direction. I latter viewed the same mapping functions in 2008 from Google Earth, where my car was NOT parked outside and shadows were seen in almost perfect northern direction thus allowing certain patches in my garden to be viewed along it's western border, where they were not previously visable!

Now, I ask THIS not a plausible explanation for this apparent image you see in your photo's? I am convinced it is. I appreciate what it is you are trying to discover, but I could use the exact same arguement of Google Earth tampering to substantiate the EXACT same claims as you, could I not? This is my point.

FACT remains, they were actual aerial shots but very obviously superceded by later images, as could also be seen with a construction site we developed. 2006 showed the foundation construction and the 2008 showed our completed site!


posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 08:27 AM
I want to hike up that one mountain that's the only place where you can still see the Area 51 base and just camp there for a couple weeks and see what I can find.

Would be interesting as things seem to be seen over there quite often.

posted on Jul, 10 2009 @ 06:58 PM
Moderators ... could you please close and if possible, DELETE this thread entirely as I have nothing further to say regarding the image in question and nolonger wish to make the availability of this image public.

Thanks ...

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 05:21 PM
Thats right.The goverment changes images and hide areas with images you cannot see or covered with fake cloud and forest.The strange thing about this they do a shocking job at hiding things.Its so easy to spot the editing.If you wanted to find secret areas and bases just look for theses strange images on google earth.If your smart enough to get though the encrypted passwords and security protocols,you can link your computer in to foriegen satallite images and view areas though another satallite systerm.You can veiw these areas with out the goverment censors.Which foreign satallites.Well i just cannot reveal that on here.

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